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Essay on Dowry Evil (India)

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We are providing many paragraphs, Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay on Dowry Evil (India) in English language for 5,6,,7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and banking or other competetive exams students in 400, 900 and 1000 words.

Essay on Dowry Evil in 400 word

Dowry is referred to wealth, goods or property which brings its husband to a woman marriage. The opposite direction given to the bride by the bride, the property is called dowry or Mahar. Generally the bride will be entitled to her dowry in the event of her widow before the development of her dowry rights; It was so common that words "dowry" and "dowry" are sometimes confused.

Dowry should not be confused with the bride's money, money or baggage paid to the bride's parents, in exchange for her hand in marriage. It should be separated from dowry, which is the money received by the wife by registering false dowry cases against husband and his relatives.

The practice of giving dowry on marriage to the women in the world by the husband is still supported by the judiciary and the police through the threat of imprisonment. In India, practice is still very common, systematic marriage and in rural areas because it is widely recognized as the traditional ritual of marriage. By 1961, dowry demands are restricted by law.

But these laws are highly misused, in which apart from the normal tendency of husbands and arrest of the bride's father, mothers and sisters are being arrested. Information about the punishment given to dowry and people in all government agencies is readily available. To find the phrase "IPC 498A", join the devil in one thing that is being done in a society called dowry. Despite refusing to be part of the dowry system, many grooms have been brought to grief.

The practice of bride giving a bride to a dowry is believed that not only was husband responsible for making his wife available, but his father shared that this responsibility was initially considered to be the reason. Women's rights agencies are now taking steps to ask the bride's father to pay for their daughter's upliftment or welfare. While the load of a woman's father and brothers is removed, she still lives with her husband.

But though things are gradually turning to the idea that taking dowry has started to be seen as evil and less integrity by the people of the society, and played an important role in reducing this evil along with the law. is. But we still listen to our daughters and sisters and mothers are killed by their in-laws, because they failed to get dowry.

This evil can not be linked by some individuals. This requires extensive dissemination changes. This possibility is for the bride and the wise men to run this evil.

Essay on Dowry Evil in 1000 word

Dowry practice is one of the biggest social evils in India. The news of death due to dowry in the day comes. Many dads of parents have been snatched away from this dowry monster. Most of the causes of corruption in our society are due to the practice of dowry. People accumulate money illegally because they have to spend huge dowry on their daughters' marriage. This is hollowing the evil society and the real progress has been blocked.

Dowry practice is not the only practice of current Indian society. It has inherited us from our past. In our mythology, the mention of giving good dowry to their daughters is mentioned by the parents. This practice was prevalent in foreign countries in some form or another. The Seleucus Nixeter gave Chandragupta Maurya much jewelery, elephants and other items in her daughter's marriage. In other countries it is customary that parents give gifts and gifts to newly-married couple. In addition to maternal ancient societies, this practice is practiced in almost all societies.

In fact, there is no defect in practice. If it is kept within the boundaries then it is a healthy custom. With the money given to the newly married couple as a cash or gift, they can easily start their own life, but why raise the burden of the parents of all the burden? This practice has become an evil because it has crossed the border whereas the first dowry was a symbol of love and affection. Now it has become a trade and bargain. By eliminating all the emotional aspects, it has embraced the infamous materialist form. Poor social bondage has become a threat only through hateful evil. The first reason for the practice of Indian custom in Indian society is economic reliance on women's men. Most of the wives depend completely on their husbands for their livelihood and the husband asks for the price of his wife's parents. Other women are given low levels in society. The irony is that while the share of the two in the family is complementary to each other, the boy is given more importance in the marriage market. In addition, there is a lot of emphasis on virginity in Indian society. Indian parents have to marry their daughter in a special time with a suitable boy. No matter how much to give or sacrifice. They fear that virginity can be destroyed when marriage goes above a specific age. Boys' parents take undue advantage of this compulsion of the girl's parents. Apart from this, there is still lack of education for women. The illiterate and ignorant women bear to be bought and sold and understood as the following creatures. Our men have not developed the sense of justification and justice. This has become their heart stone towards the ghastly evil. The money collected in wrong ways is also one of the many reasons for dowry. It is a black money which has no way of spending except for extravagant and showy consumption. Dowry is actually the expenditure of the showy consumption of rich people in the village. The average man has a tendency to imitate the people of this level of society, but because his means are limited, he is suppressed with the burden of dowry. Another reason for dowry is to be a rigid caste system in Indian society. Parents have to marry their daughter in their own caste, so that the option of choosing a boy is restricted. The courage to break the customs of these customs is not in the ordinary people nor does the society generally accept it. Apart from this, the tendency of establishing marital relation in a higher family as a person is also a major cause of dowry. Parents would like to give more dowry to buy the happiness of their daughter. In this way, such deals are settled in the marriage market, as items of goods are fixed. The one who makes the highest bid is able to establish a marital relationship.

If Indian society has to progress and move fast with other societies of the fast moving world, then dowry practice should end. So dowry practice should end. There is a need to provide the right type of education for both men and women. Social conscience should be awakened against this evil by advertising and publicity. Interracial marriage should be encouraged. Anti-dowry act should be made more stringent and it should also be applied well. The culprits should be punished so that they can not do such a crime in the future. The facts of gender equality should be conveyed to the people vigorously.

