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Essay on A Day of Summer

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We are providing many paragraphs, short essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay on A Day of Summer in English language for 5,6,,7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and banking or other competetive exams students in 900 words.

According to the natural law, nothing is unnecessary, bad or horrible in the real life world. The cycle of nature, which is coming from time immemorial, is in fact being kept in mind by the nature and inconvenience of all creatures by natural law. But by creating various obstacles in it, many times we ourselves and our so called findings make them horrible or deadly. The motion cycle of the seasons is actually a thought-ask rule and order of nature. Winter-summer, rain, spring etc. All the seasons are necessary for the world and the earth. From these, the balance of life and life-time life remains. We get all that is the basic condition for survival, progress or development. Yet many times, the outcome of a season-specialty increases to this extent, that it is difficult for the common man and the creature to cope with it often. The description-description of such a day of horrific heat is being presented here.

He was probably the month of Jani's. From the night, there was a feeling of horrific heat in nature. By the time the day was over, the wind had stopped immediately. Somewhere, the leaf was not even moving. With the rising of the sun, the temperature of heat also increased. Frequently the throats started drying. Drink water, but after some time it is known that after sweating it has swollen and then the desire for water is happening. Wind of electric wings was becoming increasingly hot. As soon as the afternoon sun came over the head. Sudden power stopped. Then, after two or four moments, it started to feel that like now our breath of life will stop. All the craving for a swim of air also started. It seemed that the existence of the body would become exhausted, by becoming sweat, sweating. Water and water! But what is this? Take a bath and fill the water in the clay, but the tap has given a clear answer. Water was blocked from the taps with electricity. The saying is, read Karela and Neem- perhaps the same situation is called.

When all the people around the house were unable to sit in the rooms, they were saying the same thing as going round the walls of trees and trees, 'Oops! How hot is the day today, water on it, the electricity shut everything. Now what will happen to Ram? 'But it was not possible to stand anywhere outside the houses and rooms. There was also bad situation happening there with the heat. The poor children were becoming royalty-free. The old men were stunned and the youth began to panic. Handcuffs were also unable to provide some relief. Inverted tires were given. We saw that the birds sitting on nearby trees started falling on the ground after getting scorched by heat and heat. The dogs and cows in which the tongues of the dogs came out came out. It seemed like all of them have become victims of hypophile disease. Our guru used to throw away the last clothes of Tan, but the problem of civilization. The fans, the paper, the newspaper, and nothing else, would shake hands only to make sure that some of the air's fluttering flames came from somewhere. But Mother Nature became very stubborn that day. It was so terrible that one day of heat Distraction and agonizing life were left in focus in these two words.

Do not know how the midday lifts. Electricity was not known anywhere. The water kept in people's houses was finished by now. Now many people were craving drip-water. At that time the meditation started to come in those areas, the villages where the young girls have heard the miles away from drinking water; they also walk through the sultry sand. How will their life run like this everyday? There was a bad day in the day. The craving was coming in the country of rivers, the indigenous water system of India, and the whole state. Well, the dazzling sky in the evening started to become gloomy. It felt as if all the soil and sand of the earth had accidentally got up and rounded up to punish the whole sky with this tremendous heat. After sometime, as soon as Lu's dawn began to woke up. Dried leaves of adjacent trees started moving, and after seeing them, a dust storm filled the surrounding surroundings. The heat of the first heat, now the hot air and the pain of dust, began to scratch. Hands started to rub them. With the wind and sand the body started to become frozen. Oops! What is happening all this today? The secret of nature was not understood by anything.

At that time a cold and wet blister of air came and the crumbling drops together started falling on the ground. The weather is right, this rain has given relief to the whole creation. I jumped into the open and started to moan. Even more men and women enjoy climbing out of houses, including clothes and start to eradicate the scorching heat. While presenting the view of summer and rain in the night, Doordarshan told the opinion of the Experts, "Today was the day of this terrible summer, this summer has been so hot that after the last sixty years." Even today, Rongte is standing. Oops! How horrible it was that one day of summer.

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