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Essay on India China Relations

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We are providing many paragraphs, short essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay on India China Relations in English language for 5,6,,7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and banking or other competetive exams students in 700 words.

The world of relations with political vision is also great. India and China, two great and very ancient civilization-culture countries of Asia, were successful in recovering their lost independence only by a gap of one year. India's new birth was born in 1947 and modern communist China was born in 1948. Both of them had to struggle long in almost identical situations for their new birth. While China was struggling with Japan, India, after being self-governing and coming from the British Government, continued to support China in every way. History is witness to this. Yet for some ambitious political reasons, relations between these two great nations of Asia can not be pleasant. It will be called not only the two countries but the entire Asia Peninsula and the tranquility of all peaceful humanity. This reluctance has given rise to the new extraordinary equations.

When China emerged in the modern form, it displayed a sense of sympathy and friendship towards India, China and its people, in every way, over and over. The great leaders of both Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru and Chou En Lai have been talking about each other's country, by agreeing to each other's universal independence, power and borders and strengthening relations at all levels. When Chau en lai came to India in 1953, Nehru and Chau reborn the principles of Panchsheel, which were the basic ideals of India and Asia throughout the ages of Mahatma Buddha. Large number of slogans of Hindi-Chinese Bhai-Bhai were also being planted. India continued to follow the policies of these slogans and Panchsheel with a true mind, while China's hide and seek interest was hidden in all of this. In the direction of fulfillment of this, the inner-devotee was active and remained so that till India was not inspired by the spirit of brother-brother, he handed over only one part to Tibet China.
China actually wanted to take Tibet under the guise of Panchsheel and 'Bhai-Bhai' slogans, he had kept his eyes on the Indian land here on the north-eastern frontier of the McMahon-Border Line. So when he got Tibet and the religious leader of the Dalai Lama came to India suffering from the terror of the Chinese, the more vexation he used to flutter ever across the north-eastern border region of India, ever to create the checkpoints and publish the wrong map. To start doing anti-hostile and hostile work. When India protested in the name of Panchsheel and brother-in-law, they would have been postponed by saying a human error. But in the end, in 1962, his wolf polar was opened when he suddenly attacked Indian borders and blown all the agreements and relations of thousands of square meters deposited his right over the Indian territory. Since then, Indo-China relations have not been aloof since even today things have not been a bit tense before other things except borders. Concerning small things, the tensions in them continue to rise. In fact, till the matter of the borders is not resolved, relations can not be fully reformed and the border-related matters are not seen yet.

In order to maintain hostilities from India, China has increased its friendship with Pakistan and is increasing even today. The Kashmiri who first believed to be a part of India, today he has kept his eye on him through Pakistan. He has also supported Pakistan twice on the occasion of Indo-Pak war. He also keeps the chaotic and divisive elements of India, giving it training and training. On the occasion of Asiad, when Arunachal Pradesh's democrat came to the ground, they also boycotted the politics of the game and made the unscrupulous effort of intruding into China. Yes, at national-international forums, he does not adopt his stance against India as before. Therefore, even after the broken emissary level has been re-employed, the Indo-China relations can not yet be completely said. The effort is continuing. The result can only tell the future. The kind of expansionist policies that China has, the relation will always improve, can not be said. Nevertheless, there is nothing impossible in politics. Nowadays there are many different types of accessibility. The possibility of a complete improvement of their relationship can be made.

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