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Essay on Cricket

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We are providing many paragraphs, Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay on Cricket in English language for 5,6,,7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and banking or other competetive exams students in 500, 700 and 1400 words.

Cricket game in England first started, but now it is played around the world and it is very popular.

Essay on Cricket Game 500 word

Cricket is a very interesting game. It is also educated. The spirit of discipline, team spirit, partner emotions and sports skills makes it really important.

This is a very interesting and absorbing thing to watch cricket matches. In the last winter, I saw a cricket match in the Barbaati Stadium played between Orissa team and Andhra team. Before the match, I had to buy five tickets for my parents, my brother, sister and myself.

The counter of tickets opened two days before the match was in the crowd all day and was a very difficult case to secure the ticket. However, I could secure five tickets with the help of one of my friends and I saw the match on the appointed day.

The match started and both teams met on the ground. There was a large gathering of spectators enthusiastically during the play. A good bowling or a stupid batting made a good deal of enthusiasm among the spectators. There were very good cricketers in the team. The game of Ashoka of Orissa was very interesting. He was a good batsman and he scored 80 runs in thirty minutes, after which he got out and Damodar took his place. Although Damodar is Waist, but he played well and his score was beyond our expectations. He scored 63 runs in 40 minutes and then he scored two sixes. This time the viewer is not idle.

They used to excite him by standing almost Before lunch break, they collected two more runs. Thus, the Orissa team added 263 runs for the four wickets before lunch break.

Orissa's players started bowling in the next innings and the Andhra team batted. Mr. TVN Rao was the first batsman who was out before making any runs. At the beginning, there was very little moment in the play. But soon Mr. Venkateswara came for batting. In the first fifteen minutes of his batting, he did not make any mark in the match. But the wind blew in and he scored 94 runs. They had five sixes.

Now the audience had a very pleasant opportunity. They forgot that they were watching the game of cricket. They stood up and tampered and encouraged them to bat, which was very interesting. He was also out and replaced by Chandrashekhar, who scored 103 before going out.

When the match was over, the audience excited the Andhra team, who scored 321 for 7 wickets. The game was over and the players from both teams congratulated Chandrasekhar and encouraged them. The players went to the pavilion and the viewers slowly spread. I came home with my parents, brother and sister. The stage of the stadium was so crowded that it was difficult for us to get out. We could not get a rickshaw for the home visit and so we had to go distance. This was a memorable experience for me.

Essay on Cricket Game in 600 word

Sports are the means of entertainment. Exercise from the game is automatically done. This makes the body compact and strong. Generator games are played in our country of India.

Like - hockey, table tennis, chess, balli hair, kabaddi and football. Due to being the most popular cricket in all these games, the national sports are at the top of the list. Cricket came to England from England The British rulers brought this game to India to remove the attention of the Indian Nawabs and the rulers from India, from which these rulers were busy in this game and could not pay more attention to the affairs of the princely states.

Since then, its popularity has been increasing day by day. Cricket matches are of two types. First- One-dayer match and the second five-day match. In the one-day match, both the teams throw away certain runs and play. Decisions are also made on the same day. The five-day match runs longer. The number of overs is uncertain. The match also ends without conceding defeat.

Cricket is highly popular in India, Pakistan, England, West Indies, Sri Lanka, South Africa, New Zealand etc. In this game rich-poor, leader-actor, student, employee, officer, male and female are all interested. Popularity can be estimated from the fact that when people walk on the streets and while traveling, the transistors are kept on the ears. To know the scores, stand by the radio and the TV. People appear for long stays in long queues for tickets.

Cricket is fought between two teams. There are eleven eleven players in both teams. Two empires are defeated, who work as decisive ones. To play, the ground should be large, flat and clean. On either side of the pitch, three-three wickets are stuck, they are 22 yards away.

Ball and bat (bat) are essential. Match of the game begins with the toss. The captain of both the teams is called and tossed. The captain who wins depends on his desire to play or bowl first. As soon as the match starts, the eleven players of the bowling team and the two players of the playing team get into the ground.

