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Essay on A Journey by Bus

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We are providing many paragraphs, Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay on A Journey by Bus in English language for 5,6,,7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and banking or other competetive exams students in 240 words.

A visit by bus is definitely a peasant experience. During the Christmas holidays, I had a rare opportunity to visit a place called Darringbari in Fulbani district. This place is a valley with sweet aromatic flowers. The place is worth visiting at any time in a year. Due to the falling of snow, it is called the Kashmir of Orissa. I was in place from the perception bus stand.

Hardly I was waiting for an hour when the bus reached the stand. The visit to the sightseeing tour was very attractive to me. I had heard of the place from many of my friends. I had no difficulty in ticket booking. Since the number of passengers on that day was not much.

The journey was not to wear because the eyes of the forest were holding the eye from the road. When a bus was walking in the middle of the road, the peacock's voice was heard from a distance away. The way just stopped at different places.

Although it seemed to boredom many passengers, but I was enjoying the scenes on the way. We had to go through the streets in between the tilt and curves. It was worth enjoying the thick forest scenes on both sides of the roads, which I did not want to miss. Carefully went straight bus with driver winding roads.

Just reached Darringbari in about 6 PM I rested in my uncle's house and the next day went to different places with my cousin. I had an opportunity to see a series of hills and thick forest around me. Most of the other states of India come to the place to visit tourist destinations. This place is great for picnic purposes because there are several springs in the middle of the thick forest. There are elephants in the forest of Darringbari. The other attractive features of the forest are moving towards tribal predators with bow and arrow in their hands.

This place seemed to be far from the concerns and concerns of city life. Scented flowers emits fragrant, which fill my heart with happiness. From the forest, green fields and open houses gave me great pleasure to the wearer's spirit.

Although the weather was cold it was cloudy weather. The atmosphere of this place remains cold throughout the year. Due to its local advantage, the atmosphere here is different from all the other places. On the way we went to Lord Hanuman and Mother Kali temple. The temples were designed to artificially give visitors a spectacular look.

I was not ready to leave. But my This month vacation was about to end. On the day before the inauguration of my school I came in the bus stand of Darringbari with my cousin. I had to take warm clothes to protect myself from the cold.

The journey of sight scenes gave me a pleasant experience which I had not met before. As soon as the bus was taking the trees along the road, it started moving in the opposite direction. Stories "Beauty is always a pleasure to talk" My mind flashes. I felt like I returned from the land of dreams. The bus was not a long journey. I reached my native place at 9 PM.

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