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Essay on Trip to The Mountains

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We are providing many paragraphs, short essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay on Trip to The Mountains in English language for 5,6,,7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and banking or other competetive exams students in 900 words.

The mountains still draw my heart from far away. In childhood, when I saw a mountain or a hill from a distance, it seems like they are calling me mountains and mounds. To the rough-dry mountains of a distance of two miles, I used to go away by gallop several times. On the other side, when I saw the surrounding environment spread far and wide, I actually used to get great surprise and joy. Then raised questions in my mind, the people of the cold and lush mountains talk about, they go there in the summer, they will not know what kind? The desire to see those mountains from the beautiful moments of childhood could be completed in the summer holidays last year. In fact, it was actually a new and enjoyable experience for me.

There is no shortage of picturesque hill trails in India, but Mussoorie is the closest picturesque hill station in our city of Diu. I also read in books and even heard the people say, that Mussoorie is the Queen of the mountains. When the big family members made the program to go there in the last week of May, my mind jumped happily. On certain days we walked on our hill journey. Dehradun is called the entrance of Mussoorie. We have traveled by rail to railway This trip was also not less pleasant. To reach Dehradun, it is very difficult to cross the path of dense mountain forests, dry and hot. While the family members of other family started to struggle while traveling on the railway trip, I was seeing the outside scenes with open eyes, with the window open. High-high white trees, lush green plateau, dense jungle were attracted to the mind. I was thinking that the path of Mussoorie, which is full of natural beauty, will be very beautiful. My curiosity continued to grow and grow constantly.

We have just completed the bus journey from Dehradun to Mussoorie. The path was very curved. Now, where it was just there, roaming and swelling there, but this time, before going higher and higher and thus the mountain factions, seeing the surrounding natural scenes, we went to the lap of the mausoleum of the mountain queen. As far as the urban roads and mountains are concerned, Mall Road is the main one. The town is on both sides of it. Large hotels, educational institutions, government offices, etc. are all mainly located on Mall Road. There are settlements on the passageways and the hotels are also there, but what about the goods road? When the bus runs from the base, the road to the road goes upside down or rising upside down. The hotel we stayed at was on the Mall Road. At one end it had to reach there after climbing a lot of climbing. When it arrived, there was some sunshine. When I bowed down in the valley below and saw it, it felt as if there was smoke-free smoke. I kept on looking astonished. Seeing that, the smoke rose up and covered the sun. Then I thought, like flying some pieces of smoke, we want to come inside and come inside our window. Seeing this I suddenly got screaming, calling for my elder brother- 'Look, brother, this smoke wants to come inside.' Then smiling the brother said, 'It is not smoke, it is cloud. Keep calm, do not penetrate inside. 'And after two moments the rainy season began. Smoked clouds and water became rainy In that rainy water the whole valley started to present a strange and beautiful scene. In that rainy water the whole valley started to present a strange and beautiful scene. After a while the water stopped. I saw, the valley, even the Mall Road, is lying with white-white fog balls. In this way the first reception was great. This experience was really thrilling to me. Even today in my memory this thrill is settled.

It often happens every day there. I do not know when the clouds come and rain and when the sun shines In the evening, crowds of colorful people, their happy squirrels, all on the road to Mall Road, all embraced the mind. We went to see the Dhobi Ghat glasses and the Kopti Fall located on some distance from there. The direct climbing and unloading of the pedestrian path was very pleasurable even though there was some danger. We spent an evening there in Buddha Park and also saw all the sights. The weather remains very pleasant. At night, blankets and quilts had to sleep, but in the day only the work was done with a hot sweater. Appetite seemed so much that just ate and there was a desire to eat again after some time. The pleasure of bathing in the water of sunglasses and water-springs was very different. It was not known that a month had passed and we came back. The same heat-lu, dust-slip in Delhi then again. It was the same compulsion to bear all of that. That was what remained here.

Come back and keep reminding me of Mussoorie for a few days each summer. But the order of life, where can a good person always want to do it? Yes, even today in the memories I used to enjoy my first hilly-land journey many times. The mind-brain crosses the winding path and roams on the goods road of Mussoorie, rejoices over the memories of that journey. The truth is, they are very nasty, these memories too.

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