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Essay on Our Neighbor Country

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We are providing many paragraphs, short essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay on Our Neighbor Country in English language for 5,6,,7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and banking or other competetive exams students in 1130 words.

The saying is that the good neighbors share with the goodwill. India has been a great country with great traditions and even today. Sometimes its appearance and shape-type was vastly spacious and spacious, extending far and wide. Many of today's neighbors, known as neighbors, were the only province and organ of vast India. Over time, some of the natural and geographical reasons have come into existence as an independent country, while some have been separated or separated from native-foreign politics. Singapore, Burma, Malaya etc. are the only countries separated from India by the British, which were separated very long ago. In the distant past, the countries like Java, Sumatra, Kabul-Kandahar etc. were also part of vast India. Sri Lanka or Sri Lanka too were made part of India But this is also very old thing. In the near future, the countries which have emerged as a country in independent existence, separated from the Indian part of the country, have major names in Pakistan, Banjarmas and Tibet. Tibet is today a part of China, while Pakistan and Banjaladesh are the first one, but today there are two separate independent nations.

Now the questionable question is, what are the main neighboring countries of India in terms of the touch of the boundaries and what are the relations of our country with them? The main countries are China, Batta, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan and Banjaladesh.China is the largest country in our neighbors, not only in Asia, but also in countries around the world. India and China have been independent together in an interval of about one year, this is also a coincidence. It is also a fact that both India and China had to struggle hard to get their independence. Only after sacrificing many sacrifices and sacrificing can both be a nation-sovereign nation. As far as governance is concerned, there is a fundamental difference between the two countries. India is a democratic country, whereas China's present-day communism is still a country with a communist regime after its departure from Russia. Immediately after obtaining freedom, for a few years, the two countries remained tied in friendship with the principles of Panchsheel and 'Hindi-Chinese brother-brother'. But in 1962, there was a border conflict in India-China in the North-Eastern Simanchal region. China has taken possession of the thousands of square meters of India, which remains today. After being a Kutty for years, both neighboring countries are now going through the process of normalization of relations. It is a solid reality that if India-China reciprocate the relationship, then the balance of world-politics, which is now tilted towards America, can change. Asia's politics can not only affect world-politics, but can also be able to guide it by providing new leadership.
Burma is another neighboring country of India. When Burma became independent, he also announced the adoption of a neutral democratic policy like India. For this reason, his relations with India have become intensely well and good. These levels remained the same for years. Again, by no pressure and influence, General Nebhel started to orient the people of Indian origin settled there and turned towards Islam. Its effect was necessary on the relations between the two countries. So gradually the heat of the relationship decreased and the coolness increased in it. Although relations between India and Burma are not stressful today, but not as enthusiastic as before. Bus can be called diplomats only. Bhutan is a hill state, and in its own right is a statesmanlike state or nation. Even today there is a monarchy. Nevertheless, relations with India have remained very good, deep and self-reliant within the treaties. The security of his security is also on India. Though he can send his own independent representative abroad, he is also responsible for protecting his foreign interests. India has provided significant contributions and support in the development of it and is still reaching it today.

Sri Lanka is another major neighbor of India, even though it is settled across the Indian Ocean. That is also a sovereign right nation. All policies and activities of the country and abroad are the self-governing and consumer. His relationship with India has been very ancient since ancient times. A few years ago, people of Indian origin living there had been stigmatized and taken away. The question of their citizenship was also raised. In the influence of China, the politicians of that country started showing their eyes to India. Yet India does not get crazy. He continued to maintain the duties of elder brother towards Sri Lanka. It is India that in the near future, who sent its peace forces, by failing the efforts of partition of the separatist-militant elements, to be brother and helper, to fulfill the duty of friendship. Even so, the repugnant elements of the country continue to accuse him of various kinds and continue to do so today. Good neighborliness is also being followed by keeping the purity of relations on its side. Today's Sri Lankan administration is also taking proper care of the neighborhood. Nepal is closest to India's closest neighbors. It is also because he is the only Hindu country and there is no restriction of any kind on his or her transit of India's boundaries. Trade in both countries is often freely. The Bahadur Shah Zafar of the first freedom war of 1857 was then imprisoned in Nepal. But many of the fighters like Tantana Tope were given shelter there.

While the Indian leaders continued to maintain proper etiquette and diplomatic at the government level, they continued to support all kinds of movements of the people's aspirations. Today democracy has been established and its relations with India are good and natural.

In the near future, India, separated from India, has been anti-India since its birth and has survived even today. The truth is that wherever there is a elected government, the continuation of both the military dictatorship has been dependent on the role of India's opposition and still do it today. Pakistan considers its root cause as Kashmir's question, while India acknowledges an integral part of India regardless of any question to Kashmir. Like other princely states, Kashmir has also been duly merged in India, those who are blinded, accept this fact from their heart. The truth is that on the basis of hatred, Pakistan is not able to get rid of the mentality of its hatred, Kashmir or other issue is just a pretext. That is why he has also tasted the bitter taste of attacking India three or four times.

If all these countries are truly organized in the leadership of India, improving relations, then a new word can emerge in Asia, there is no doubt in it. Therefore, all the people of the countries, especially the intellectuals, artists and other artists should be carried out in this direction.

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