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Essay on Kindness - 700 Words

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Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. Here you can find Essay on Kindness in English language for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and banking or other competitive exams students in 700 words.


Kindness is a part of nature that people show towards many people who think they are very close.

Generally, kind people are described as those who respect their elderly and younger people, who are soft spoken and when they make big mistakes, they forgive people very easily . If a person finds a kind person, then he should respect him as if he respects his parents or other loved ones.

Meaning of kindness

Kindness can be described as being very friendly and very generous towards someone. For example, our parents show kindness to us because they take care of us, they are very friendly with us, and they forgive us for many mistakes we do. Those who have the quality of kindness are the best person in this world. Kind people show kindness in return without expecting anything in return and help you in various ways. However, there will be people who will do kind deeds to you, but their motive is to mislead you, so someone should get the difference between real person and fake person.

Why kindness is very important

Kindness is very important in everyone's life because of so many facts, and some of them are below:

  • Kindness can bring good health for you because doctors have approved that showing kindness towards everyone can help someone survive for many years without any disease.
  • Kindness can reduce the problem of stress, depression or any other anxiety which you may have, because kindness will make people happy and they will be happy, you will be automatically happy that your stress and many others Will reduce problems.
  • Kindness can also bring you a good amount from your customers. It is very clear that when an investor wants, he should be kind and this is what the investor gets affected and provides his money to your business.

How Kindness Can Be Useful for You

It can also be very useful for a kind person, here's how:

  • Suppose that you were not very kind when you first met a person and because of your cruelty, they separated in your way. After this, you learned to be kind, because that person is very important to you, you can really take it back with the help of your kindness.
  • To bring money from someone, one should be kind to someone because people always believe in kind people and even if you are lying but you are kind, then you will easily get the money. Anyone can try this trick every time, and it will work every time, but someone needs to make sure that he should not be so kind that he looks fake.
  • When you open a business, you should be very kind to your customers and your kindness will be very helpful in increasing your business. If you are not very kind, then it is sure that your business will not do well and you can see hundreds of examples around you.

These were some points that show how compassion can be useful to people.

How Kindness Can Bring Loss to You

With so many benefits, there are some disadvantages of kindness as follows:

  • A kind person forgives every mistake of the person he loves, and this is a big mistake made by him, because, in this way, the person will continue to make similar mistakes every time if he forgives very easily are given. A small sentence is very important.
  • Kind people can easily cheat by people because people know that it will show compassion only to them and they will help them in any situation. Some people use to earn money from kind people, and then they never return that money.
  • A kind person means that you will always be misled by those people who are more cautious than you. You too can be intelligent, but your kindness acts as a curse for you and you are misled by people.


Kindness is very good, and everyone should achieve it. However, some people can benefit from your kindness and can mislead you in different ways. So, even if you are very kind, then you should have the quality of cleverness so that anyone can fool you.

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