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Essay on India-Srilanka Relation

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We are providing many paragraphs, short essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay on India-Srilanka Relation in English language for 5,6,,7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and banking or other competetive exams students in 930 words.

Today, our neighboring country Sri Lanka used to be a part of vast India from the past. Well, today there is no need to peep into those forgotten sections of the past. The effort to do this is useless. Today Sri Lanka is also a piously independent country like India. It has its own free struggle and its independent governance system. In modern times, he has been associated with India in three or four ways. Sri Lanka is a closest neighboring country, just like our country is also a member of the Commonwealth. Similarly, it is also a part of non-partisan countries and agitations and the Asian country is there too. The atmosphere there is free, calm and prosperous, without external pressures. Here is good for its own country, the neighboring country is also good for India. Another fact has also linked Sri Lanka to India. It is that a large part of the total population of India is of Indian origin due to being Tamil language. These things, relations and relationships are to point out that Sri Lanka and India have been closely related to the far-past times. Who is such a person who would not want to maintain goodwill and reconciliation with close relatives?

Stress had started in fact since its independence in the relations between Sri Lanka and India. In the prime ministership of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, it started to raise the voice in Sri Lanka that people of Indian origin should be taken out from there and sent back to India. Then the citizenship was reviewed according to the agreement between the two countries. Those lakhs who had arrived here had come back to India after treating them as immigrants. According to the agreement, the people of Indian origin lived there for centuries, they had to live there. They had the provision of treating them as native citizens. Such an assumption was taken and it came out from the outset that the matter has now ended. But it did not really happen.
Later, after the death of Mr. Bandaranayake, once again, when Mrs. Bandaranaike became the Prime Minister of the Telangana, once again the Tamil-speaking Bharatiya tribesmen started harassing there. The matter of Tamil and Sinhalese languages ​​was heated there. Indeed, the Sri Lankans now migrate from the bunts on the basis of language. Sinhalese and Buddhists were on one side, while Tamil speaking on the other side. Gradually, the trend of separation continued to grow. This trend gave rise to the horrific splitting problem there, which has just been supported by India's support and guarantee. But not really over but still continues today. The prime minister of Mrs. Bandaranayake did not live, but even after leaving her country, her country was stunned. Made trouble for India.

In Sri Lanka, Sinhalese Buddhists were with the majority because of which they made the Tamils ​​unproductive. They began to make a lot of effort to get them out of the country, while the Tamils ​​left there considered Sri Lanka as their own country. When he was not allowed to stay in peace, extremism took birth in them. Several groups of guards of Tamil interests were armed and started appearing. Sinhalese was stunned to crush them and give them a quote. Different types of atrocities were started on the Tamils. Thousands of people and families were stolen from the sea by the sea and started coming into the country (in Tamil Nadu) as refugees, it was natural for India to get worried. Not only that, in the frenzy of radical nationalism, the Sinhalese soldiers started to wreak havoc on the strength of the Tamil armies armed with soldiers, barricaded them in the state of Jafna and banned drug-alcohol, milk-water and consumer goods. Because Tamil was too furious to have raised the weapon. Even the Sinhalese army was crushing them, the government of Sri Lanka started taking help from Israel, Emerica, Pakistan and China too. It was clear that India could no longer afford to choose. Quite, it was not even before but now it was threatened that in this way, this small country of Asia will become the haunt of Sri Lanka's foreign vested interests. India and the ocean of the surrounding will be surrounded by foreigners. By seeing this situation, India has actively intervened in Sri Lanka's case as a means of delivering aid. Superimposed came in front of us. Tamil militants started dedicating their weapons in the care of the Indian peacekeeping force. Sinhalese soldiers returned to their camp and began to feel that peace in the air began to float. But there was a resurgence of mutual conflicts in the same time as the Indian peace-army. Now the antidote and furious effects are coming out from both sides. All well-known to this fact is familiar.

Whatever happened, due to Sri Lanka's own internal problem, a deep tension in relations with India had come to a standstill, due to the adventurous vision of President Jayawardene and the wisdom of our leaders That situation has ended. India believes that there can be peace-prosperity in our neighborhood only due to the prosperity of the neighborhood. Under this policy, he has initiated a new era with Sri Lanka. Its stability is important - for Sri Lanka and also for India. But also for entire Asia. For this reason the Palestinian leader, Mr. Arafat, has said this incident as an amazing phenomenon of the entire twentieth century. But for this, it is absolutely necessary to establish peace by ending the Tamil-Sinhala-conflict. Sri Lanka's own development and travel can be accomplished only after peace is established.

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