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Essay on Democracy and Dictatorship

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We are providing many paragraphs, short essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay on Democracy and Dictatorship in English language for 5,6,,7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and banking or other competetive exams students in 500 words.

Various types of laws prevailed in the world and exist today. Of these, democracy and dictatorship is the name of two different character, nature and system of governance. Firstly, the importance of the common man is in the rule of democracy, whereas in the dictatorship, the value and importance of a single individual specially remains supreme. Due to the fundamental differences in the nature of both of them, the functional character of both of them also changes on a small scale. In the democracy, where the entire system of governance is done by putting the public interest in front of the masses, in the dictatorship, only a few people associated with one or the few people associated with that one are given importance, not everyone, but the focus of those same interests Is kept. This is the reason that the first democratic system is considered as the most beautiful, auspicious, good and the other dictatorship is inauspicious and harmless. The person's independence is prominent but he can not stay in the above mentioned system.

It has been proved by long behavior and sustained experience that the democratic system is also not congenial in itself. There are many types of drawbacks and errors found in this. The biggest fault is that no person in the system takes full responsibility of any work. The liability continues from the beginning to the end, so even after the normal work is completed, it has to go through a lengthy process, as long as the work is done, your importance has ended or there are many The person has already become a resident of the poor paradise of democracy. This process of long-running and passing through hands of individuals provides open opportunities for bribery and corruption. Without bribery or heavy access files does not move from one place to another. Experiences of the system of Indian democracy have also proved that the functioning of democracy provides free opportunity for red lipstick, bureaucracy, nepotism, corrupt politician Gudagiri and other forms of corruption in corruption. In this there are many types of Kutavans hunting from peon to high stops. At least the result of democracy testing in India can not be said better. Yes, the right to change the system due to election, etc., remains in the hands of voters once in five years, but the experiences of so far show that the results of this change also come from the same three pillars of Dhaka. One gets corrupted, and the other is also a father. This is the reason why this tradition is now considered to be hollow and useless.
Contrary to democracy, dictatorship or authoritarianism, all rights of governance are mainly in the hands of the same person. Due to this there is a lot of mobility in operation. It is a different matter that the dictator in his direction of public interest or individual interest, but for the sake of lethargy or relaxation, if the tyrant really wants, there is no place for bribe and corruption. Due to being self-evident, the dictator can speed up the development of the nation, keeping the governance clean, the public can also do it. But when he becomes selfish, then it is not easy to imagine the misery of the people that can become or become a cause for it or there. After five years of democracy, the opportunity to change the dictator does not even remain with the public. Hence the dictatorship is not considered any good. Countries with this type of system, at all levels, continue to suffer from various types of degradation, war mentality- it has been proved by experience. Do not go too far, the reality of this system can be seen only by the condition of its neighboring Pakistan.

Either democracy or dictatorship can not be fully successful in terms of public interest and development. Even then, in democracy all possibilities of public interest and development are essentially hidden. Right under the turtle trick and the multiple corruption of corruption, the democratically the country continues to grow a little further. Again, whatever the extent to which, there is a need to become a person-independence in democracy, which is the most important. But in dictatorship there is no short leave for this. Therefore, it can not be called pleasant or auspicious in comparison to democracy. The need is to improve the flaws that have come into democracy. The policy of the chair and chair will be changed. National and human dignity awake in the character of politicians. Corrupt bureaucracy should be abolished and administration should be tightened and corrected. If humanity succeeds in doing so, then surely it can be said that democracy or the people's system of governance-system is far superior to the developed all-day development. So far this superiority has remained of all the governance practices till date. There is no doubt about it.

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