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Essay On Corruption In India 650-700 Word

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We are providing many paragraphs, Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay On Corruption In India in English language for 5,6,,7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and banking or other competetive exams students in 650 and 750 words.

There is at least one corruption password for India, the topic discussed about discussions and conversations on all types of forums and platforms. The simple common man's definition of corruption is to get a job in a wrong and unethical manner.

The first thing is that we should analyze why we do some wrong thing? The answer is quite simple and clear. We do a wrong job because the right way to do this for the first time is very cumbersome, detailed and time-consuming, and yet, the chance is that the job can not be done anymore.

In addition to doing it correctly, it is not possible, people are wrongly used to do so, the person who is trying to do it in the right way will appear silly. Apart from this, it has no benefit from working properly.

For these simple reasons, the right and honest way of working has been forgotten for a long time and corrupt practices have become the way of life.

When this is an easy reason for doing wrong, then why should anyone try to do anything right? When we work honestly, the result is that, either work is not done or it is delayed.

Apart from this there is no bonus or encouragement for honest. This is the reason why, when we read wrong versus wrong then the latter is always prevalent, so why is not it wrong and the crop bites? This is what happened in India.

It is not that there is no corruption anywhere else in the world, it is a worldwide phenomenon and even somewhat human is, but in India it grows somewhere else.

This is because as bad actors and never punish corrupt people, so they are never seen suffering, so for them to enjoy the fruits of corrupt practices and are encouraged to be more corrupt, other Honest or not too corrupt are encouraged to take the path of success - corruption.

In this way once the honest people join the bandwagon of corrupt because they get deer pastures on the corrupt side of the fence. In this way, the process of corruption is increasing and growing, more and more people are joining the joy ride.

With the continuation of this process for decades, the proportion between corrupt and honestly varies in proportion to the proportion, the sight of being honest is low and the graph of corruption is constantly increasing.

The result of this simple process working for the past few decades is that the result is that today we see that it is almost impossible to find or find an honest person, an honest organization; We contribute to all trends, are involved in different ratios.

An easy solution to this magnem problem as I have seen, is punishing the wrongdoers severely and equally important that they reward good and honest - if definitely such a person is found.

If the honest is rewarded, then I am sure that more people want to be honest, and if corrupt is severely punished then it is certain that the number of corrupt will be reduced.

I suggest this simple solution because even today, when we stand on the old old age of corruption, I think humans are still basically good, and nobody wants to be bad or corrupt. We are, most of us do wrong things because either it gives dividends or because we can not help it.

If the work and work system become more efficient then why would anybody want to pay any money to do the job? This happens when the work can not be done in the right process that most people get corrupted to fulfill their work - together with reward and punishment system, the working system should be made more efficient, I think There will be less and even negligible corruption.

Thus, as we all know that corruption is prevalent everywhere, and unless we face it with iron hands, there can be little or no way to improve in a rigid situation.

Essay on Corruption in India in 700 word

Verbalism literally means dishonest behavior, but today the word is used in the meaning of bribe khori. Today's era is an era of corruption. Every country is involved in corruption. Even our country of India, which is an example of truth and non-violence, is also fully involved in corruption. In today's era, politicians, officers, teachers, government employees and even the people of the country are indulged in corruption. It has caused huge losses to both the individual and the society and has caused huge damage to the country. Therefore, it is necessary to think seriously about this stricken problem.

The problem of corruption: There is no doubt that corruption has strangled our social values. Due to corruption, ethics has ended from society. It has started destroying our everyday lives. Swiss banks have billions of rupees deposited by leaders, industrialists and actors of India, which have been earned by corruption. If this money can be brought back to our country then the problems of inflation can be overcome from our country. Plans are made in our country, but millions of rupees do not go into development work and go to the pockets of politicians, government officials and contractors. Due to corruption, our country is currently under debt of the World Bank.

Comprehensive prevalence of corruption: At the time of independence, the people of the country thought that now our government will be free from corruption and corruption, but instead of the rupees taken by the British, the leaders of their own country looted. Now the situation has become so bad that this dishonestly monk has taken the society completely into its hold. It is impossible to get any work done in government offices without taking bribes, bribe and pet-worship. The person who is sitting on the chair in the form of a clerk is the real fortune-maker. If the clerk does not want to keep the ropes stuck, but your file will not be seen on the forewd, and if the officer passes the file without the comment of the clerk, then all of them are found in this game. There is a saying that only two people in the state are powerful governors and writers. The author can not even cut the writers' writers.

Political corruption: Politicians have to work well for the welfare of the country and the people of the country. But the highest malpractice is in this area. The advancement of any country depends only on the leaders of the country. If the leader of the country is honest then nobody can stop the progress of the country. Today's leaders do wrong to do the wrong thing to get a chair. To win elections, take booths, felicitate, scam, make false promises to the people, and do not know what? By winning elections, these leaders forget the promises made to the public and simply start filling their pockets. Those entrepreneurs who have given money for elections are allowed to rob the people arbitrarily by placing them in the rules.

Income tax theft: Due to corruption, doctors, lawyers, architects, who earn lakhs of rupees today, steal tax in various ways. Large entrepreneurs have kept up to the charity accountant for the same work whose work is to show how tax should be saved and the eyes of the government should be wiped out. If all people start paying their share correctly, then poverty can be eliminated from the country.

Government officials, who are considered to be the public servants, are robbing the public with both hands. Even a small sum of polices, in four or five years, mobilizes all the facilities like the carriage and the bangles.Did the government ever ask him to save so much How did you acquire the wealth of millions? All this is the black money earned from vicious conduct which rob people from the public.

Epilogue: There is no doubt that corruption is a serious problem which is hollowing the whole country. It is very important to curb it. To end corruption, firstly, politics has to be cleansed, because when Nita is honest, it will not be easy for someone to do maliciously. That is why it has been said that just like the King, the people, that is, if the leader is honest, honesty can be expected from the rest of the others.

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