The bowler throws six balls in every over. On throwing an aggressive ball (bouncer), the team gets an extra run and an extra ball. The over which is not scored, it is called 'Maiden over'. If the bowler takes three wickets in three balls then he is called 'Hat Trick'.


The player raises the six and the pivotal (Empire) hands both hands upwards. If the Chaukha is placed, then the hand moves towards the front and raises his hand on the outside and makes an agonal. No player opposes the decision of the decisive. His decision is valid for everyone.

There is also a score board for counting runs, which tells the correct position of runs. When a player is out, the other player reaches the ground. This order continues till ten players are out. Then the other team plays. Nowadays the popularity of the one-day match is highest.

In cricket, the player should be alert, agile, concentrated and careful all the time. To win, we must fight till the last moment. There are also cricket matches for our Ranji Trophy, Iran Cup etc. in our country. The Indian team had shown their superiority by winning the 1983 World Cup.

In the sports world of cricket, many records and many are broken. Sunil Gavaskar has broken the record of Don Bradman and Kapil Dev, the record of Sir Richard Hadlee, and has written his name in the history of cricket.

Essay on Cricket Game in 700 word

This game became very popular until the 18th century and in 1700 a London club was formed. The Humberton Club started in 1750 and on its ground, country cricket was born in the Brochle Penny Down. Thomas Lord started a land in Dorset Square in 1787, which was transferred to St John's Wood in 1814, and became the headquarters of the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), the ruling authority of the game. Gentlemen versus player, Oxford v Cambridge, and Eaton vs. Harrow matches started this time, and cricket took its present form.

Cricket can be seen from Jam-Pack Stadia in the whole world, because it has gained great popularity. There is always a quarrel for tickets and yet many do not get any chance to enter.

Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, West Indies, Pakistan and India. The England team paid the first visit to Australia in 1876. Four years later an Australian eleven paid to return to England, and this tour was actually called "Test Match Cricket". The struggle for "Ashes" between these countries has almost happened at regular intervals. But in the first-class game there is no trophy or exterior symbol of success.

A remarkable level of similarity between cricketers of England and Australia has marked these matches between these two countries. For example, till World War II, Australia won 55 runs on 57 occasions, while 31 matches were played in 31 matches. Between England and West Indies between England and West Indies in 1927 between England and New Zealand in 1927 and in 1932 England and India had started Test matches between England and South Africa. In 1942, Australia and South Africa participated in teams tri-tournaments sent to England together, but the experiment has never been repeated.

There are two umpires in this game who decide on all points of the law, and are the only judge of the play. Now there is also one-third umpire. Captains who win the toss can decide whether their team will bat first or bat opponents. Their decision is governed by the situation of the pitch, perhaps even from weather forecasts. An innings runs until all the team's batsmen bat. And two shifts of both teams are alternately taken. One exception is for each of these rules. Under the conditions set out in the rules and conditions of time, a captain can declare his innings off. He wants to bat his opponents when the pitch or light is difficult or whatever his side thinks, the number of runs can be.

The second exception is that if the second batting team is immediately certain to perform "follow-up" on its innings. Then there are certain rules about the weight and perimeter of the ball, the length and width of the bat, the width of the wicket and the number of stump, the distance at which the two wickets will fall, the length crease, the way the ball should be bowled , How runs are calculated, how to field in fields and how batsmen can be declared.

This game is most attractive to viewers. There is no shortage of public interest in any of the cricket-playing countries of India. Excitement increases during the excitement of Test matches; There is a crazy crowd to enter the stadium. While the atmosphere of the game sounds very comfortable for some people, the existence of the deadline and the danger of weather and pitch can give rise to the most sudden and thrilling changes, especially when the score and timer and the capabilities of the players are well balanced

There is no end to surprises, and the uncertainties of the game lend in the eyes of many of its chief glory. The batsmen have scored 36 runs in the over; The bowlers have consistently taken four wickets in balls. On one occasion, the team was out on 16 runs in their first innings; They had to chase, and they scored 521 runs and won the match! On one more occasion, an Indian team lost nine wickets for 205 runs, and then their last two batsmen added 249 runs! The classic example of Finnish is the match between Oxford and Cambridge University in 1870. Oxford still had three wickets in hand and only three runs needed to win the match; But a Cambridge bowler took three wickets and defeated the balls by two wickets.

