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Essay on Science and War

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We are providing many paragraphs, short essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay on Science and War in English language for 5,6,,7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and banking or other competetive exams students in 750 words.

Science and war, that is, two opposite polarities, yet they are becoming synonymous to each other today. War! In itself, there is an invitation to be given to a great great ambassador, death and destruction, this war. Yet for centuries, perhaps from the day that tributaries have made their debut on earth, these wars are being fought. War has not been fought, but has been fought as a holy religion. War and religion, are not irony But when the war was considered to be a religion, then the war used to be limited to specific terrain and others had some strict rules and regulations. Then a warrior used to fight on a terrain, while the farmers around them used to sow or sow crops. While doing so, they did not have any doubts about the loss of their lives or crops. But since modern science has begun to build on this system, especially the war materials, the concept and nature of war has changed completely. Today's war is fought by the generals, in the offices or landslides bases without plains. Why the war is not going away from us thousands of miles, fear of going to life is everywhere, every moment-moment, every living creature remains in equal proportion. The effect of today's wars is universal.

Today, for the war, the generals do not have to face challenge or challenge slogans in the Kurukshetra, Panipat or Troy grounds, but as above, the commanders may have been sitting in a safe underground place. On the other hand, another map remains on the other side of the electronic screen. There are some spots on him. Alarms are triggered by pressing a button, and the battleship aircraft blows faster than the speed of the word when the bombs have come back, then it is possible to know that the war is going on. Until World War I, there was still some skill, but in the Second World War, when the atom bomb was destroyed by the United States on Hirashima and Nagasaki, the nature of the war has become terrible to the horror. That is why all of the small and old are worried today that if no qualitative change can be made in the scientific constructions, then on some day, any vested, selfish death dealer, by throwing a deadly bomb of molecule, augmentation, cobalt or other kind, all freedom of all humanity Will be throttled. How frightening that day will be The horrific bombs that have been mentioned above are those, apart from them, today's science has created such distant missiles, stingless gases, biological chemicals, that by using them, one country can decide to sit at another house. Unaffected by destruction, it will not be self. From the bombs, the toxic elements coming out of the gases will be roasted in the mangoes and not only the deadly creatures but also the vegetation. Where the salon wind will pass through it, it will be destruction-destruction rather, it will be mercurial. Then, where would anyone be able to protect those who use this type of firearms and gases? The ones who want to kill others will not be able to escape. Thus, in today's scientific era, war means not only humanity but also all other creatures, plants and omnipotent elements. With the imagination of that future Apocalypse, shaking with the imagination of today's science has been constrained to think of the remedy for human rescue.

There is only one way to avoid future war and destruction. That is, the steps of humanity have increased in the direction of the creation of this futuristic warheads, stop there. The finished materials are completely destroyed by immersing in the depths of the Atlantic greens. In any form, at any stage, in any form, all nations should be banned by the true mind on the formation of war materials. Use the powers of science in the direction of the expansion of human brotherhood. If this was not done and the war broke out by anyone, then this science war dragon would swallow all the humanity sitting and there would be no doubt. Then either humanity will not survive, if someone will survive, it will be able to survive only in the half-dimension of humanity by becoming corrupt and repentant. Harchandra should try to stop these uneven conditions. Scientists and politicians are bouncing in favor of this kind of praiseworthy slogans, but it seems that they are not doing such a true mind. So far no results have been reached. Of course there is a matter of concern.

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