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Essay on Nationalist Poet Maithilisharan Gupt

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We are providing many paragraphs, short essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay on Nationalist Poet Maithilisharan Gupt in English language for 5,6,,7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and banking or other competetive exams students in 640 words.

The singer of all forms of national civilization-culture gets the distinction of being a nationalist. The poet, who had the pride of being a nationalist easily, both of the public and the government were born in 1886 in Chirgaon, Jhansi, by singing the new-ancient various forms and organs of Indian civilization and culture through his poetry. His father Seth Ramcharan Gupta was also a good poet and a Rambhakta, so both of these things were inherited in him. Their education-initiation took place in the devotion and poetic atmosphere of the house. He studied Hindi-Sanskrit, Bangla and English at home and stayed at home. It was kindly polite, simple, simple and self-respecting. Despite being a fanatic Hindu, even the narrow mindedness was not able to beat him due to the Vaishnava tradition.

They are considered to be disciples and devotees of the age promoter Acharya Mahavir Prasad Dwivedi. His poems began to appear in 'Saraswati' monthly with his grace, later also appeared to appear in elsewhere. After their 'Bharat Bhang' in 1910, when their 'Bharat-Bharati' was published after the Namang Mana-poetry, their names were all around. Since then people have given him the title and honor of 'Rashtravav'. On being independent of India, he was declared a member of the Rajya Sabha by declaring 'Nationalist' at the government level. There also used to say this in poetry itself. Impressed by his literature services, Agra University awarded him honorary title of Dr. of Literature. Many other organizations also honored them in many ways. In his lifetime, most closely related and close friends used to address them as 'Dadda'. They always kept the importance of 'Dadda' with their actions and dances. This importance will always be maintained in history. Even today, it is most often remembered by this same address.
He has compiled most of the manuscripts in Hindi poets especially in modern times. For his management poetry, he chose Kathankar Ram Katha, Buddha Katha and Mahabharata. These ancient storylines have also made national colors and made them inspirational, successful and meaningful in all respects. In fact, their approach can be called coordinator like Goswami Tulsidas. This fact is also proved by the fact that while adopting Hindu scriptures primarily, he also portrayed the life and message of the ten gurus of 'Gurukul' in the poetry of Gurukul, the intimate greatness of Christian culture in 'earnings and culture' Chitari, while singing the great message and sublime version of Islam in 'Kaaba and Karbala'. Similarly, while being a Ram-devotee, he followed the tradition of 'Dwapar' and followed the tradition of Krishna. These efforts are certainly certifying collective.

Following 'Bharat-Bharati', the work of 'Saket' and 'Yashodhara' is a special achievement of Guptaji.

The poems of Hindu, Keshi, Parivar sahodar etc. are compiled in their compilation called Mangalghat. Apart from the aforementioned management functions, he also composed verse of Jai Yadra Mala Vikat Bhat, Battle of Plassey, poetry, Panchavati, Siddharaj etc. Of these, 'Panchavati' is very important. In the same way, the management poet named 'Nahush' is also able to give a message. He also gave a good introduction to his poetic talent in 'Vitalik' and 'Jai Bharat'. Their composed and written poetry is available. He also wrote two texts titled 'Tilottama' and 'Chandrahasan'. Veerangana, Virhini Brajangana and Meghnad Slaughter - etc. are the works translated by them. He also translated some of the rumahs of Umar Khayyam, the Sanskrit drama 'Swapravasavadattam'.

In this way Guptaji was really a great person and was the right officer to be called a Rashtravadi. Today even though they are not among us, but their immortal creations will always keep their memory forever. The messages of his poetry will always fill the sublime values ​​of nationalism in the mind and heart. Yes, some critics, accusations of being a poet, also do the accusations on them, which can be considered as appropriate to a Sita only.


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