Essay on Cricket game 1400 word

Cricket, also called Gentlemen's game, is a batting and ball team game, which is considered to be the first document played in South England in the 16th century. The first definite mention of the game was in the court of 1598, which was called cricket played by boys in the Royal Grammar School, Guildford, around 1550. It is believed that this was originally a game of children but the context around 1610 indicates that the adult had started playing it and later the inter-parish or village is the oldest reference to cricket. In 1624, during a match between two parish teams in Sussex was hit on the head when a player named Jasper Vinal died.

During the 17th century, many references indicate the development of cricket in the south-east of England and it is believed that in 1660 the first professional appeared in the years after the restoration. The report of the newspaper is made with 'One Great Cricket Match' with eleven. The players who were played for a high stake in Sussex in 1697, and this is the oldest reference to the cricket match of such importance.

The game was the first in London in the beginning of 1707 and a large crowd had come in matches at the Artillery Ground in Finsbury. This game was attracted to attract large crowds and laborers as a single wicket. Bowling developed around 1760 when bowlers started pitching the ball instead of rolling towards the batsman or skimming. This led to a revolution in batting because it was necessary to present the modern straight bat in place of the old 'hockey stick' shape to deal with the bouncing ball.

The Hambledon Club was founded in the 1760s and was formed by the formation of the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) for the next 20 years and the inauguration of the Lord's Old Ground in 1787, Humberdan was the largest club in the game and its focal point.

MCC soon became the custodians of the main club and game rules, which were known as the laws of cricket. They are maintained by the International Cricket Council (ICC) and the MCC, which contains the copyright. The new laws introduced in the second half of the 18th century included three stump wickets and feet before wicket (LBW). By the end of the 18th century, Cricket had become the national game of England.

In the 19th century, Undertaking Bowling was replaced with first round-hand and then overarmed bowling. At the county level, the organization of the game led to the creation of county clubs beginning with Sussex CCC in 1839, which eventually formed the official county championship in 1890. The expansion of the British Empire was important in spreading sport abroad, and in the mid-19th century it was well established in India, North America, Caribbean, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

In 1844, the first international cricket match took place between the United States and Canada, although neither has ever been ranked as the Test playing nation). Today, the Governing Body of the game, there are 104 member countries in the ICC. With its biggest popularity in Test playing nations, Cricket Association is the second most popular sport in the world after football.

A cricket match is played on the cricket ground, in which there is a pitch. This match fights between two teams of eleven players. The batsmen of a team, trying to make as many runs as possible after being dismissed without a run, or were dismissed in the second team bowls and fields, while the other batsmen were dismissed and run scorers Were trying to limit. When the batting team has used all its available overs or the rest of the batsmen, the roles are reversed, and now it is trying to bat the fielding team and outsource the opposition.

There are many variations in the length of the game of cricket. In professional cricket, this is up to a game played in 5 days (Test cricket) from the limit of 20 overs per side (Twenty20). As the match played, there are various rules that control how the game has won, lost, drawn or tied. Generally, cricket can be split between matches in which teams have two innings and those who have one innings in them.

Formerly known as East-1st cricket, there is a period of three to five days, while the latter is known as limited over cricket because each team generally sets a limit of 50 overs, only one day's planned Duration is there. Generally, there is a time to play at least six hours in two-time matches. Limited overs are usually matched for six hours or more. There is usually formal interval for lunch and tea is accompanied by a brief informal break for tea. There is also a small gap between the innings.

