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Essay on Patriotism is Enough? in 1000 word

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We are providing many paragraphs, Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay on Patriotism is Enough? in English language for 5,6,,7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and banking or other competetive exams students in 1000 words.

We, in Asia, have the potential to create a fetish or patriotism with our new nationalism. While all the forces of science have been designed to think of a world's life as a real reality, some harsh reactions in every country are popular feelings and stress out to take advantage of separatist and exclusive policies. Patriotism is a great feeling, which has transformed sinners and dacoits into freedom fighters in many countries. But the sense becomes stable, out and reactive.

In Europe, nationalist sentiment developed during the Renaissance, then feudalism was prevalent everywhere. Spanish Armada made every Englishman a soldier-patriot. In the 17th and 18th centuries, Italy and Germany became nation-states; And in the 1.9th century their nationalism was consolidated.

They developed aggressive, militaristic, expansive, imperialist designs against the rest of Europe under Mussolini and Hitler. In Nazi Germany and Fascists in Italy, with the principles of superiors and caste superiority, and with the exploitation of small powers, the proper name of patriotism was so diluted that today it has become doubtful in country or color patriotism. Eyes

Today, the interests of the world are more or less connected; There is hardly any room for separatist tendencies. The days of Napoleon, Hitler, Drake and Arch of Zones are over. We need those patriots who have humanist international views like Mahatma Gandhi, Tagore and Bertrand Russell. Pt. Nehru's zealous patriotism for India was very ugly with his concern for the future of the world.

Since only nationalism could not meet man's intense requests, then after the end of two world wars, humanity had realized the need of international organizations such as the League of Nations and the United Nations. Nationalism was so terrorist and aggressive that it broke the league, in which there were all good and holy intentions but there was no military restriction.

But the United Nations has been a little fortunate. It has felt itself in the social, economic and educational areas of human life. There is relief on death, disease, hunger and poverty. It has tried to control and control the use of atomic energy for peaceful purposes. Small states no longer live in constant fear of large nations.

In fact, in the presence of this new world consciousness, the old world patriotism seems obsolete, self-sufficient and old.

Theories like Punch Shill are a direct rejection of local, tribal or national patriotism. There are other areas of activity, art, social service, science, etc. which are not equally important with patriotism. Dante, Virgin, Raphael and Michelangelo (artists) have raised Italy's name more than Mazzini and Garibaldi; Pasteur and Madam Curie have lifted the name of France in comparison to Napoleon by their scientific researchers; Shakespeare advertising in England Milton is remembered more than Gladstone and Dzraali, Tagore, Raman and Ghalib, who will be able to exclude any contemporary patriot in India.

In this era of atomic diplomacy, on the part of people, on the enthusiasm and burning patriotism as a bank, the only pentasia for all our diseases is to close our eyes. My patriotism puts a kind of brutal influence on the sensitivity of the public. Often misguided patriots are under the heels of the iron and the arts of art are broken.

Muses have to be smoking; To destroy international conscience; Even the proper name of education is tilted. It is strange that the so-called patriots always give a raw deal to artists, literary men, teachers etc. Finding the reason is not too far. Artists know that patriotic enthusiasm a momentary passion did not mean till the lifespan. Soon, it shows the dark offensive and the terrorist side.

In the first phase, what turns out to be a great feeling to be unknown channels and ends self-demand and self-advertisement futures?

Patriotism limits the sense of curbs and man in its narrow meaning; Restricts your loyalty; It limits its vision. Patriots today only listen to the boom of nuclear guns, swarm of spitfires, torpedoes from submarines, allegations of depth and explosions created by land and sea mines explosion.

If we want to improve things, then we have to discourage that aggressive and terrorist patriotism, which will increase in Hitler's rule in Germany. We have to root political politics for the development of the Nightzishian theory of Superman and the political empowerment of the body and the development of international discretion.

Hitler girls and rules Britannia probably will not return on Tom's day. Slogan: "My country is right or wrong"; It is a challenge to meet the international conscience of the world, which finds its expression through the platform of the United Nations.

Mahatma Gandhi made India's love a part of his quest for truth, which is again a part of God, Infinity. Gandhi preferred to die India so that the world could live. The land of Buddha, Kabir and Nanak can only give such a good orientation and definition; Patriotism. The cult of patriotism he preached by him is something new after Caesar, Napoleon, Hitler and Mussolini.

It does not glorify hanging or guillotine; It insists only on tolerance and understanding. All the better and the great things of life; Arts, architecture, literature ethics and ethics cross the obstacles of race and nationalism. Humankind is one; Differences and division are man-made. Our basic needs of food, housing, textiles, society etc. are the same.

Poets and artists of only one country can break the artificial barrier of a narrow minded patriot so that such a spiritual conference can be established with other poets and artists of other countries.

Today many UN agencies are working for the integration of UNESCO, ESCAP, WHO, ILO etc. Worldwide. Institutes like Olympics and Asiad unite all the world's players. My patriotism can not create such links between one nation and the other.

On the day of Pericles of the Greek city states, where local patriotism was ruled, everything has probably never returned. In modern conditions, the state does not have any meaning apart from the rest of the world. Small states can survive only with other states in social, economic and political cooperation.

When the ultimate one world patriotism emerges, it will depend on the fact that the big states of the world come to think about creating themselves in the World Cup and start thinking about non-violence rather than atom bomb!


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