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Speech on Friendship

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Speech on Friendship

Here we are providing Speech on Friendship in English Langauge for student & competitive Examiner with given as per the time limit 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 7 minutes per your requirement select the speech.

Speech on friendship 1

We have gathered here on this auspicious occasion, on this occasion, I want to give a speech on friendship. First of all, my morning greetings to all the great teachers, teachers and teachers present here. A friend is a precious gift to all of us. We should always understand the importance of it and give importance to no misunderstanding. Friendship is a relationship where blood links have no existence. It is an infinite relationship, which always goes without the rules of any transaction. This is the special and unique relationship of love and affection with any other person in the world. True friendship never sees the person's caste, creed, religion and color: it only sees the inner beauty, simplicity and intimacy of two or three persons who are involved in friendship.

Someone's friend is with whom a person feels comfortable with himself and shares his thoughts, thoughts, personal feelings with one's belief in each other. The friend is the one with whom we feel safe and fearless and with whom there is no need to think again about any subject. True friends love each other true and understand each other in each case without the need of each other. They are always ready to support each other and provide good advice and knowledge. The most famous friend of Krishna and Sudama in India was a great example of true friendship since ancient times. Here is a common saying about friendship by Albert Hubbard, "A friend is a person who knows everything about you and still loves you."

True friends always stand with each other and help and help each other at the time of need. A true friend never cares about his important work to help his friend and leaves all his work to help a friend. He never leaves his friend alone / during the difficult times of life, especially in leaving. It would be said that, at the time of calamity, the real test of true friends takes a tough test. In fact, time of calamity is the best time to feel the importance and importance of true friends. Those people who have a true friend in life, in fact, have the most fundamental gift of the world. Making a lot of friends in life does not make any difference to the quality of friendship. In place of many friends who do not help at the time of need, only one or two true friends are adequate for life. Friends are real supporters in life who teach us to face the difficulties of life. They are our real well wishers who can also turn our bad thoughts towards any good thing.

Thank you.

Speech on friendship 2

Honorable teacher, my humble gentleman to my teachers and my dear companions. I want to give a speech on friendship on this great occasion. I chose this theme to keep your thoughts in front of everyone on the importance and importance of friendship. Friendship is the most sacred relationship in every relationship, which exists between one, two, or three people. Finding a true, honest and dear friend in the world is a matter of fate. True friend is God's special tribute to any of us who gets it. True friends make our meaningless life meaningful and show us the true path to success. They are friends who make our journey of life easy, full of ecstasy and make them alive. They never laugh at our mistakes, instead they show us the right path by continuous support.

True friends are always ready to help their friends in difficult times, no matter how busy they are in a busy routine. Friendship In fact, there is a precious relationship in this world that no one can ever be bought or sold. It depends on the love of each other in the heart of two friends. It never rely on the materialistic pleasures of the world. True friends are the real pleasures of life, who never forget each other and always help. In the form of a human being, in times and in the life and social life, as per the circumstances, the problems which continue to come, we need to get out of the house. In this situation, our true friends play an important role in our lives and bring us out of difficulties. Without a true friend, life is considered incomplete. Living a happy and luxurious life does not mean having a true friend in life.

A good friend is that, so that we share all the small and big happiness, mysteries and problems of our life without any hesitation. Friendship is a relationship that protects us from emotional problems because it inspires us to share our inner thoughts and emotions. True friends never criticize their friend, besides helping him overcome his shortcomings. Whenever one of them chooses the wrong path, they direct him like the light of the last end of the tunnel. True friends always understand his full rights and advise him to choose the right path with truth. They take all of our mistakes seriously and try to show us the right path in the right direction. We can say that true friends are more valuable than diamond diamonds in the world.

Thank you.

Speech on Friendship 3

Hello the noblemen, respected teachers and my dear friends present here. Today the theme of my speech is friendship. As we all know that true friendship is the most precious gift of life. Being a social being, we can not live our lives alone. We interact with each other according to our need and requirement and within a sufficient time frame, the intensity between us increases even more, which lasts for a long time. Between them there is a high level of trust that is called friendship. Generally, there is friendship in people of same age, same enthusiasm, sentiment, emotion and level, however, it is completely independent of age, gender, social status, etc. True friendship can be between two people of any age, religion, caste, sex and social status.

Friendship is a true relationship that we all need. We all need to spend the whole life happily with a true friend. As they stand with us in our good and bad days, they share real happiness in life by sharing the moments of our happiness and sorrows. It is very rare to see examples of true friendship in life. We all always know about the true and historical friendship of Krishna and Sudama. But some people are very selfish and only friendship with rich, crafty and highly socially people for their benefit. Such friends never help in bad times, instead they always want to take advantage of them. They leave their friend in bad times, however, true friends never leave their friend alone and always help him at the time of need.

Many selfish people around round the good people, keep on revolving around to make them their friends. But true friends are tested only in bad times because true friends never leave their friend alone and bad friends always do the opposite. We should always be cautious with such friends when making friends in life. True friends always help their friend at the time of need. There is a common saying about true friendship, that "there is a friend with the help of time" and "good fortune brings friends, but calamity takes their test".

True friends wish good friends, good feelings, and good wishes about their friend. They never try to hurt their friend; apart from this they always try to stay in touch with them. True friends do not have any blood links of any kind, however whatever they do they do more than any blood related.

Speech on Friendship 4

Greetings from the morning to all the respected great guests present here. I want to give a speech on friendship First of all, I am very grateful to my class teacher / teacher that he gave me the opportunity to speak to all of you on this great occasion. Friendship is one of the most precious and beautiful relationships in the world. This relation is not a relationship of blood, although, any blood can play more relationships than a relationship, which we can not imagine or interpret in words. Real and true friends are a symbol of our passion that is always passionate for us and physically cooperate. Whenever their friend needs them in bad times, true friends never feel bad about spending their precious time and enjoying life with them a lot. True friends are very difficult to meet in this world, though not impossible. We should not get tired but continue looking for good friends throughout life as it is difficult to achieve, but not impossible.

True friends always live together and follow all their responsibilities towards each other and each other's family throughout life. Friendship is a very lovely relationship, whose beautiful memories remain throughout life. We watch movies, listen to songs, watch TV serials, food mines, studies etc., do other things without any difficulty. Some questions always arise in everyone's mind; Why are true friends important in life? Why are true friends more important than other relationships in our lives? What is the name of the invisible bond that keeps two or more friends together for years or for a lifetime? What does a true friendship teach? e.t.c.

Faith is very necessary for all relationships, however, it comes naturally in the relationships of friendship. True friendship always prevails because of mutual trust and understanding. When the relationship grows deeper then faith and understanding will increase further over time. In our time, our dear friend takes our place deeper than our parents, siblings in our hearts. We always trust our dear friend and blindly follow his decisions with this confidence that he will never show us the wrong way.

We always remember all our good memories with our friend; Playing with toys, Tiffin, books, clothes, planetary work etc. The habit of sharing with friends teaches us to live and be liberal throughout life.

Thank you.

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