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Essay on Maulana Abul Kalam Azad

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Maulana Abul Kalam Azad was born on 17 November 1888 in Mecca. His childhood name was Ahmed. His father used to call him 'Firabbakht'. Firajbakht means the beauty or the diamond of hope. These two names remain till their childhood. His name was Abul Kalam when he grew up Azad was his surname.

At the age of seventeen, he went to Egypt to receive higher education. He got education for two years at the Al-Azhar University in Cairo.

In 1912, he started publishing and editing an Urdu weekly Al Hilal. By that letter, Abul Kalam gave the message of religious unity and brotherhood to the nation. He obeyed journalism-religion by being fair and bold. In 1915, the government closed the light of this letter. After that he published and edited the letter 'Al-Balag' in 1916. Through the 'al-Balag' they used to flare the fire against the white government. A few months later the government stopped the publication of 'Al-Balag'. Maulana was exiled to Bengal They started living in Ranchi city of Jharkhand and started living. The British did not get any satisfaction even as the government interned them in their house. During the detention he wrote two important books. The name of the first book was 'Balloon Khatir'. There was a written comment on the other Quraan Sharif.

Maulana joined Congress after being released from prison in 1920. They were also arrested along with other Congressmen in the Congress-Satyagraha in 1921. When he was released from jail in 1923, Congress was divided into two parties. Garment crew and soft crew

Maulana was made Congress president in 1930. In 1954, he was again elected as Congress President. He remained on this post for six years.

In 1947, after the partition and independence of the country, Maulana was given the post of Education Minister in the Government of India. He remained for 11 years in this post. He served the country till the last breath.

He died on February 12, 1957.

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