In modern times, educated women have shown no doubt that they can compete with men in any work with success and singularity in men. Many of them are also making Rosie Roti for their families. Even the old parents are taking the burden of their father. In old age only the boy will be the support of the parents. This misconception is now over. But now the cycle of justice should be revived and they should get their proper place and respect in the society. Apart from this, such practices can not stay with other societies in the race for social development with customs. Therefore the requirement is that all such efforts should be made that the practice of dowry be a thing of the past. Social welfare organizations should come forward to end this evil from Indian society. Women should also take the resolution that they will not marry a dowry seeker. Their role is more important with any other way to end this evil. Our daughters will come forward and take a resolve that they will reject the dowry. Regardless of virgin marriage By taking this risk, he has to teach the dancers a lesson. If we want to go ahead and progress, then as soon as this work happens, it is good for us.

Essay on Dowry Evil in 900 word

Dowry is an old tradition in India. It is mentioned in Manusmriti that in the form of a part of the time of the marriage of the mother and daughter, wealth, property, give gifts to the bride and give her to Var.

Manu did not mention about how much this part should be. Time passed, the voluntary donation given to the girl gradually became the right of the right person, and the people of the family were presently assuming it as their birthright at the present time.

Advertisements in newspapers now show that the ability of a boy or girl is as follows. Their monthly income is so much and their family background is very respectable. By reading all these things, if a person of the girl's family goes to the other side then the real face comes out. People from all walks of life start a story that is definitely dowry.

Both dowry demands and giving are bad things. When both the bride and groom's education are the same, both are engaged in employment, both are beautiful in sight and hearing, then why are the demands of dowry? Why is the illegitimate advantage of the compulsion of the bride?

Probably because there is a lack of good governance in society and qualified boys meet with great difficulty. There are also some castes in Hindustan who do not marry Vaira but they marry a girl by giving them dowry; But this is rarely done. Now most of the tribes take dowry for the groom.

Dowry is now a lapse, which is never quiet. The greedy parents of the groom wish that the girl should always bring something to her maternal house and keep recruiting her home. They think of their boy as a money-making machine and fowl to a poor daughter-in-law, who keep them sleeping every day. How long can parents fulfill their daughter's demand? Then they also know that whatever daughter is doing, she is not saying her daughter but because of the pressure of in-laws.

If the request has not been fulfilled then it may be that his beloved Baita is being tortured, tortured and it is not impossible that he should be killed. Such unaware of the news of burning and killing of youths in the newspapers.

A strict law has been made by the government to stop the dowry-demon. According to this law, dowry and dowry are considered to be both crimes. The crime and fines have to be filled both on conviction. This law has been made more rigid by amending in time.

But it seems that there is some lack of space in it; Because neither has any difference in taking dowry nor has there been any reduction in suicides or suicides by the newlyweds. The ways of taking dowry and giving dowry have changed in order to avoid dowry law.

People from all parties take a lot of money in front of the bridegroom before getting married. As far as luggage is concerned, color TVs, sofa sets, wardrobe, dining tables, watches, rings - all these things are already sent to enhance the beauty of the party or at the time of marriage. The rest are saved and eaters drink it and people go away.

Initially, there is a combination between both the bride and the bride, and therefore the whole vigilance is carried out by both. If everything goes on happily, then all is kept secret otherwise all the secrets are uncovered when an accident occurs. There is no courage in the people of the bride or the daughter-in-law that they should make sure that they will get married if the dowry is not married otherwise.

The social evil of dowry and dowry can not be prevented only by the law. To prevent this people should change the mindset of people. The traditions of doing marriages in their own caste must be broken and encourage inter-state marriages; Then the chances of taking dowry will decrease and the area of ​​marriage will become wider.

The intersection of inter-state, inter-state and international marriages has started, if it has more popularity and encouraged social promotion, then it can be expected that there will be a reduction in the practice of taking dowry. If the government wants this practice to be non-existent, it can be partially eliminated. The government should arrange for those couples to provide employment or to lend money in the business, whether they want to get married or without dowry or inter-state.

In the past, a senior young man from Bihar had married Harijan Kanya, how he had to become the god of government and society, everyone knew it, there is no more old incident. Therefore, if the government adheres to its duty and social awakening, then the stigma of dowry can be overcome.

There is a need to take immediate steps to end the dowry practice. Nowadays this practice has started to become a business. Parents want to marry the boy who has spent the money they have spent to teach and write to the child and get it recovered. Engineer, doctor or IAS Boys' dowry has reached between five lakh and one crore rupees. Explain how a general householder can afford this kind of expenses.

Appropriate in the present circumstances, all such people should be on one platform, who regard dowry as worthless and desolate in the mind. Do not take dowry themselves and raise voice against dowry seekers. If they think that their work will be opposed, they can also ask for help from the government for their purpose.

If for some years the anti-dowry movement is launched in the entire country then only then will it be possible to eradicate this mischief. Otherwise, no other aspect can be seen as such that it can eliminate this inhuman wrong.

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