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Essay on Civil Rights and his/her Duties

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We are providing many paragraphs, short essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay on Civil Rights and his/her Duties in English language for 5,6,,7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and banking or other competetive exams students in 780 words.

Generally the city-village dweller of any one country is a citizen, but in a broad sense, a person who is residing in an independent state and a nation is called a citizen. Due to being a living unit, every citizen has many types of rights, he has to perform various types of duties. By recognizing the right of citizenship, it is safe and prosperous even by the rights and duties of the rights and duties.

The main forms of citizenship are two forms- a natural or inherent citizenship, i.e. the person, who is born in the country, country, country, receives citizenship of it automatically. Second asserted citizenship, i.e. when a person is born in another country and goes to another state, nation or country permanently and gets the right to get all types of civil facilities. Regardless of the type of citizenship, rights and duties are always the same. Their proper subsistence is also essential everywhere. He knows the true citizens from them.
The citizens have the right to make themselves involved in the formation and fall of governments using their votes. But this right only exists in countries like Janantari system like India, not everywhere. He enjoys many types of rights. Every citizen of an independent country can demand a house for covering the clothes and head for covering the body and bread from the state and government. The citizen has the right to be able to get it through a good system, health care, legal system and justice. He has the right to demand that he require cleanliness. If there is any injustice and oppression anywhere or there in the neighborhood, the safe right to demand for it to be solved also lives with every citizen. Many types of tribunals, jurisdictions, hospitals, municipalities, municipal corporations and other types of government-non-governmental societal organizations, police soldiers, paramilitary parties etc. are done only for the protection and care of these rights of the citizens. Every citizen can get help from them on the requirement level. Today, due to systemic defects in the corrupt environment, what else he receives from these institutions, this is a different matter. The truth is that in today's circumstances, the citizens can be said to be often miserable because of them.

After discussion of rights, now the duties of the citizens should be taken into account. The first duty of the citizen is to be honest, sincere and honest in all the ways in which the system has given it all kinds of rights. Being careful-to-be and supportive of all the entities, procedures related to rights, is also the ultimate duty of the citizen. It is his duty to not do any such work, which breaks the system, or the citizens are likely to get any harm in any way. He should also do these types of work that if not more, the support of people in the neighborhood can be reached. They have a sense of mutual trust, harmony and security. Taking care of cleanliness, avoiding rumors, not letting people do any such thing that those who are disturbed, etc. are also considered to be the duty of the citizen. In today's context, the importance of such duties has increased even further. Similarly, the promotion of good citizen education, can also be helpful in eradicating the prejudices and superstitious practices. A capable citizen can also organize such tasks, which can help people to solve a variety of problems, get them to work and get roti. Every citizen can be helpful in maintaining law and order. Every good citizen also happens.

It may be said that coordination of rights and duties is the real citizenship. A citizen has the right to use the right only when he is able to fulfill his duties and fulfill his duties. But sorry to say that we do not tire if we ask for rights in the name of basic rights. But in the name of duties, they go into trouble, trying to get rid of the objects by talking with left or right eyes and peeping. This kind of mentality can not be considered auspicious, healthy and pleasant in independent nations. It will be called inferior and escapist attitude. To protect citizenship, rescue from this type of inferior mentality is essential.

Duties and rights are two wheelers of citizenship vehicle. Only by the balance of both the right citizenship can be saved and protected, the state and the nation can also advance. Considering the basic thing to every citizen, balance should be used to balance the duty. The balance of duty-rights is the most obvious and advanced characteristic of successful citizenship, so is the basic reason for overall progress.

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