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Essay on Description of a Trip

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We are providing many paragraphs, short essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay on Description of a Trip in English language for 5,6,,7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and banking or other competetive exams students in 540 words.

Studies, proximity of elders, satsang etc. are called means of knowledge. Following the study, the place of travel is prominent after the study. Through a journey, a variety of direct knowledge is readily available with great ease. This is the reason why everyone wants to get the opportunity to travel. Every human being has some kind of travel in some of his or her life.

To get education for me, I saw the city Kashi in place of Biswasthnath on Trishul, where the vast gate of Hindu University is open to everyone to provide education from electrical engineering to every kind of education. What is the case of Indian culture, many scholars have taught Pandits ranging from Rishveda's borrowings to class four. After much thought, I decided to go to Kashi.

I was in those days almost every year. Muhurat was seen I kept on waiting for the day with great enthusiasm that day I had to go on a journey. After all, that day came. I used to walk for Kashi from Shamwali car. Dad was coming along to bring me Kashi. As soon as the carriage moved from the station that bright future shots of bright future appeared in my mind's eyes. Seeing those scenes, I fell asleep

Dad woke up, then the junction of Samastipur was flaring in light of lightning lights. Once the eyes were shocked. The train came late thirty-five minutes from its due time, even on the wrong platform. By making big races and by giving extra money to the porter, we try to sit in the fast passenger's compartment.

In the morning, wash your hands in Chapra. After that I had a few or few accounts, but Dad did not eat anything along the way. The car continued to run, day went up too Father came to Odisha to purchase the Khoa. Gave me food, which was very good. Then, seeing the whole car, the whole car was filled with huge pots of Khowa. It is known that it is going to Kashi Kashi and I am also going to Kashi. Once again the mind woke up.

After the accident, the station started to run from Kadipur station. The train reached Aliyapur station, then it began to rain. Due to the water strapped, the dumped stuff and Dad and I sit on the rickshaw and walk towards the city.

At the Chowk, witnessing the civil ceremony meeting, town hall, Kotwali, big post office, Satish of Vishvarganj, and intersection of madagina etc. At the same time, a friend of Dad lived in the Kachodi street. By keeping his luggage in his house, we went to a bath on Manikarnika Ghat. After seeing Vishwanath's aarti in the evening, he met Mata Annapurna, then came to Dashashmeshh Ghat.

I am amazed to see the beautiful and huge buildings of Dashashmand and nearby areas. There were thousands of men-women baths, worshiped and people sitting on boats were traveling around and there. Looking at the whims of the ghats, I came to the dorm with my father, seeing strange clamor.

On the second day I got involved in my work. In this journey, I have learned many such topics which are still useful in life. Whenever you get the opportunity, the journey must be done.

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