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Essay on Jaishankar Prasad

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We are providing many paragraphs, short essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay on Jaishankar Prasad in English language for 5,6,,7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and banking or other competetive exams students in 660 words.

Mahakavi and playwright Prasad was, in fact, Amar Prasad of Mother Saraswati. In the field of Hindi poetry, after the name of Goswami Tulsidas, the name of a person with a strong and very talented talent can be taken, so that name is Mahakavi Jayashankar Prasad. He was born in 188 in Kashi's famous 'Suthani Sahu' family. Father Shri Devi Prasad was famous as the businessman of Sugandhi tobacco and was known as 'Sunnathi Sahu'. Prasad ji's father was not a writer, but he used to do great respect for artists and artists. At home there was a lot of poets and artists. Of course, that poetic and artistic interpretation had a profound impact on child Prasad. As a result of that influence, Prasad started composing poetry in his childhood and began to amaze everyone and introduce his talent.

He studied at home only after a thorough study of literature, philosophy, Vedas, Upanishads, Buddhist literature and history-Puranas. Due to the death of the first father and later the elder brother, all the burden of family and business came upon them. It is a matter of wonder, how well it should be practicing this poetry, while maintaining it well. They did not give up. By creating powerful stories and poetry of poetry, novels and essays, he made important contributions in modern Hindi literature-making and development. Struggling with the rigors of life, incompatibilities and remained in the literature till the end. He was born in 1937.
The tradition of that era and the contemporary contemporary poets, Prasad ji started writing poetry in Braj Bhasha. But soon the vertical dialect came in the field of Hindi. In Hindi they are considered to be the originator of shadowist poetry. Along with it, these innovators of modern drama literature are also accepted. In compositions called Shadhadhara, the poems compiled in them are compiled. This composition was published in Hindi by the order in the vertical Hindi-

Kanan Kusum, Importance of Maharana, Marunalalaya, Prem Pathik. All these can be said to be the initial creation of Prasad ji. At all levels, prices, thoughts and craft, they are only preliminary. Their different identities can only be made in the next compositions. The names are from their order - waterfall, tear, love-path, wave, Kamayani The 'ripples' and Kamayani are actually the pillars of Pradasi's kirti. Both the works have remained unmatched till date. 'Kamayani' is considered to be the most important poet of Hindi language and world literature after 'Ramcharit Manas' of Goswami Tulsidas. After the poet, Prasadji's second powerful form is the playwright's playwright. He also renovated Hindi drama by making a drama called Sankh Gupta, Chandragupta and Dhrvaswamini, by organizing a drama, Kalyani-introduction, Karunalaya, Pertinu Rajshree, Bishsh Ajatshatru, Kamana, Janmajay Nagian, and enrich him. New look avi dimension given. Contrary to the earlier Dwivedi era, a new foundation was laid.

Prasadji also created two novels called 'Skeleton' and 'Butterfly'. The third novel named 'Ierabati' was left behind due to his self-reliance. In contrast to the shadowy Bhayabil poem, the realistic form of their novels surprises everyone. He also created almost 90 stories. They are compiled and published in Stories-Shadow, Echo, Akashdeep, Gale, Indrajal-Name compilations. Through the plays and stories, they have given inspiration to glorify the country of India and make the present, advanced, independent and prosperous of the present. In the novels, live counting of the present life has been done. He also created some critical-theoretical essays, which are considered important enough to be accepted.

It is thus clear that Mahakavi Prasad was rich in versatility. He was a good journalist and a businessman, and most of all, he was a great human. As long as it is the earth, moon, sun etc., due to all the great qualities mentioned above, they will always be remembered with respect. His talent and efficiency as a poet litterateur and as a human was unique. Even now, it is rare to find an addition in the field of Hindi literature.

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