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Essay on Our National Festival

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We are providing many paragraphs, short essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay on Our National Festival in English language for 5,6,,7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and banking or other competetive exams students in 500 words.

Celebration - Celebrating joy is the innate nature of a human. This temperament is directly concocted in the form of celebration of festivals and festivals. Feasts and festivals are an integral part of any country's inner energy, feeling of joy and the vibrancy of life. India has got the Gaurav that there are many festivals celebrated from time to time on the national level for introduction of internal energy and happiness. If seen at the level of different classes and sects, then every day some festival or festival is celebrated in some or all parts of the country. But there are some such festivals and festivals, which the whole nation celebrates together. Such festivals are said to be the national festival. Each of them has its own definite importance, form and joy. The names of the main festivals of this type are Holi, Diwali, Vijaya Dashami, Id, Guru Feast, Republic Day and Independence Day respectively.


The festival celebrated on the arrival of spring Holi is famous and important due to its colorfulness. It is also called the festival of fun. The day before Holika-combustion and the next day, the atmosphere of color-gully goes to the atmosphere. While being a festival of Hindus mainly, people of other castes and religions also make their contribution in accepting it. So its format has become national. This festival has the ability to shock the foreigners. It is necessary to keep away from the distortions it has come. There is also happiness in this.


It is the festival of joy and light to be considered during the season of change. In some form, it is celebrated in all India and many Asian countries. Between the cleaning of houses, dyeing and wearing the fireworks of the day and night, the festival of Laxmi-Poojan, Deep burning, the embrace of the relatives and the sweetness is the specialty of this festival. The gravity of gambling like bankruptcy has been associated with it, their removal is very important. This festival of light should maintain the light of everyone's life, the effort should be the same.


It is also called Dussehra. Because before this, for nine days Ram-Leela, Navratri-Pujan etc. and on the 10th day, the festival is celebrated by burning effigies of Ravana etc. This is why it is called Dussehra or Vijaya Dashmi. Many other reasons are considered to be celebrated for arms-worship, welcome new crop and sowing etc. This is also called seasonal festival.

Id: This is the festival of Muslim brothers of this country. But in the form of Eid-Milan, people of all other races also organize it and give it a national form. Muslim brothers fast every day and then celebrate the eid with pomp and seeing the moon. It is celebrated twice a year.

Guru Gala:

To say, the guru is a festival of Sikh community, which is celebrated many times in the year on the occasion of birth of different gurus, but in reality, because the guru is not part of any particular community and everyone shares it, so other People of castes also participate in them enthusiastically, or help them by donating money and carving. In the Gurdwaras, the lessons of special Guruvani, the word-kirtan, the mass anchor and the Chhabil (Pyao) are the major actions and attributes of celebrating this festival. It is a matter of great happiness that no evil or bad practice is associated with this holy festival.

Republic Day:

This national festival, which is celebrated all over India and abroad by both the public and the government, is very important. It is celebrated every year on January 26th in the memory of the release of the first President of India and the President. Outside the Rashtrapati Bhavan, the President has the salient features of salute, parade, various types of gorgeous floats and exhibitions, Deepawali and fireworks at night.

Independence Day:

India was independent on August 15, 1947. Therefore, in celebration of this, this festival is celebrated every year on the 15th of August. From the ramparts of the Red Fort, the nation has its main activities and characteristics by the Prime Minister, Speech and Salami etc.

Apart from this, many festivals are celebrated in India. The purpose of all these is to highlight the unity of national unity and internal happiness, it is also to remember that there is nothing bigger than humanity, nationalism and its independence, its happiness and happiness. Therefore, at all costs, all of these must be protected at all costs. Thus, all these national festivals are also helping us to keep us in the form of unity. At the collective level, they should celebrate with love and affection. Emotional unity at national level gives them special inspiration and strength.

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