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Essay on Laughter Is the Best Medicine - 700 Words

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Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. Here you can find Essay on Laughter Is the Best Medicine in English language for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and banking or other competitive exams students in 700 words.


A person has many emotions that can affect his brain and cause many diseases. But there is a feeling that can help man to get relief from various diseases and that feeling is to be happy.

Laughter is the best medicine by a great personality and is very right because laughter can help someone get rid of various types of mental and physical problems. It also clearly shows that there are some diseases which do not have treatment, are treated every day with the help of laughter supplements.

laughter is the best medicine

Laughter is the best medicine because you need to pay any money to laugh at someone and laughter can get rid of various mental problems of your life. In our busy life, we pass through many problems, due to which we become depressed, become tense and come in contact with many other problems. Medical science has proved that laughter supplements can cure many diseases every day, which can not cure medicines. A detailed description of the subject is given below.

How much laughter is so important in our lives

Laughter should be a very important part of our life because many facts are given below:

  • Laughter is very important because it makes you a pleasant personality and people now enjoy a blissful personality compared to those who focus on their careers and their mental state is low. Career is also important but happiness is more important.
  • Laughter is great medicine; There are many problems that only treat laugh. Doctors recommend such people to watch a comedy show or keep themselves surrounded by those who are always happy.
  • Anxiety, stress and depression can be solved in two ways, the first is carefully and the second chance is laughing at different occasions and people are having problems in meditation, laughter is a very simple practice, because only a few jokes Need to hear us laugh.

Laughter is helpful in fixing the diseases

Laughter helps in fixing various diseases, which are given below:

  • Depression is a problem which is the problem of every person nowadays because people worry very much about their future due to which they face depression and later start eating anti-depressant. However, people need to laugh every day at different intervals, and they will not feel the need for anti-depression in their lives.
  • It is a very noticeable fact that if one laughs for 15 to 20 minutes in a day, then it can burn 40 calories and in this way, you can laugh loudly, and you can burn more calories, but the other On the side, if you laugh less, you will gain more weight every day.
  • Medical science tells us that if someone laughs loudly, then it is less likely to have heart attacks or other heart related diseases. Similarly, if someone has some heart problem, they can be cured with regular dose of laughter.

How can laugh solve many other problems?

Apart from medical problems, laughter can also help in solving other problems that are given below:

  • When you have a problem with a person, but you want to smile a little bit with it or a little dose of laughter can bring you closer to each other, and all the differences will not be there.
  • There are occasions when people fight each other and the problems are so big that they try to kill each other, but a little joke can take pleasure in bathing, and the spirit of fighting will not be left.
  • Laughing everyday and being happy with people strengthens the relationship and there are many people with whom we want to strengthen our relations, so it is important to laugh and be happy with them. This is perfect for a lover and girlfriend because they are married before; They should make a strong connection and laugh together can build a strong


Laughter is the perfect medicine because it can not only get rid of various diseases for a person, but it can get rid of the differences between the two individuals and make a strong bond between them. People nowadays become very disappointed with their little fights with their loved ones, and they become tense and depressed even when thinking about their future, but when they laugh daily with their loved ones, then the stress and depression disappears.

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