Test cricket is the highest standard of first-class cricket. A Test match is an international match between the teams representing those countries, which are the full members of the ICC. In Test cricket the team, first-class cricket and club cricket wear traditional white uniforms and use red cricket balls. Test matches between two teams are usually played in a group of matches called "series". Matches are last for five days and one series is usually from three to five matches. Test matches not ending within the allotted time are prepared.

Test cricket 1876-77 is considered to have started with Australia and England in two matches between Australia and England. After this, eight other national teams have achieved Test status: South Africa (188), West Indies (1928), New Zealand (1929), India (1932), Pakistan (1952) , Sri Lanka (1982), Zimbabwe (1992) and Bangladesh (2000). Zimbabwe later suspended their Test status in 2006 because they have started playing Test cricket inability to compete against other Test teams and yet. Welsh players are eligible to play for England, which is actually the England and Wales team.

The West Indies team includes players from many states in the Caribbean, especially Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Leeward Islands and Windward Islands.

In a match of one day, each match is determined to be completed in a single day. This is the most common form of limited overs cricket played internationally. Each team plays only one innings and faces a limited number of overs, usually up to 50. The standard limited overs cricket was presented in England in the 1963 season as a knockout cup played by first-class county clubs. .

This concept was gradually introduced with other major cricket nations and in 1971, limited limited overs were limited to internationally. In 1975, the first Cricket World Cup was held in England. Limited overs cricket has seen various innovations including the use of a multi-color kit and floodlit matches using a white ball.

Twenty20 is a new version of limited overs, which aims at around three hours with the aim of completing the match, usually in the evening session. The original idea, when the concept was introduced in England in 2003, was to provide workers with evening entertainment. It has been commercially successful and has been adopted internationally.

The inaugural Twenty20 World Championship was held in 2007 and India won. After this, many domestic Twenty20 leagues were born, which included the Indian Cricket League, the Indian Premier League and the Twenty20 Champions League.

The International Cricket Council (ICC), which has its headquarters in Dubai, is the international governing body of cricket. It was established in 1909 as the Royal Cricket Conference by the representatives of England, Australia and South Africa, in 1965 the name of the International Cricket Conference was renamed to its current name in 1989. The ICC has 104 members: 10 full members who play official test matches, 34 associate members, and 60 affiliates.

Full members are governing bodies for cricket in a country or in respective countries. All full member nations are automatically eligible to play ODIs and Twenty20 Internationals. They are Australia, Bangladesh, England, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, West Indies and Zimbabwe. Currently, affiliates and affiliates with the position of ODI and T20I are Afghanistan, Canada, Ireland, Kenya, Netherlands and Scotland.

Essay on Cricket Game in 2000 Word

The most popular game in the world and India's favorite game is cricket. Cricket is one such, that children, older, old men, even women, girls also like. Cricket is an outdoor game. We all know that human beings need physical exercise to stay fit. For physical workout, nothing can be better than any sport. In these games, humans have to use physical and physical exercises as well. Thereby, both mental health gets energized. In today's modern world, children are busy in all major mobile, TV, computers, and do not care for physical exertion. In such a case, the elders have a duty to tell their children about the usefulness of the game. Cricket is a game of discipline, determination, concentration, team spirit and restraint.

In India, many games are played over time, some of which are played internationally and at some national level. Cricket, volleyball, football, hockey, basketball, badminton, tennis etc. are played at international level, while kabaddi, rugby and many games are played at national and regional levels in India. Cricket is a sport that has attracted people around the world. There are many such countries, where these games are not played, but look at the international level cricket match with great joy.








 West Indies


 South Africa


 New Zealand










 Sri Lanka














Cricket History In India -

Cricket has many people who love not only, but love the extent of craving. Cricket match was started in England in the 16th century. It was first played by Prince Edward. In the 18th century it became the national sport of England, then in the 19th and the 20th century the game started spreading all over the world. In 1844, for the first time, the one-day international cricket match was played, which was between America and Canada. In 1877, for the first time, a five-day International Test match was played between England and Australia. Cricket is the second most popular game after football.

