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Essay on Scientific Orogress of India

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We are providing many paragraphs, short essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay on Scientific Orogress of India in English language for 5,6,,7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and banking or other competetive exams students in 720 words.

In today's world of continuous progression of knowledge, the standard of progress of any country is considered as advanced scientific resource. On 15th August 1947, when India was partitioned independently, then to meet the needs of the country, the general needle and allpine were organized. On the contrary, today India has been able to export or export everything that is necessary in the modern life from the person to the nation. As a result, many countries of Asia and Europe today have become India's face-to-face for a variety of modern equipments. The clock manufactured in India is imported today to export to the houses and birthplace of the procession to other countries in Switzerland. Small machines, tomorrow, parts etc. India exports itself, exports its technical knowledge too, so that other developing countries can avail cheaply. Today, in India, water and space, everything in the war or in the time of peace is being made of its high standards. It should be easily speculated that how far and how far India has made scientific progress.

But today, what is called the real scientific progress, it is not enough to make and make all this much. There is a need to do more and tell. In view of that, the trade has not done less important work, in the war of 1965 and 1972, India did not hide from any of the mischief by the self-made tank-piercing weapons of Patan tanks of the United States. India has also stood on its feet in the field of many other warlike materials. The necessary energy from nuclear reactors and blast furnaces is now being produced here. Even in the year 1974, with India's first underground nuclear-testing success, the atomic power-derived nations were startled; they are not the same in this direction but in the same way. Tanks, warships, missiles, submarines etc. are also being started in India today. India has terrorized America till test-producing missiles capable of hitting hundreds of thousands of miles away. Today, India has achieved tremendous potential and progress in the electronic sector that it can fulfill the needs and needs of many other countries.
From the point of view of the history of scientific advances, the age of space has not started. It is fine that many rich Europaic countries still have not been able to do anything special in this direction but India? He has also put his talent and dynamism in this field on the whole world's mind. India's entry into space was done in 1975 with the successful launch of the first satellite Aryabhatta. After that the name 'Bhaskar' was released and since then the order and step are continuously going forward. Apart from Apple, INSAT-1A, Bhaskar II, Rohini and many of the series and satellites, India has already flagged its success in the heart of space. Every time the desired success did not work, but the steps have not gone down. Now, one of India's famed Squadron Leader Rakesh Sharma has come a successful and profitable journey of space with Sociat-Saha. In the future, India is fully preparing for its equitable satellite manufactured from indigenous technology. Thus, the day is not far when India's calculations will start to take place in a few major countries standing on the peak peaks of scientific progress. Even now, it has started to be considered a major nation in the number of scientific progressing nations.

There are more areas of modern knowledge, the movements of India are constantly growing in all of them. Two or three times the scientific team of this country has come under the wheels of frozen snow. He has succeeded in establishing his scientific laboratory in the odd conditions depositing and environment. Some people are working there and some courageous scientists are busy preparing for the next visit. In this way, we can say with full pride that despite its limited resources and capabilities, India is not less and far behind any country in the scientific field. Yes, the absence of money and resources here are often bound to come. But if the intention is firm and honest, then our strong belief that such a lack can not stop India's growing steps. Every year India takes a new step and gives our formatting to this belief. Therefore, the future of scientific systems can be wished on one side of the bright future.

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