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Essay on Nation and Nationality

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We are providing many paragraphs, short essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay on Nation and Nationality in English language for 5,6,,7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and banking or other competetive exams students in 500 words.

Nation and nationalism are the extremely subtle elements and subject matter of mutual affiliation. Such people who live on a particular terrain are called the nation, whose happiness and misery are hope-faith, customs and traditions, festival-festival and language etc. everything is shared. Their religious beliefs and communal beliefs may be different, but the consciousness of civilization-culture is interconnected with great subtlety, or it is only one. All those people consider the soil of the land or country-specific as the mother of the earth. All plants and plants in the area regard it as an affinity with particle. He is also the reason for his pride and pride. In the name of the same everyone becomes the identity of his indigence and personality. Civilization-culture is also known by the same reason and stamina. Actually, there is no direct or tangible form of the same nation, it is emotional. Yet for the sake of protecting them, the people of the country or the nation are willing to sacrifice the same way as the sacrifice of their lives, like protecting the honor of their parents. Thus the importance of nation and nationality is clearly revealed.

It is also a memorable fact that the nationality of the person is known only by the identity of the nation. As we are the people of India nation, so our nationality is Indian. First of all we are Indian at the level of nationality, Hindu-Muslim, Sikh-Christian, Jain, Buddhist or others later. Our first religion is national and nationality, then there may be more. This feeling only keeps a nation and nationality alive. The nation and nationality of the country in which this sentiment is dying or suppressed can never retain its existence. Therefore, this feeling needs to be always awake. But awareness does not mean blindness or blind patriotism. The spirit of superstition often sparks its superiority with other people in the minds of individuals and individuals. To provoke or accuse others, it promotes warfare. In the world, it is a sense of freneticity in the origin of wars. Enlightenment feels so clear and said. Hitler blamed the Germans for two times in order to prove their superiority. Therefore, it should be remembered that in fact the nation and nationality are the names of a noble humanity, consciousness and dignity. All of them can be retained by maintaining a sense of equality and co-operation towards other nations. The intangible value of humanity and indigenity keeps the nationality alive by forming the embodiment.
The real internal nature of the nation is always the same, but nationality can also change. When a person is born in one country or country and for some reason always goes to another country and settles in, then his nationality changes according to the rules. Then it becomes necessary for the person and the family to be loyal to the same nation, where he is living, where he is able to mobilize all kinds of case pleasures for himself and his family. Many times, examples of dual nationality are found. When a person temporarily obtains permission for employment or other special work, living in another country for a few years, then his rights of birth and nationality do not end, and in the resident country he will always be entitled to all types of citizenship rights Not found for It remains the same at the time of residence. Thus the main two forms of nationalism have been accepted. An inherent nationality and secondly acquired or nationality gained, which can be both temporary and permanent. The main thing is that whatever the form of permanent-temporal or congenital and nationalism, it is meant to be devoted to its nation, and not in the dual state of being somewhere else. This situation can be fatal to both the person and the nation.

The nation and nationality are both in their own high and holy, proud and glorious sense. Therefore, at every cost, their purity, pride, and pride should be maintained, in this it is all the things of the nation, the nation and nationality, importance and significance. Be happy, our nation remains, only then our religion, sect, caste, faith, faith and life can also be alive. All of us can survive, it is the sacred duty of all of us to maintain the respect and dignity of the nation and nationality for our own defense and life by working with a well-planned attitude of the nation and by taking it sensibly. This is acknowledged by the first condition and identity of citizenship. Then blind nationality is harmful; this fact can always be kept alive by instinctively instigating nationalism - just so! The awakening of this is the awakening of the noble human spirit.

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