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Essay on Value of a Sense of Humor - 900 Words

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We are providing many paragraphs, Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay on alue of a Sense of Humor in English language for 5,6,,7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and banking or other competetive exams students in 900 words.

Humour means happiness and humor is getting cheerful. People with a strong sense of humor are very popular and their presence in any gathering is highly welcomed. They add spices to spices that are participating by many others outside the spirit of decoration or decoration.

They always put a happy face and overthrow enthusiasm. They are capable of influencing others with a sense of humor and enthusiasm. Many times they work like Oasis of Hope between the worldly crisis and the desert of difficulties.

Life is neither good nor bad. This is what you make it. If someone has always developed an approach to see the dark side of life, then he will always manage some deficiencies and shortages in the state of prosperity. On the other hand, even people with temperament and people with a sense of humor always find some consolation or entertaining in very happy conditions.

In Shakespeare's play "As You Woo It", excellent examples of generous humor are found, where all the characters are able to reach the forest of Arden and despite all the shortcomings and shortcomings of the country's life there is a good time. Rosalind loves deeply with Orlando, but when he sees him wounded by the tiger, he manages to joke:

"O, my dear Orlando, how is it
Let me make you sad to wear your heart in a scarf "
Orlando - this is my arm.
ROS I thought the heart was injured with the lion's toes.
Oral - this is injured, but with a woman's eyes

Rosalind's scintillating wisdom changes the color of things and relationships individually. He makes fun of Melancholi Jacques, "You are the reason for being depressed. I am afraid that you have sold your land to other men, then seen a lot and there is nothing for rich eyes and poor hands".
Thus Rosalind regrets Jack's futility and keeps him at his place.

Many people who think too much of themselves are in danger of losing contact with reality and becoming megalomaniac. Such people should always have some friends or colleagues who sometimes need to screw their vainness and take them to Earth.

In ancient times kings and princes used to keep the Joker or Pandit, who were allowed to laugh at the cost of the king. Even the serious tragedy of King Lear is free from the wise, sarcastic and humorous comments of fools.

She asks King Lear whether she knows later why a snail makes her shell. On the inability to tell the lairs, the fool tells that the snails are wiser than the King Lear because snails can keep their head safe in their shell and will not give them their daughter as a Lear. Then silly silly says that if Leer was a fool of him and he was his king, then he would have been betrayed as a king before becoming a king.

Fool, thus, continues to remind his outrageous daughters to remind them of their wrong places. He could not do this just in a humorous manner. Birbal jokes at the expense of Emperor Akbar, describing the high sense of humor, is very popular with the people of northern India.

In modern times, there are no kings and there are no official fools. But there are presidents and prime ministers who have taken the place of kings. Newspapers-cartoonists who come out with an interesting laugh in the entertaining cartoons, irrational and selfish acts of politicians, and they can be very effective in delivering their message.

The former Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Nanglekar, enjoyed the medical seat for his ineligible daughter so much that he was to be removed from the post of Chief Minister by the Congress high command.

It stimulates the entertainment of citizens when they do such things to their excellent leader who are not keeping their high status in mind. The Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra pursued an air hostess in Germany and had a butt of ridicule for the whole country and he had to be free from his ministerial berth.
If we want to maintain our mental balance, then we have to develop a sense of humor. We should not take life very seriously. Life is not a well-executed conspiracy. The exception is; And down We should not forget that our planet Earth is like a particle of dust in the vast universe.

The life of a man is an infinitesimal part of the world. Although one should make the best of his life, taking it very seriously and always, quickly, anxious or in working will not make someone's life more meaningful. We should learn to relax and see the flow of life and to manifest events in a relaxed and even psychological perspective.

We should get pleasure from the small things of life. Blessed with the sense of humor, we find opportunities to entertain and laugh almost everywhere. The small children who imitate their parents' methods provide a hilarious performance. Students; Impressing the voice of a hard and rigid teacher, it provokes uncontrolled laughter. People's maze of opportunities

A high ranking officer is worn in formal suits and neckties, but forgets to wear shoes and go to the office in the bathroom slippers, giving him an opportunity to entertain his subordinates.

The apparent incompatible behavior of people stimulates happiness. When we get a high ranking army officer to wash his wife's clothes at home, nobody can help to laugh.

A teacher of the scriptures enjoying a cabaret demonstration invited uncontrolled laughter from his students. If the aim of laughter is also with the sense of humor, then they can develop self-awareness in their behavior so that it can be made more humane and balanced.

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