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Essay on The Modern Typography - 388 Words

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In the second half of the twentieth century a "typography" revolution is underway.

The letterform was refined, which was designed by type engravers in clear and consistent styles, which allowed readability in small sizes so that more lines fit on a page. As part of the designing, without the irregular properties of handwriting, the letters were made for themselves

From the floral styles of the romantic era, to heavy styles of hard work for industrial advertising, letter styles have been cut as an illusion type. The latter was so dark on the page that he was called "Gothic" after the presence of German "black-letter" in the time of Gutenberg. We have calculated more than 4,000 typestyles, which are mostly planned for innovation, some are universally readable.

Business typographers and printing companies have a list of their typestyles. Standard reading-text sizes are roughly fits into two categories; "Roman" and "Sense Serif" is the name of a common line based on the readability of "simple" based on Roman style.

So, if you want to find old line companies, in Rome, by searching through a maze of typestyle selection, choose Rome, and if you prefer to look up to date, go to Großsk. But be consistent. In one of the publications, stay with one type of family; Roman, Bodoni, Bookfaces, Square Serif, Clarendon, Sains Serif, or Groatsk. The mixing family is a delicate operation. Since every family was developed in its own period of history, the difference of one generation seems to always be seen.

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(Large type for headlines) Photo-can be printed - Master on photographic print paper with negative freedom not being in type of metal. All type styles are now on film, and lettering designers are on the job hundreds of new ones.

A cost-cutting part of typographic revolution is introduction to sophisticated typewriters such as IBM Selection Composer. Hand-cast striking letters through delicate carbonsized plastic ribbons, they prepare acceptable letters for the lithographer's camera. They can add location automatically between words to get typing lines on common column width- "justification".

This product is called typography, but mechanics produce incompatible characters, the pacing of the letters can not be properly controlled, and occasionally the weakness is weakened. The method cuts down the cost of setting up to one-third, and is looking for increasing use for utility work.

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