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Essay on Problem of Child Labor in India

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We are providing many paragraphs, Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay on Problem of Child Labor in India in English language for 5,6,,7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and banking or other competetive exams students in 240 words.

Child labor and its problems are closely related to extreme poverty. They are, in total, families who do not have any other means to increase their income by excluding human income, to make a bid to complement it.

These children contribute to meeting their needs in the family's pool income. This is the story of child labor in Asia, including India, in all the poor developing and undeveloped countries of Africa. Even after sixty-three years of independence, our country is unable to provide any relief to the poor.

India's economic policies have never been oriented to meet aspirations on people and basic needs have been provided for them to survive. This is the reason that child labor and its problems are very neglected at the national level in the country. There are many angles to see these problems, including the development of human rights and human resources. An international pressure is also increasing in the industry to restrict child labor.

The fact is that the plight of child labor has been very sad due to excessive exploitation due to the inherent interests in domestic industrial and agricultural sectors. In a report of UNICEF, it has been found that nearly one million children coming from all over the world are subject to sexual abuse for biological purposes. In World Conference on the Misuse of Children held in Stockholm, it has been pointed out that under current circumstances, any data related to child abuse is very difficult to work on.

In India, children are kept in bonded labor, they are exported abroad on a large job and a debate on employment at other grand faculties, which later prove to be fake and total fraud. Meanwhile a organized gang has been included in the export of teenage children. The children were brought back to India and the high investigative agencies were ordered to investigate the gangster.

However, Haryana has taken some bold steps to protect child labor from abuse and inhuman conditions. For this purpose, children are provided employment in selected industries.

According to an authentic report of the United Nations body, thousands of children have been employed in Italy in the leather industry. While in Portugal, young girls are employed in the domestic services and clothing industry. In children under age 15, working in unheeded restrictions and more than 30 percent are illegally employed. In the United States, 28 percent of the children are working in inhuman conditions.

In India, child labor has been in hazardous or non-hazardous employment in all industries. The existing "Employment and Prohibition of Labor (Regulation) Act 1986" provides for the welfare of child labor in hazardous industries and dangerous posts and controls its employment in non-hazardous states, to protect the state governments from hazardous and non-hazardous industries The right to decide is given, but the actual situation is that all state governments are yet to be able to do so.

The Child Labor Act applies to 14 years. There are many industries that show the age of child labor more than the actual on the basis of the statements of their parents or counterfeit affidavits. This is because parents / guardians do not want to eradicate their wages from their salary because of their poverty, limited income and the rising cost of living.

According to a survey of child labor conducted on the order of the Supreme Court of India, the total number of such labor in India is 5,00,000 according to records. Out of these, the Orissa is giving employment to 2.15 lakh children in the industries.

In this regard, it can be noted that international pressure is increasing for the abolition of child labor from the industry by banning Indian goods. The Indian government believes that it can not be finished overnight but in a phased manner. For this purpose, a new Act is being brought to cancel the 1986 Act. It is necessary to amend the Constitution for the implementation of this Act so that it can get the basic right of the child in the age group of 6-14 years. Need based education

The government has warned international organizations and the Western countries recently that the problem of child labor in any way is not related to business or any other issue, because compromise on this matter is not desirable and it is considered a challenge for India's sovereignty goes.

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