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Essay on Water is Life

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We are providing many paragraphs, short essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay on Water is Life in English language for 5,6,,7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and banking or other competetive exams students in 820 words.

Horoscope, Water, Pavak, Gagan and Samir These five elements are said to be fundamental in our scriptures and they have a similar role in our body composition. Among them are air and water, without which the imagination of our life can not be taken for a moment. In the proportion that the organisms need in the proportion, those elements in nature are present in the same proportion. But today the dark clouds of the crisis over water and air are covered, then understand that we have forgotten the basics somewhere.

Water is a liquid substance that is also present in its solid and gas form. This nature of the water to change the state of the state expands the dimensions of its use. If the water does not remain as ice, then there is no hilly river like Ganges, and if the water does not evaporate as a gas, then there is no possibility of rain on the earth. Compared to the particles of dew, in which forms do they not go to the poet and shayar, their poetry remains the part of the world. But this is the nature of the human being that the thing which he brings in practice only makes it contaminate. This is the reason that today the river water, underground water, water of well-bawdi, sea water and even water of rain have also been contaminated in even less or more proportion. Seminars and seminars are being held on water pollution, but no concrete solution to this global problem has yet been exposed.

Recently, the effort is also being made to patent this natural wealth. That is, the right of a particular multinational company to have water on a particular river or dam and they can stop this water in bottles and sell them in the market in the name of mineral water. It has been heard that the government also agreed to this, but when environmentalists created obstacles, then they kept silent. But by looking at the way marketatism is dominating on every object, it can not be said that for how long the rivers and other reservoirs will be able to survive the clutches of the said companies. Governments have also been adopting different types of tactics to cover their enlarged expenditure.

Water is the most important in many uses of water. Pure water consumption of water as well as domestic use has been considered necessary. But the per capita availability of drinking water is declining in our country day by day. The increasing number of tube wells in the level of underground sources of water and permanent degradation due to lack of proper system of water storage has been reported. First people used to drink water from rivers, but today the conditions have changed completely. In the river or lake near the city, all the filthy water of the city is freely boiled, resulting in the problem of pollution and the canopy of the lakes and lakes. Due to water pollution, living organisms of different reservoirs of water are becoming increasingly difficult. Poor and populous in many countries, the problem of water is even more complex.

In order to overcome the water conservation of our country, there has been talk of connecting various major rivers in the form of a far-reaching solution. It will get a lot of benefit, because the water of rivers which dissipates in the ocean water, we can use it very much. People from areas with constant water conservation can get adequate water from this system. As the Indira Gandhi canal became the thirst for Rajasthan's unfathomable land, the other efforts would bring prosperity and greenery across the country. Otherwise, the endless dispute between the two divisions of South India, about the sharing of water of the Kaveri river, can be a boast in other places as well as water.

An aspect related to water conservation is also that when there is greening on the hills, there is a decrease in the humidity of the snow there. Similarly, when the vegetation starts decreasing on the plains and plateaus, then the average year dose is gradually decreasing. Its direct impact falls on the level of ground water. In this way, one aspect of the environment is linked to another aspect. As the human environment ignores the environment, it will have to face many crises such as water conservation, air pollution.

It is said that the drop of water is precious. If so, then it should try to protect its droppings. There are some such things which have a lot of waste of water, such as blocking the taps in half-incomplete manner, leaving the public taps in a broken state. In this situation, the dirty water used in the situation also makes the clean water of these reservoirs dirty. Since the amount of drinking water is limited on the soil, it is a common misconception that for some people it is beneficial for the common man.

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