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Essay on My Pets - 1000 Words

Feed by Manisha Cat- Essay

We are providing many paragraphs, Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay on My Pets in English language for 5,6,,7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and banking or other competitive exams students in 1000 words.

My pet is a living creature that we keep in our house and treats like any other member of the family with love and care. He becomes so sweet to every member of the family that he has missed the family in the same way as anyone else.

In my house, I have two pets and they are very dear members of the family, and I am particularly related to them. One of them is a lovely game for us and the other is a friendly companion; Can you guess who they are? No? Okay, I will tell you, one of my little puppy named Tommy is mine, now tell me why I call him. I call him because Tommy was my birthday from my father, whom I was asking for a long time for a puppy.

When Tommy was presented to me, he was just a few months old white sphere. Aha! When I received this gift, it was my enthusiasm, nevertheless, I was surprised how I would handle this small bundle of meat. She is a beautiful white Pomeranian dog and now she is ten months old, she has shaped a pretty pretty dog.

Now when it is grown in some shape, I am scared to fear. Now that has become an attraction for every member of the family, so much so that even my grandparents love them and enjoy their company. Their flocks have become so interesting, their obedience is excellence, we just have to say yes or no, and once the action is done immediately.

Many times, my mother tells us to learn obedience from Tommy. How does he respond to any direction, he is very interesting, and on his achievement, I and my brother feel worthless seeing the word of obedience. We feel embarrassed by ourselves, however, both of us and especially I feel very proud of Tommy. The servant takes him to walk, and plays with him in the nearby park. The servant also sits on him, but to serve food, he wants to be done by me or the mother.

When she is not very well, she wants me for her all the time or mother. They take rice, bread, meat, milk, whatever we serve, and it is really fun to see that whatever we serve, they enjoy eating. It again demands the comments from the mother, who asks us to know that whatever is done should be taken with proper enjoyment. Mother tells us that we should learn from Tommy that he never quarrels with it or enjoys with food, whatever else is done.

We all try to emulate Tommy, but I really say that we are not very successful. Often we demand what we want, and mother refuses to eat what she has eaten.

When we get out of the house, whether it is a school or elsewhere, its most enthusiastic behavior can be seen. He welcomes each of us with love, shouting and huging and decorating on our feet. Oh, is that so! Her work makes my heart nu-s, and I lift her with her feet and embrace her close to her chest.

When he wants to play with any of us, he comes, lies on our feet, and as long as we play some somersaults with him, we roam, and then, when he is satisfied or exhausted So, he just keeps quiet. She is such a great disciplinarian that, I have begun to agree with my parents that Tommy behaves better than any of our children in the house.

Tommy is such a lovely plaything but then, she is dumb, and can not talk to us. For this, to have a talk session, there is another pet in our house that came to our house almost two years ago. This is a lovely parrot placed inside a beautifully decorated cage, which is hung in our front balcony.

The name of my parrot is development, and, whenever we want to relax with a short conversation, then development is always to give us a company. It is actually a wonder that beyond my understanding, it can copy all the voices of how the little bird hears. Every member of my family can make copies beyond development.

In addition to this art of copying voices, they have a gift to remember perfection. Whatever we say in front of him or learned in front of him, he learns from the heart. On the second day, I had learned some idioms for the English examination standing in the balcony where his cage is hanging. The next day, when I was amending the same, in front of me, I forgot one, and once I was surprised, and development talked to me.

I was scared and hardly could believe that a creature can learn so little less than men, and that too without teaching him Whenever we want to talk to rest, each of us comes for development, talks about things and sandry and feels fresh and relaxed.

These two pets of my house are happy. They are just like any other member of the family, as much as they love and take care of others. I remember, when Tom fell ill last month, each of us felt we were on pin and needles. They were taken to the veterinarian, the medicine was completed and he was fine in a week's time.

However, this one week was just terrible for each of us. We did not feel like doing anything, going anywhere, or even eating anything. We had only one job for all, and he had to pray for his initial recovery. Now I understand that pets are a valuable possession and, I think that in order to understand the value of animals other than humans, we all are very important to keep pets. With pets, we begin to understand their attitude, their love and above all, their height.

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