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Essay on Search for Happiness - 1000 Words

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We are providing many paragraphs, Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay on Search for Happiness in English language for 5,6,,7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and banking or other competetive exams students in 1000 words.

Quest for Happiness Since the beginning of the recorded history, men run as a recurring subject in physical and mint endeavors. On one hand, I inspired him to search for labor saving devices such as wheel and liver so that he could work hard. Alternatively, they have discovered and developed various methods and methods to please themselves.

Sports, music, dance, and fine arts have increased their capacity to enjoy themselves. But freedom from the pain and titles of the senses does not end the search for the happiness of humans. A rich and healthy person, who "can not overcome happiness" to reach all physical pleasures and cultural refinements, still finds many opportunities to be sad.

In fact, fulfillment of basic needs is a necessity but there is not enough condition for human beings happiness. This was because Sweden, USA And men living in developed countries like Japan, who fulfill their basic needs, have slowed their efforts for progress. On the contrary, we work on a fever pitch to develop new technology to improve them in their physical conditions and to develop a better institution to enhance the quality of life. Real search for happiness can be done when humans are not troubled about the provision of food, shelter and clothing.

Some dissatisfaction with your current lot is almost a permanent feature of man. This forces him to join hard efforts to improve his correction. Philosophers have sometimes called this tendency to be 'divine dissatisfaction'.

This dissatisfaction is responsible for men's money for 'wealth' stories all over the world. In this way, we travel with Abraham Lincoln through a life of 'logging a cabin for the White House'. They had to study in the light of street lamps because their parents could not spend the light expenditure inside their home.

Lai Bahadur Shastri, one of the most widely respected Prime Ministers of India, had to swim in a river every day to reach his school because he could not spend on boat rides. Stable and sustained efforts leading to success often constitute the road for happiness. Therefore, many thinkers believe that happiness is development, not happiness.

Being happy means having peace with anyone and with the world. The one who has solved or coordinated its contradictory desires and has developed a healthy functional relationship with the world around him, is a general prosperity (existence. If some serious misfortune disturbs them, then he will mourn over it. If he has the disadvantage, there is a possibility of internal mental balance or his functional relationship with the environment, he is upset.

But it is possible that they have collected enough reserves of persistence which may be available with them, even if its share has been spent on unfortunately fighting. They may have the powers of rationality of accidents and will remove them in a short time. Tagore paid attention to his grief for his daughter's death.

The founder of Stanford University removed the grief on the death of his only son. She told herself, 'Let Stanford's children become my children'. He gave his heart and soul to build an institution of excellence, which has created the largest number of Nobel Prize winners. He is the supreme example of a human being who knew how to promote his greed.

A person is more autonomous in his life, he is happy. This does not mean separation from others. Being a social, a person has to interact with others, with a social environment and a natural environment. They have to earn their livelihood in the society. He should have a means to earn his bread.

He should have land, which he can cultivate or have some socially useful skills for which society can overcome it. He can teach, work in the industry or engage in business. But if he would be autonomous in proportion to the ability to convert a profession to another; Need

It also means that society should reach a stage of development which enables it to provide alternative employment to the citizens. Alternatively, in an undeveloped society, in relation to the choice of profession, a person's choice or autonomy may be limited in number.

Man remains under constant pressure. His demands are met by his wife or children, which they have to fulfill. Their type and friends have demanded them to satisfy them. They must be needed to meet these demands.

He must have money to fulfill his family and home needs. He will have to spend time answering his friends and relatives. There can also be some expectations from the community which can make a lot of demand. A person can expect autonomy when he can discharge his social responsibilities satisfactorily.

Man has to work in an organization to earn his livelihood. Each organization controls some of its members. If this control is excessive, then no one can keep his autonomy from any degree. He should either be able to reduce this social control or be involved in the organization which is in line with the degree of acceptable autonomy.

If he learns that working for a personal entrepreneur gives him the money he wants but rejects the minimum level of autonomy, then he may have to change the employer and go to the person who Provides some autonomy with the minimum acceptable level. For most, it will not be possible to have maximum money with maximum autonomy. Laws for making money and acquisition of autonomy are not able to resolve this time.

If any person's happiness relies on an individual or a person, any change in elevation or place of any place will affect his happiness. If you have some contract on the person or environment that contributes to your happiness, then you have failed in a good opportunity to be happy.

Therefore, it is wise, therefore, on the activities and around those people whose support you can accept, a spouse, a friend, a son, all absorbed hobbies can provide such unconditional support and their source Unbelievable happiness and joy can become.

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