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Essay on The Importance of Family

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We are providing many paragraphs, Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. Here you can find Essay on The Importance of Family in English language for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and banking or other competitive exams students in 800 and 650 words.

Essay on The Importance of Family - 600 Words

The family is the place where we all belong and where we come from. The value of a person is done on the basis of his family and parenting.

We all belong to a family and this is our family who keeps us together through thick and thin. Without a family, no one is complete and the completion is complete with the family bondage.

What is a family now? Just by saying that you live with your family, you do not have any value to be a part of the family. Four or five persons living under a roof are not formed.

Family is a bond, there is a long lasting relationship that binds with each other. This is all form when humans and women become one and a family is born from there. There are many values ​​that the family has to learn to get the right balance. The bond is not overnight. It is made with your loved ones every minute, every minute. Understanding, acceptance, related and security is all enclosed together, how family bonds are created.

A close family bond is like a safe harbor, where we feel safe and where we trust that we always have a person for which we can change them when we need them most. This bond helps to build a belief and hopes that it does not matter that we will have people with us in our difficult times. It is through a family that we learn the values ​​of love, faith, hope, faith, cultures, ethics, traditions and every small thing worried with us. A strong foundation for any person comes from being with a supportive family.

Being part of a blessed family, we are one of the greatest gifts in life. Actually the first gift we receive from God. Parents who support us, teach us value in life, and give us a strong foundation in the character, teach us the importance of love and love, rely on being for each other And many other ethics that can be achieved only one family A gift not only with my dear parents, but also our siblings who take care of us and love beyond themselves. We can not buy or demand all these things in life, because we are being given to understand their importance.

There is not a strong family base, it can only end in troubles. A child who does not love or care, will always turn to the ways in which they will find them and sometimes they can be taken in the wrong way. Even at that point, there is no one to correct and guide him. The absence of a family is like vacuum, there is nothing that can fill it.

To be a part of a happy family, one should always thank God for blessing in our lives, because a family who cares and loves us is the greatest blessing that anyone can achieve in life. Could. When we see broken family because of ourselves, we should always remind ourselves, how fortunate we are that we become part of a family who lives with us through our lives and remains.
The family should be our priority, and love them with their whole heart, as you can achieve according to your choice, but good parents and siblings are an option that is created by God and you never demand it Can do it!

Essay on The Importance of Family - 650 Words

Due to the influence of European civilization, the combined family system has been seen by the elite elite in India. The youth group in the society is growing rapidly and the old moral values ​​are considered old and unhealthy.

Materialism brings in the natural phenomenon of selfishness. The woman is the biggest accident in a dominated society. It is strange that although the differences of generation are more prominent in India, even then female victims are involved in two generations of the victims. All this distorts the pleasant atmosphere of a family.

Women in European countries have played a different role after the exploitation of the centuries. As "Marriage organization is falling and divorced on growth" A large number of women have started living alone in Europe. They avoid marriage. They feel that outside of marriage alone can be the responsibility of motherhood.

Single motherhood is taking the place of two parents family. Birth without marriage shows that many couples reject traditional values. They live together, have children but do not believe in immature relationships. Both are free to leave the nest.

So far was a man who dominated society (he still does). But now women have taken wings. There is a natural curriculum for children for children. But it is not necessary to be a husband. Girls would like to take their own freedom. They have less children but later started a family in the twentieth century.

Women have stressed that "There are two people in running a happy family. Now it is the turn of men that they feel their emotional responsibilities towards the family." Obviously, it all starts to break those chains that were tied with women. They have the right to breathe fresh healthy air.

Women should get freedom from the slavery of humans-no one will deny. But see "We are losing weight less than the responsibilities of the millennium" by the European female professional. This means that women want to be free from liability i.e. their responsibility to give birth to children, to obey them and to share the responsibility of the family.

102 countries formed coordination committees in an era of playing a family role in the nineties. The idea taken by the United Nations is that "transition from traditional to modern society is due to a deeper change in family and community life, perhaps for the worst."

Families are breaking down due to serious attacks of war, political conflicts, dangerous industrial strategies, rapid urbanization, crime, violence and government policies, which focus on the integrity of families. 'The idea of ​​the United Nations is to "deepen the understanding between the families of the communities by forging the relationship".

According to the former Secretary-General of the United Nations Boutros Boutros Galli, the changes and delusions of families of the modern world can help to bridge the caste and political divide ... By creating a broad pool of human and financial resources, family encourages economic progress. Are there. Social welfare is encouraged to take care of family members and learn positive social behavior.

After this clear acceptance of the role of the family in social, economic and political spheres, in India, the institution of the family should be revived in this country. Rather than entering the West, we should guide them that the family does not only increase social, economic and political development, it is also an ethical power. Running a family requires the necessary spirit of cooperation, perseverance and endurance.

The Indian family system can prove a glowing ray of hope in a destructive world culture that is surrounded by sex, violence and disintegration. Let the world understand that the disruption of the family has given rise to a licensed society which is rapidly getting into the jaws of AIDS. The dragon can swallow whole human life. India has also become a victim of it. Let's come back to the traditional moral values ​​of family life.


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