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Essay on My First Trip to England - 850 Words

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We are providing many paragraphs, Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay on My First Trip to England in English language for 5,6,,7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and banking or other competitive exams students in 850 words.

I have heard a lot from my elderly people and have also read in the history books that English had ruled India for almost two centuries. This made me wonder why such a small country as England can rule over India's vast subcontinent.

I often wondered how they would have managed it, and therefore, many times England and English men were expected to see. It was to assess the qualities that they should be able to gain supremacy in India, and still can rule over it for two centuries.

My curious desire to see England and its people was fulfilled three years ago when I was just ten years old, and all of us traveled to England, and this was my first visit to the country.

Three years ago, my father got an assignment in England and we all had to know, the work contract was for three years. There was no limit to my happiness when I heard that we were all going to England, the land of my dreams.

When I came to know that I would go there for a period of three years, I was twice excited. This would mean that I am capable of studying in detail in detail, yes, and those who ruled this vast country of India. I am also able to see the country and enjoy living there.

Now I can see my parents involved in making all necessary arrangements for our departure. As the days passed, my enthusiasm grew, now I realized that, as soon as I am in England, my dream will be fulfilled. It seems that after long wait, D-Day came and my heart was working hard against my chest bones because it was my first trip outside the country.

When we arrived at the airport, it was just a different world from my school, my friends and the world of my home, and my head got dizzy. I just could not believe it, I was one of the passengers of British Airways. We all went into the plane, and it closed. Oh, is that so! My heart beat one, I was scared, but my parents told me that it was normal, when the plane rises after leaving the ground, then many people get dizzy.

Aircraft climbed to the height and ah! When we climbed to the sky, the eye on the earth was so attractive. Earth saw that it was the land of Lilippians, because things became smaller and smaller because we got up in high and high heavens. Air travel was just fantastic and, I began to feel difficult, we were told that we were going to land at Heathrow Airport.

As soon as we landed at this airport, the difference was so obvious. I had the good behavior of the most affected people, smiling smiling while welcoming their faces. We did not take any time to become friendly with them and feel at home in that new land. We were taken to the house where we had to live. It was a beautiful four-bedroom bungalow away from the main city, but my father's office was close to this place, and that is why it was given to us for the convenience of our employees, what was the idea.

It was just within a month or two that we all felt very much at home in England and with my school routine I started my research on the people of England. I thought that in order to make them so capable that they ruled India's vast expanses for so long. This was my hidden mission in the country.

I did not take a long time to understand his character, which surely helped him to establish his supremacy in a country of thousands of miles away. After studying them for some time, it was their work culture that influenced me most, because when you work, they seem to be their ideal work.

I noticed that when there is no attraction at work, which is quite big to distract them from their work. I was given a lot of assurance that this should be his biggest quality, which would have helped him capture and rule India. The British had another quality timeliness with which they worked.

His timeliness was at the point of time that showed his strict discipline. It is the quality of discipline that can take any person to any extent of success, and I am sure that this should take them in large scale control of the vast continent of India.

There is a lot to the people of the country, there is much to teach the country to us - the idea of ​​the country is the order for complete cleanliness, cleanliness and perfection. There, I could see the truth about the fact that "cleanliness is next to godliness", as it appears that in England it was actually believed and it also lived up to the word and spirit of the word.

This was my first visit to England, a foreign land and I remember about it, as mentioned here, memories are deeply related to my mind, even today after many years of travel.

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