When there was British rule in India, they were only bringing this game to India. The British rulers were very smart, they brought the game between them to remove the attention of the kings and bababas from India and their kingdom. The British played the game with the kings, the rulers, and made them so eloquent that their meditation started moving away from power. And then the same thing happened to the British rulers. Since then, the game has started to become famous along with India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other countries around us. Before independence, cricket was considered to be the favorite sport in India. This game was played first in India like the common game, in 1864, for the first time a high-level cricket match was played between Madras and Calcutta, which was named First Class cricket.

Cricket information -

The game of cricket is between two teams, each of which has 11 players. Rules of this game are very simple and easy, so kids like it too and prefer to play the most. The match of cricket is played in a large field, where the pitch is in between, on which the player plays the game. On either side 3-3 wickets are laid, gilli is placed on it. First of all, toss between the two teams, who wins the toss, the team decides that they have to bat first or bowl first. Then for the batting, 2 players fall into the ground, whereas Bowling makes an athlete, and the other member of that team fielding. Apart from this, there are 2 empires to make decisions in the field, apart from that there is also a third Empire outside the field. When 2 empires in the field are unable to make a decision, then they point to it, then the third Empire sees it in the recording and decides.

Types of Cricket (Cricket Types) - In the cricket game over time, new things have come up. International matches are held every year, which is organized by the International Cricket Council (ICC). ICC creates rules of cricket and selects teams. The ICC also organizes whether all teams are adhering to the rules of cricket or not. Cricket's biggest competition is 'World Cup', which happens in every four. World Cup is waiting for every player and viewer. Many people do not always watch cricket matches, but they are very interested in the World Cup. Indians are very excited for the World Cup.

  • Test match - This is a five-day match, in which the overs are not sure before. This 5-day match ends without any decision.
  • One-Day Match - This match of 50 overs is one day, in which the decision of the game is decided the same day.
  • 20-20 Cricket - This type of cricket is not old enough. It came a while ago and it became quite popular among the people. 20-20 is a match of twenty overs, which ends in 3-4 hours, with the players nowadays, the audience also enjoys a lot.
  • Indian Premier League - The beginning of the Indian Premier League on the lines of the 20-20 cricket match. In this, players from all over the world participate. These players are selected by the team made by different states in India. Then there is a match between these 10-12 teams for 2 months, and after finishing in many stages, the final match takes place in 2 teams. The team who is victorious gets a huge prize. It is said that IPL is a game by which players get an opportunity to earn a lot of money, as well as the pocket of the team owner is huge.
  • Indor Cricket
  • Inter Cricket

The eyes of the cricket match are described -

Cricket match is a match that attracts busy busy people too. This match is played in almost every lane of India, in Mohalla. Do not be fielded, kids - especially boys, start playing the game even on the big ones. I do not think there will be a place in India where the boys in the neighborhood do not break the window during cricket. The country's great cricketers are hidden in these alleys. Kapil Dev, Sunil Gavaskar, Sachin Tendulkar, Azharuddin, Virat Kohli, Saurabh Ganguly, Rahul Dravid, Mahendra Singh Dhoni etc. are the names of such great players who started this game in their neighborhood and today became one of the best players of India. Have gone.

When I talked to myself, I did not like cricket very much, but seeing brothers playing it slowly attracted to it. For the first time I watched the World Cup match on TV on 1999, seeing the depth and understanding of this game and then it became my favorite sport. I saw the whole of 2004 in every match of the world. There is a lot of fun to watch matches on TV, but seeing this match in a live ground gives a very different experience. In the crowd of thousands of people, there are supporters of both teams who scream at the victory of their own team. When watching the enthusiasm of these viewers on TV, I also wish that I wish to sit in a cricket match field. My wish was fulfilled by my brother and took the state-level match to be held in our city.

