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How Important is Literacy Evaluation in Education?

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How Important is Literacy Evaluation in Education?

Literacy is a very broad and far-reaching subject, which can never be less important in the field of education. Literacy can be classified into many different areas, although there are two general models: basic literacy and functional literacy Basic literacy, as the name implies, refers to the fundamental skills of reading and writing, although it It can also mention knowledge and learning in skills, from which words like mathematical literacy, linguistic literacy, musical literacy and artistic literacy Can be brought. Functional literacy, on the other hand, mentions high basic skills such as important and analytical information that you gather with your basic literacy skills. Another important factor of functional literacy is how enables the learners to develop their abilities and to work well and contribute to their society.

How literacy is classified is a very important factor in education assessment, especially in the assessment of the effectiveness of the mode and method of education. In the past, students were evaluated in terms of their basic literacy skills (hence high literacy "ratings" in many countries, though they experience negative growth and economic development), call for literacy assessment in the context of functional literacy. , So that in order to better learn that the learners can use their literacy in ways that are in their lives S are contained in, and who can really tell us about the improvement in their lives.

Given the importance of basic and functional literacy evaluation in class, there are two approaches to evaluating this education: one is in favor of learners, and the other is in favor of the methods of education.

Determination of evaluation and evaluation depends on many factors such as the size of the group being tested, level (primary or high school, etc.) and specialized skills (linguistic, mathematical, scientific or physical) are being tested. The most popular form of literacy assessment will be standard test methods, especially for large groups of learners.

What will be the elements that will bring in a well-built education assessment light? One of these would be whether or not teaching methods are really effective for learning. Another is that teaching can be considered as early education and early elementary education; That is, daily lesson being cumulative and whether they prepare students adequately for meeting quarterly, semester or year learning goals. Apart from this, assessment of literacy in education will also be done to assess the performance of the teacher, as the teacher facilitates classroom activities and provides lessons for a major factor in the performance of his students.

In addition to the more explicit performance-based, classroom qualifications, literacy should be done in education, there are more secret and inherent elements that should be kept in mind. Is literacy being taught in the classroom, is actually functional, or is it only a harsh memento that prevents the learner's creativity and analytical thinking skills? Is it relevant to the culture and the society of the learner, or has it been removed from their reality so far that they are being taught literacy skills only to get their diploma? Literacy should be constantly evaluated whether it is actually a tool in the direction of development of society where it is being taught and whether it is relevant and meaningful for the life of the learners. Author Manisha Dubey JhaDear Reader, My name is Manisha Dubey Jha. I have been blogging for 3 years and through the Fast I have been giving important educational content as far as possible to the reader. Hope you like everyone, please share your classmate too. As a literature person, I am very passionate about reading and participating in my thoughts on paper. So what is better than adopting writing as a profession? With over three years of experience in the given area, I am making an online reputation for my clients. If any mistakes or wrong in the article, please suggest us @

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