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Essay on Goswami Tulsidas

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We are providing many paragraphs, short essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay on Goswami Tulsidas in English language for 5,6,,7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and banking or other competetive exams students in 700 words.

In the medieval (Sankranti 1375-1700) seekers of sagunvakti bhakti-agitation, Gaswami Tulsidas, who received the important title of 'Lok Nayak' on the strength of his all-round poetic talent, was born in Rajapur village of Banda district in Sontvat 1589 is. Father's name was Pt. Atmaram Dubey and mother's name was Hujasi. It is said that due to being born in the kunkakshat, an unqualified parent, the father had abandoned them as soon as he was born. Then a maid named Muniya or Muliya raised her with the help of her elderly mother-in-law. They also died by chance. Then the child, who wanders the helpless, 'Ram Bola' (birth name) was supported by Sant Baba Narharidas of the Succor region. The story of Ramakatha was also given, initial education was also given. Later, the then famous scholar of Kashi reached the Sanatan school. From there Tulsidas Shastri returned to his village. Ganga-Par's villagers married the famous daughter of astrologer Pandit Dinabandhu Pathak, the daughter of 'Ratnavali'. There was a son but did not survive. It is said that Tulsidas, who longed for lifelong love, loved his wife very much. Once in his absence, he went to his maternal uncle's house with his cousin, so Tulsidas, who was in the rain, went back and forth. He considered this work as limitless, delusional, and he reprimanded at the door that his eyes were opened. From here they went on steps, and never looked back. Continuing forward in Ram-Bhakti,

They are known as Goswami, it is famous that they had served Bhakti for some time while staying in a Vaishnava monastery of the devotees, hence, 'Gosai' or 'Goswami' were added to their name since then. Today it is known only by Goswami Tulsidas. It is said that he had fulfilled his wish by presenting his wife Ratnavali in the last time. His funeral was also done by himself. Though it was also a long time in Ayodhya, but most of them spent in Kashi. Not only by being a great poet, he also received many names and rewards through public service. Launched the tradition of Ramlila in Kashi, which is still prevalent today. His ascension also took place in Kashi in 1680 AD on the banks of Asi-Ganges.

The names of twelve authentic compositions of them are - Dahavali, Kavitavali, Geetavali, Shrikrishna Geitawali, Vinay Patrika, Ramcharitmanas, Ramlala Nahchu, Vairajya Sandipani, Barasai Ramayana, Parvati Mangal, Janaki Mangal, Ramgajan Question. Among them, the most famous, popular, important and popular among the people is 'Ramcharitmanas'. This is an epic based on Lord Shriram's life. Through the story of the poet, the poet has accumulated the essence of samad Vedic scriptures, the importance of Indian civilization and culture etc. In 'Dahavali', the description of devotion, nama-rama-glory is described. In 'Parvati Mangal', on the Shiva-Parvati-marriage ceremony, 'Sri Krishna Gitanwali' is the singing of the glory of Lord Shri Krishna. In all the remaining compositions, from the different angles, the glory of Rama has been sung in different styles. This proves that Tulsidas first considered himself a Rambhakta and later some others. The significance of his poem is in devotion, there is also a lot of social reform and cosmopolitanism.

Tulasidas ji is considered a co-ordinating poet. He also made a successful attempt to coordinate the beliefs of devotion, karma-knowledge-Vaishnava-Shaiva-Shakti etc. Otherwise, by adopting pre-existing contemporary poetic powers and introducing the coordinative vision. Even if the main language is ahadhi, it is also composed in the field of language by composing 'Kavitavali', 'Geetavali' poetry in Brajbhasha, and also in the field of language. In this way, the Samanvayas have been considered by the poet Tulsidas and due to them all the devotion of poetry has been recognized as the main feature of poetry. Due to the guidance of the people in all the areas of family, religion, society and politics, he easily got the post of Loknayak. No corner of life was untouched by the reach of his poetic talents. Tulsidas is great in the world literature because of his specialty, and till date no poet of the world could reach his position. The timeliness of their personality and creativity is untenable, in fact their importance is universal. He has been called 'Shashi' of Hindi poetry, while it should be said - Sun

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