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Essay on Olympics: Sporting Events

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We are providing many paragraphs, short essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay on Olympics: Sporting Events in English language for 5,6,,7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and banking or other competetive exams students in 620 words.

There are many types of games, which also have strange names. The Games continue to be organized somewhere. But there is such a sporting event, which is considered to be the largest sporting event in the world. His name is Olympic

There are so many games under the Olympic Games. Only select players from around the world participate in this. There are many competitions in these games. The country which receives first place in most games, is called the Olympic Champion.
A competition was held in the pre-Christian era. This competition was completed in a small town of Olympia in a state of Greece. The name of that contest was a jog-contest. In this, a person from Ellis region came to the first place. His name was Kobras. Kobiras was crowned with olive leaves. This event is considered as the first Olympics.

There is a story about the beginning of the Olympic Games.

King Sarnomas of Alice region was very cruel. She had a very beautiful island His name was Hippodemia. Sirenos wanted to marry his daughter. She was ashamed of her marriage, which was very strange. According to the condition, Hippodemia will be married to a person who abducted his daughter and would take him into his chariot and flee away. After the kidnapping, the king will chase the chariot with the chariot. If the kidnapper is caught then the king will kill him.

The condition was very dangerous. Many youths came forward to marry her daughter. But all the youth lost the bet, so they were killed. Finally a young man was exposed. His name was Poplos. He turned out very clever Before fulfilling the condition, he made a friendship with the king's charioteer. Poplies lent him a wealth of money. Popolas prepared the charioteer for the purpose that he would loose the two wheels of the chariot before the King was chased. According to the condition, Popolas kidnapped Princess Hippodemia and hurriedly chased the chariot. The king followed him. The chariot of the chariot began to shake as the chariot wheels were loose. Meanwhile, Charthi jumped down from the chariot. Suddenly, both the wheels of the chariot went out and the king died by pressing under the wheels.

On the other hand, popols-happily married with Hippodemia. It is said that the Olympic Games were organized in the joy of conquering that evil King. Since then the Olympic Games have begun.

The Olympics are organized every four years. So far 28 Olympic Games have been organized.

The Olympic Games are inaugurated by the emperor, the President or other head of state. President of the International Olympic Committee, Chairman of the Organizing Committee, and members of both committees welcome him. Then they are taken to the 'Tribune of Honor' respect-forum. Along with this, collective orchestras and musical groups present the national anthem of the host country. After that, the President of the International Olympic Committee, the Emperor, the President or the State Chief, invites the inauguration of the modern era games initiated by Baron Pierre de Coubertin in 1896.

On the Olympic flag, the five rings stacked together represented the friendly unity of the five continents in the original form. Now it is a symbol of international friendship. The blue, yellow, black, green and red colors of these rings are symbols of those colors which are in the flags of different parties. The white surface is a symbol of 'peace' These words are 'Ceetius', 'Altus', 'Fortius' - these words are underneath these goals. In this way, they reflect the Olympics-ideals. These are the words of the Latin language, which mean respectively - 'faster,' 'higher,' 'more firmly'. These words inspire players to run fast, jump higher and firmly throw away first and show good and good in advance.


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