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Essay on My School Library - in 350, 400 and 700 words.

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Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. Here you can find Essay on My School Library in English language for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and banking or other competitive exams students in 350, 400 and 700 words.

Essay on My School Library - 350 Words


The school library is for the use of students and teachers of the school. This is part of every school.

My school has an updated library. It is placed in a separate room. There are about fifteen Almirahs. They are kept with the walls of the room. Almirahs have glass pane. In addition to the textbooks, there are books on Almirah's journey, biography, history and geography.

Catalogs for Alimirahs:

The books have been arranged by topic. There are catalogs for each almirahs. An almirahs have books on teaching and reference books. They are for teachers only.

How to release books:

A librarian is in charge of the school library. The school has a class library system. The library is always open all the days of the week. Students do not get books directly from the librarian. Classroom teachers go to the library once a month. He selects four to five sets of books for the use of class. The sets are well-categorized. Teachers have no difficulty in the selection of books. There are thirty books in each set. Teacher class library releases books once a week to students in the period. They expect to read these sets. Students read books during the week. They return them next week. No one is allowed to keep the book for more than two weeks.

Reading Room:

There is a reading room in the library. It is full of tables and chairs. Newspapers, magazines and magazines are kept on large tables daily for the use of students. The walls of the room are well decorated with nice motes and ordinary paintings. Moto libraries use the use of books. Almost thousands of books are always in the library.

its use:

The school library is a good way to develop common sense. Student study habits become It creates a taste for the book after the life of the school. The library creates love for books among weaker boys. It provides opportunities to make the best use of our leisure time. It gives us the day-to-day information of the world.


A school library is a treasure house of knowledge. It makes love for books between boys.

Essay on My School Library - 400 Words

Each school will maintain a library with the aim of promoting a comprehensive and comprehensive reading among the students. This director will also help in the development of programs. In today's changing patterns of education, it is considered the most powerful media to promote self-education, knowledge acquisition and research facilities. Therefore, Dr. RL Mittal, a renowned library scientist from India, says, "A well-equipped and well-managed library is in fact the cornerstone of modern educational structure."

School Library Objectives:

A school library should work with the following objectives:

1. To present students with fair use of books.

2. To guide students through various library activities.

3. Assist the teaching staff for their higher studies and research.

4. To provide entertainment for students and teachers. As a result, students and teachers will not be able to disable their time, they will use their own studies and self-culture.

Library Location:

The library should be centrally located in relation to class orbit, this library room should be used for proper ventilation. It should be "attractive, colorful and inviting"

Functions of School Library:

In the initial hours of the school library it should be full time librarian, where the assistant teacher is in charge should open the library regularly. However, the government. Each secondary school should have a suitable time library for the school library to do the following:

1. The library should create cards, catalogs and organize them systematically.

2. It should display new books.

3. It should make a learning experience.

4. It should promote inter library cooperation and contact other school libraries.

5. It should provide a useful social experience.

6. It should arrange an orientation program by arranging lectures, which explains the importance of the library in the school life.

Students did not know the importance of life in school. So there should be a library with a provocative learning in school. Let's conclude with the words of the Education Commission (1964) that "the collection of books, even the collection of good books, do not constitute the document library.

Those teasing teachers and libraries who are enthusiastic teachers who can collaborate with them in the library in the Buddhist workshop, even relatively small collections of work. "Such a library should be an intellectual center in the school with a qualified library.

Essay on My School Library - 700 Words

My school puts emphasis on sports as well as on the same level. We have all the tools necessary for sports like cricket, tennis, volley ball, table tennis, badminton, gymnastics, hockey and football. To keep and maintain these tools we have a proper base and a separate game, room to play.

Similarly, the school understands the importance of books, reading material, newspapers, magazines and magazines. For this purpose we have a well-maintained library. A library is provided a place for students to study and read comfortably for purposes. All types of books are kept here systematically. Well recorded and maintained well A library is thus the spirit of academic prosperity of a school. It reflects on the seriousness and dedication of the school towards the goal of education.

My school library is very well maintained. It is huge, well lit and airy. Even when the lights are closed, one can easily sit and read. The library is also located in a separate block to ensure a peaceful and peaceful atmosphere. At the entrance we have a notice board that displays information about the time of the library so that the books can be issued and returned.

Are there posters and charts on the walls that reflect the importance and essence of reading? The list of alphabetical systematic books is kept in the side. A notice has been placed officially about keeping silence there. On the left is the place for the place to keep our things and the counter that checks our registrar like we go in and out. Turning right is the reading room. There are also magazines, magazines and newspapers in the room, which are kept like Economic Times and Employment Newspapers. Standing outside the reading room for daily newspapers.

After this we have a library counter where we are issued and our books are returned. A great spirit of talent enters the library as one. The library is divided into three pillared wings. We are writing tables and chairs in the center and there are spacious wardrobe containing all kinds of books around. There are different classes divided according to the subjects. We have sections in English, Hindi, History, Geography, Citizen, Commerce, Home Science, Biology, Physics and Chemistry section.

Some other categories of interest are fine arts section, encyclopedia section, other creative arts section and narrative section. Students who enjoy reading fiction sections continuously I am also a regular visitor to this section.

I also make notes from good quality books available in the library. This is a good opportunity to read good books that no one else can buy. Sometimes I go through the fine art section even if I have no mood to study. I especially enjoy English and Hindi sections where I can keep my hands on good poetry, drama and novels by great writers.

To encourage and develop the habit of reading among the students, we have a separate library period for each class once a week. During this period, the whole class goes to the library and they have to release books and read them. We are also thought to cover the library books and keep them well.

I also enjoy reading the newspapers. Therefore, every day I reach school for 20 minutes to browse through various newspapers.

Our library also provides a book bank facility for poor students. The library gives students the course books on loan which is very helpful for them. Generally, every year, all students are volunteers to submit their curriculum in good circumstances so that they can use something for others in the future.

The library is a great place to read more about all the subjects which read more about our interests and things which can not be included in the classroom because of the boundaries of the classroom and the curriculum. It actually enhances our knowledge. The Encyclopedia wants to know about new things under the sun, then the Encyclopedia section is particularly useful.

I really enjoy watching the library, however, I do not get as much time as often as I want. But whenever a teacher is absent, I get permission to run in the library. I am proud of a good library in my school.

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