There was a lot of crowd in the ground due to state-level matches, but the operators arranged to sit well with the audience. Special police was also convened to handle the crowd and to protect. We had a ticket to go to the field, so before reaching there, we went through the crowd and reached the gate, there was a check in the ticket. In many places, a metal detector is also engaged in the field of play, which is used for safety purposes. Inside we sat in the seat. This match is taking place between Rotary Club and Lion Club. The first tossed between the two, which was won by Rotary Club and decided to bat. This match was of 20 overs. Two players of Rotary Club land on the ground, while Lion Club players prepare for fielding. The rotary club started getting slow, in the first four overs, two of their players were dismissed.

After this, the players start playing the innings of good runs, they are seen washing the front team's cheeks. 10 overs means the score is 90 for 2 wickets after half the match. Now the Lion team comes from spinner bowlers on their behalf. If they fall heavily on the rotary club batsman, then they take 1 wicket. The match goes on, and in the last 20 overs the rotary team can make 175 runs, 5 wickets in the loss. After that there is a break of 20 min.

After the break, the lions come for batting, they are good at the beginning. Their 50 runs in 5 overs only. Then the Rotary Club team calls their spinners, giving them two wickets. Despite the loss of wicket, the Lion Club goes on to score runs, and makes 150 runs in 15 overs and 7 wickets in the loss. At the turn of the match, all the lions were with the club, everyone seemed to have won the match by the Lion Club. But this is the only illusion of cricket, till the end, who can not be told who will win. When the match can be changed, nothing can be said. 155 runs in the 16th over after the match was over. 158 runs in 17 overs. There were still 18 runs in 18 balls, which was not such a big shot. Lion's team made 163 runs in 18 overs. Now 12 balls needed 13 runs.

Starting 19 overs, the first 4 balls get 2 runs, but the player gets the ball clean in the next ball. As the wicket goes down, the voices of the supporters shouting in the ground, the hopes of a rotary team are seen on the face of an expected wave. Still, the Lions were to score 11 runs in 6 balls, and to maintain their 2 wickets. Starts at 20 overs, gets no run in first ball, 1 run in second ball. The third ball is also empty. In the fourth hair, the batsman bounces the ball, all the screams in the sixes, but this is what it catches. A new player comes for the fifth ball, who picks up the ball to score 4 runs.

Now the last ball, the last wicket and 6 runs, the match comes on a very interesting turn. I am just sitting in the ground, gently balancing the ball, the player bounces the ball, but the ball comes in the hand of the fielder. I think the Lion team lost the match, but only then the Empire in the field points to the third Empire decision. Actually the fielder who catches his feet touches the boundary. The third Empire watches the recording deeply, and then declares the player six by knocking out the player. Ultimately the match is won by the Lion Club. Well I was not the side of any team, but after the thrilling match I was happy that Lion Club won. The amount of prize money and trophies given to the team is given. At the same time, the player of the match-winning match-winning team meets, who scored 75 runs in 30 balls.

Cricket craze for India -

Importance of cricket matches in India is not less than any festival. Whether a match is final or the World Cup all sit in front of their TV. People take a vacation from the office, school, college, and many times these vacations are declared at these places. Roads become deserted, in shops where TVs and radio live, they all get reciprocated. Everyone is going to know the score of the match. Mainly if matches match India, then there is a festive atmosphere in India. By winning the match on the streets, everyone makes a celebration, drum nagadas, bomb crackers are boiled. During World Cup, there are special prayers in the temple mosque, people worship specially for victory. When India won the World Cup in 2011, in that historic moment, the whole of India was immersed in the celebration. For the sake of cricket matches in India, people are crazy, the players of this match are mainly worshiped by Sachin Tendulkar.

There is a craze for cricket in India, but if India loses a key match, or if a player does not perform well, then people talk a lot against him. In the social media, wrong things are wrong, they come in the streets and burn the effigy. This method is very wrong. The game happens only for someone's victory and defeat of someone. The game should be seen and played only with emotion.

Corruption is also increasing in cricket matches even nowadays. Some people are spoiling the game for money. Some crooks and corrupt people are bidding in the match during the main match and also include the common people. The ICC and the government are continuously working on this, so that the game should be played like sports and no one's feelings get hurt.

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