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Essay on Unemployment in 500 word

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We are providing many paragraphs, Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay on Unemployment in English language for 5,6,,7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and banking or other competetive exams students in 500 words.

A stupid man can not find food for him. To live he should do some work. Some businesses are essential for a person to be able to fulfill his desires. There is constant struggle for a business everywhere in this world.

Only qualified people win the struggle and get business. Those who are defeated face starvation and sorrow. Many people in our country are unemployed. Their number is very big. The problem of unemployment is a major problem in our country.

There are many reasons for unemployment. The rapid growth of the major population among them. Due to the use of labor saving machines, the possibility of employment is decreasing.

The lack of skill and ability is another reason for unemployment. An inefficient labor can not be successful in any work. If an opportunity of employment is created, only skilled workers take advantage of it.

Our system of education is also responsible for the problem of unemployment in our country. Business subjects are not necessarily taught in schools and colleges. Students are studying some superficial subjects and are trying to get higher marks. Their focus is on securing points, not on the effectiveness of the subject in their practical life.

Students are unemployed after their education. MK. Gandhi gave great importance to manual labor. But in the present system, during the course of education, no student learns it. Therefore, self-employment is a dream in our country.

Ill health is another factor of unemployment. Major Indians Indians do not receive proper treatment for their illness. There is a criterion for getting physical fitness job. Nowadays, more and more industries have been established in our country. Although there is a possibility of employment, the hazardous environment of the industrial sector discourages people to go for employment.

The cottage industry is neglected. Agriculture is done in the old method. That's why it is a non-profit business today. Political people are talking too much about unemployment. But they are not doing anything honestly to provide employment to young men and women in our country. Only political publicity can not solve the problem.

Unemployment is a social problem. This causes many other social problems to arise. The unemployed youth are growing more and more rebels. Interest has been reduced to their attitude towards education, real qualifications and loyalty to our society.

Dakoit, blackmailing, betrayal and dishonesty grow fast. There is also moral distortion. There is no respect for the superiors. In a family, unemployed children create problems. They feel frustrated. They either kill themselves or their parents. This is how social tensions arise. Gradually, our culture of love and tolerance is converted into a culture of anger and weakness.

There is still some hope of removing unemployment from our country. First of all, our educational system should be improved. Business topics must be taught to our students inevitably. Tension should be given on manual labor and self-employment.

The most important thing is to check corruption and devotionism in our country. In high positions, ministers and important persons are now accused of showing favor and sympathy towards their relatives. Apart from this, they are accused of selling jobs at a higher price. Thus, the children of the rich get jobs by paying.

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