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Essay on Monsoon Season - 600 Words

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Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. Here you can find Essay on Monsoon Season in English language for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and banking or other competitive exams students in 600 words.


There are many such seasons in India due to which India's land is very much in balance compared to many other countries.

The most important season is the monsoon season which comes in India from June to August. It is also known as wet season because during this period the entire country rains.

What is the monsoon season

Monsoon is a season we see between summer and winter. In India, the monsoon season starts on June 1, when the weather begins in Kerala. The winds of monsoon travel from south to north, and this is why it reaches Punjab and Jammu Kashmir. Although monsoon sometimes becomes very destructive and destroys many buildings and houses, yet the existence of monsoon is the remaining land for the Indians.

Monsoon Season Benefits

There are many benefits to the monsoon season:

  • Monsoon is rainy season, and it falls in the rainy season when people literally die from heat in India, and monsoon rains work as a blessing for them because it reduces heat and humidity for some period of time. Although humidity increases after the rain, but for a while, the level of moisture goes down due to the rainfall factor.
  • While people feel that monsoons can be scary, they need to ascertain that if the monsoon rains are not present, then the water levels of different rivers and seas will never increase and after a few years people will die due to lack of water. Will do it.
  • Due to water scarcity, there is a problem of electricity in many places in India because India produces electricity with the help of water and if monsoon does not rain, then adequate water will not be available in India in production.
  • If people want enough water for their fields, they should pray to God for sufficient rain because rain water is an essential part of developing various types of crops. Although rain can also destroy farms, medium-level rainfall can produce a large level of crops which would be useful for the farmers.
  • When the monsoon season usually rains, different drag falls, different roads are broken, and many trees fall on the roads. Apart from this, too many pits are made, and all those pits are filled with water, if your government assures you that it will get rid of all these problems, then if you have any of these problems in the future, your assurance Can question on

Disadvantages of monsoon

There are many disadvantages of monsoon season with many advantages:

  • Monsoon rains cause flooding in different states. A few years ago due to heavy rains, Uttarakhand had become a victim of floods, due to heavy rains this year there was flood in Kerala and Nagaland was also flooded this year. Due to the flood, the condition of both the states has become so bad that many people became homeless and people were eager to eat. The whole country got together to help them and then only Kerala's condition could be better.
  • After being disappointed with heavy rain and many farmers, crops of different farmers were destroyed, suicide was done. Someone can find out that many suicides occur during this season every year.


It is also worth noting that if monsoon is not rains, then some areas become so hot and humid that people in this area end up due to summer.

Overall, monsoon rains can be beneficial only to the people of India if there is slight rain in every part of the country. If any area gets more rain than others, then it can flood, which can never be useful for any state. Therefore, monsoon rains are pleasant but the rain should be in moderate amounts so that anybody can enjoy and many benefits of monsoon rain.

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