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Essay on Water Transportation

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We are providing many paragraphs, Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay on Water Transportation in English language for 5,6,,7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 Students and banking or other competitive exams students in 600 words.

Water transport was practiced in India since ancient times. Prior to the introduction of the rail system, waterways were a major means of transport.

Prior to the arrival of the rail system, there was a large part of the transport through the rivers in northern India. For this purpose, the rivers Ganga and Jamuna were the major rivers. Walking steamers between Allahabad and Garhmukeshwar were common.

Calcutta Navigation was eligible from the Agra stretch of Jammu river. The material was used in the centers of Assam through Delhi through water to water. Transport through water is cheap, very suitable for heavy materials, though it is slow.

It is a efficient and environment friendly transportation system. However, this system was neglected with the construction of roads and railways and the beginning of automobile and railways. Water route transportation mode can not stand in competition with roads and rail systems, it is getting very fast afterwards.

However, wherever the conditions are permitted, the waterways are still in use. They provide 1% of total transportation in India. It has been speculated that the total length of Navy's waterways is 14,500 km. Of this 37001 cm can be navigated by mechanized boats.

There are 4300 km of naval canals in India but only 900 km of machined craft is eligible for Navy. About 18 million tons of freight is carried out through the waterways. Water transport is the activity of generating employment.

Water transport increases in West Bengal, Assam, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala states, and Maharashtra, Gujarat, Orissa, U.E. And to the limited extent in Bihar. There are approximately 14,352 km naval waterways in India, of which only 3,500 km are sailing by steamers, and by the remaining boats. Of the total waterways, 10,049 km of rivers and 4,303 km canal are included.

The most important waterways in the country are Brahmmanata and Ganges, as well as many newbie assistants; Mahanadi, Godavari and Krishna delta and lower courses; Lower courses of Nichada and Tapi; Gulf of the rivers in the west coast, South Bombay - including gamblers and mandoyi rivers in Goa; And the famous Buckingham Canal of Andhra Pradesh and Tamilnadu connecting the Mandovi and Gambia rivers in Goa, the Vaderaniam canal and the Kumbhargu Canal.

10 recognized National Waterways are:

1. Ganga is the most important waterway in India. This is a national water way. The entire Ganga route is divided into three parts:

Haldia-Farakka (560 km), Farakka-Patna (460 km), Patna-Allahabad (600 km)

It is able to rotate by mechanized boats to Patna and then to Haridwar by other boats.

2. Brahmaputra. The river can reach Dibrugarh at a distance of 1384 km. The river stretching from Sadiya to Dhubri has been declared as National Waterway.

Rivers of South India are low and seasonal, thus not using more navigation. However, the waterways of Mahanadi, Godavari, Krishna, Narmada, Kere Mandovi of Tapti and the Gambia rivers of Goa operate in the form of waterways. Various types of materials are transported through these waterways. Goa Transportation Owa, Wood, Fish, Coconut Gambler and Mandvi Rivers of Mowawao Port Kali Sharwati and Netravati Gulf on the West Coast are widely used for navigation.

413 km Buckingham Canal is an important waterway along the east coast in AP and Tien. The canal is surrounded by sea water during the upper tide. Other naval coastline is Kurnool, Midnapore and Kuddapeh. Technical Economic Surveys have been carried out on Godavari, Krishna, Barak, Sunderban, Buckingham Canal, Brahmin East Coast Canal and DVC Canal.

3. Kollam: Kottapuram stretch of west coast canal (168 km)

4. Champak Canal: 140 km.

5. Udyogmandal Canal: 22 km

6. Godavari 208 km from Cherla-Rajamundari

7. Beautiful water water route.

8. Waterways in Goa

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