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Essay on Should Always Speak The Truth - 850 Words

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We are providing many paragraphs, Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay on Should Always Speak The Truth in English language for 5,6,,7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and banking or other competetive exams students in 850 words.

Speaking truth is a main principle of all great religions and cultures. The holy books of all people command man to speak the truth. False people are threatened with the tyranny of the nation and hell.

False crime and sin are both considered. The facts of all cultures are very much in the pictures of the bad consequences of lying. If someone has to go according to the commands, there is no land to question the desirability of speaking the truth.

Even so, the stores of practical knowledge have been critical of plain speaking or speaking truth. By saying an old Sanskrit, man is asked to speak the truth, speak sweet words, and not to speak bitter truth. The wise men in the West have also said that 'truth is always bitter'.

It is generally believed that only saints can follow the truth. If he sticks to the truth in all circumstances then a man in the world can not be alive. Contradictory idea whether anyone should always speak the truth or not, has sensitized the sensitive mind, with this problem, the world has been linked to the fact that lying is not easy to speak the truth.

For many people, this is another way. Since the face is an index of brain, how many people will be able to lie in the minds of the listeners without causing doubt? How many people are clever to create a whole set of lies to cover an initial lie, how many people can bear the embarrassment of lying?

I hold firmly for one, that one should always speak the truth. When you are lying, you are telling the truth since it is very easy to stay consistent. It leaves your conscience clear and insecure. Your credibility has increased in the eyes of all those you come in contact with. A man who laughs not only deceives others, he cheats himself. There is often a habit of lying. For the first time, a lie starts to avoid untowardness, but soon the habit becomes false.

He will try to eliminate himself from the difficult circumstances by lying to others and after that he will be involved in the elaborate justification of his work. He starts leaning in his lies, lying can save us from some embarrassing situations in the beginning, but it is bound to take us sometimes to hot soup or sometimes to the ground. People are so complex and mysterious that their understanding is very limited, if we approach them openly and truthfully they can reveal some of their internal self. It can build mutual bridges of sense, but if we are not true and try to prove the facts wrong, which we believe to be true, to get some temporary benefits in the rod, the end of communication with others will break.

Many politicians are passionate about long claims and lies. Party power always spreads and spreads its achievements about the party about the party. Since public memory is low, people are taken by Prad Ganda of the ruling party.

However, people do not feel for a long time that people feel the false disturbances of leaders' claims when they raise their money and they like their kith and relatives. Their lies have been exposed and in the subsequent elections, they ousted AI from power. The inability of governments to fulfill their conditions (how much reliability has been lost to politicians in the public's eyes).

I can never forget the story of a boy who used to cry 'wolf' to attract the village and enjoy its cost and whoever did not get to come to save him and save the deer when the wolf actually came And had attacked him.

He had ruined his credibility by lying to tell telly. If you are a straightforward person and do not want to make a fortune by cheating with unsafe, then you do not have to lie.
People will trust you and you can catch them in respec. Some people will accept you as an ingenuity and will give you approval. A reputation of revenge will not harm you as much as false reputation.

Avoiding the bitter truth is a proposal that is not completely without qualification, you should not disturb the people or when you know something about truth that will be the reason for such unwanted results. People love more confusion than their kith and kin.

It seems easy to escape from the money or comfort of the illusions. The poor Nawab of Awado, who is still ready to maintain the behavior of the Nawabs in dealing with other people, is a CAS (in point.) By exposing them lying or lecturing lies, they will only make the situation intolerable.

Being a social, man is constantly communicating with his family members, hello; Neighbors, people's colleagues at work and in the market. If you want to build a relationship with truth, then you can do so by speaking the truth only.

False people often lose their credibility and avoid others. Nobody wants to deal with them. However, it should be noted that speaking truth is not a virtue unless it is accompanied by a helpful and generous approach. Even a whimsical can also be true.

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