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Essay on Mobile - 700 Words

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Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. Here you can find Essay on Mobile in English language for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and banking or other competitive exams students in 800 and 700 words.


One of the best inventions of all time is mobile because mobile inventions changed the way people interact with and communicate with people. Nowadays it has changed the way of entertainment because people can entertain themselves with the help of mobile phones.

Mobile is a device through which we can communicate with people around the world. First, people used to send letters to interact with each other; So they used to talk on cell phones, now can send any message, and even make video calls.

How mobile is useful

Mobile is useful in many ways, and this is why it is currently one of the most used gadgets in the world. There will hardly be few percent of people who will not use mobile phones. Otherwise, people of young age can not live without mobile phones, because a mobile phone can now entertain people with different features. Anyone can play music and dance to it, anyone can watch movies on mobile, listen to music on a mobile phone, and can use different types of social media applications on a mobile phone. In addition, the Internet is a feature that has changed the way people use mobile; Now people can think of mobile without internet. Therefore, it is quite visible that mobile is very useful in people's lives.

Importance of mobile

Everyone has a lot of importance in the life of mobile, and here its importance has been discussed on some important issues:

  • Mobile phones have now become the lifeline of many people because they can not even think of their life without a mobile phone. This is a complete time because they can listen to music, watch movies and even play video games.
  • Many people do not use mobile properly because nowadays mobile can do many things with the help of it. Just like someone can easily complete their office work on mobile.
  • Nowadays mobile has become so important that different institutions and colleges have made their mobile applications with the help of which students can study on their mobile while traveling.
  • Mobile phones and the internet have made possible that a person sitting in Australia can connect with their parents sitting in India through a video call.

Mobile Side Effects

Like the benefits of mobile, there are many side effects of using mobile listed below:

  • Regular use of mobile can cause serious stress on your eyes.
  • People have forgotten about the real world, and they only keep surfing the web. There is no such thing as enjoying this moment because people believe in capturing moment by enjoying this moment.
  • People do not give enough time to their families, and even when the whole family is sitting around a table, many people start using their mobile phones, which create family problems.

Current mobile scenario

Nowadays mobile phones have changed a lot, and there are many new features and facilities provided by mobile companies and some of them are given below:

  • Anyone can capture photos by their mobile, and these photos are so obvious nowadays that no one feels the need for a camera at any time.
  • A mobile phone can store a large amount of media, music, and documents, because currently 128 GB internal memory can be bought by mobile.
  • There are hundreds of new apps available on the web that can be used to meet day-to-day activities. Fitness Trackers, Day Builders, Dictionary are some of the applications that make the most of use.

There are many other features that have changed the way people use mobile.


Everything is mobile, a gadget without which no one can think of their life. Anyone can read on their mobile, someone can talk to their loved ones, catch some sweet memories, entertain themselves by watching a movie or a video and can do some other stuff. Mobile phones are an addiction nowadays because once parents buy and sell their children, they should forget the fact that children will love, after mobile, children have time for their parents That's the only big fault that the mobile is mobile.

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