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Essay on Strike

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We are providing many paragraphs, short essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay on Strike in English language for 5,6,,7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and banking or other competetive exams students in 770 words.

Due to industrial progress and labor awakening, today we have to face some kind of strike every day. Strike-that means shut! All kinds of activities of work-jam jap and life-life ends for a fixed-set time. Yes, it has become commonplace to be like this today. I have heard that only the workers working in tomorrow-factories or mills used to strike. That too, due to appropriate and legitimate demands. But today? Today is the only thing else. You do not want to or do not work, but you want to be the first of all the features. If you are asked to do the work, then you also stop yourself doing what you do, do all other things. I.e. strike. Earlier the strike was done for collective benefits or questions, but stop any muggers, mohajor or senajor from his evils, even for a person like a helpless and burden, the strike is closed! Thus, the meaning, significance and purpose of the strike today has changed everything. By being dishonored, the sense of worthlessness has ceased. It should be said that his intentional purity has been destroyed and there is no real belief in it. For this reason, any sensible person today considers the strike that is not proper and necessary. It only opposes it by accepting the inspiration of vested interests. There is also a demand for a ban on it.

Today the strike area has also expanded to become infinite. There is hardly any day in the metros that such a day passes when there is no strike anywhere. In the mills, factories, small factories, there is a continuous strike period, wherever anywhere five-ten people work together, there is a general strike on a small issue. In the government offices, hospitals, schools, colleges or other public-interest establishments, the strike was considered not only as illegal, inhuman and immoral, but also a kind of humanitarian work was accepted. But today? Today, more strikes are probably the first place in today's place. Strikes in these places are often stretched for weeks or months. Then all the ethics, human emotions are forgotten. If the country and humanity go into the pit, then go, do not worry. What is the irony is that today's politicians of vested interests have human rights The well-educated, intelligent intellectual classes also become victims of this disease.
What is the destiny that the rounds of strike around life and society continue to go on continuously? Sometimes electricity is striking and sometimes watery ones. Sometimes the bus is striking and sometimes the taxi-scooter ones. Never doctors are striking, so sometimes nurses. Sometimes the first grade and sometimes second-third grade ones.

It is fine to strike or pressurize pressure, to have a demand for your demands and to have the last weapon. The right to use this weapon in the democracy system also remains to everyone. Enlightened leaders like Mahatma Gandhi also used and supported this weapon from time to time. But is it the duty of the leaders and the people of the independent nations that before taking such steps, they should think well how much harm will be to the nation and the common man? But no, who thinks all this? A handful of leaders have to shine the shop of their leader-of-the-art by availing the benefits of cheating. Hence, the interest of the nation is given to the common people on the basis of a strike called for the protection of the interests of the few people or the demands of the people. In the origin of the strikers that are today, such a mentality is often working. This trend can never be justified. It is very dangerous for a nation like India running on a new construction path.

By saying or writing all this, we do not want humans to be deprived of this right in democracy. Our intention is to make it clear only that before taking action like strike, first hundred times should be thought of in hundred ways. If the majority of the country's people are affected by the strike, there is a great interest of the nation, then this trend must be encouraged. But that does not happen often. Often individuals or some individuals have been striking here only for the protection of malnutrition. It is necessary to curb such contaminated tendencies in the common mass and national interest. Otherwise the vested selfish politicians, self-helpers and capable officials and dastardly employees will continue to make the common people vomiting, even the country's caste will be greatly damned. The ghost of the strike will devastate the whole system and will ruin it. That's sure.

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