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Essay on Brain Drain - 700 Words

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Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. Here you can find Essay on Brain Drain in English language for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and banking or other competitive exams students in 700 words.

The brain drain is an expression of the hearing used in India. It refers to the export, or the Indian mind is going to India from different foreign countries. We call it as the drain of the brain because, it is believed that, with these best brains going out, there is a loss in the form of a country. With our best mind working for other countries, we are left to work and develop only with moderate and less minds.

In the beginning, let us analyze why there is so much of this brain drain in India and try to check the drain without much information about the brain. However, it is a matter of pride for all Indians that the world has come to know that today the Indian mind has got recognition in the best minds of the world.

This is the reason that foreign countries encourage Indian mind to import. On the other hand, our brains are also happy to go out because they get a favorable working environment there.

There, the good work is appreciated in foreign countries, and the work environment is favorable to the current conditions in India. Apart from this, there are no matches in the fine pay packet thin counterpart of salary return in India.

With this situation, both Indian minds and foreign countries find business attractive and very satisfactory why and why it should be stopped.

I think about this question, if it is not stopped, then it should be reduced because if the best comes out, then what are the chances of development in our country? We are again guilty for that. If we make the environment healthy for good work, then I think at least some brains can stay back in India.

With the end of all their expertise, we have to admit that India is at a loss, but we can not really blame those who want to improve the quality of life? The fact of going out of them appears inappropriate for India when we know why expertise, expertise, why should not we take advantage of it.

However, to take this advantage of the brain, we have to do something to entice them to stay inside - for which I am afraid, India has to do a lot of work.

How can this block of the brain be stopped, the solution to this problem is not simple, but still it is not impossible. The government should see that a working environment has been provided, and good work should be appreciated.

For salary packets, at least some brains can be extended to attract them, which can be less ambitious and more patriotic. Because, I believe, many brains may prefer to stay back in India if necessary changes are made to them in the entire system of working pattern.

Thus, to prevent the drain of the brain from India, it is not enough to just shout about it and to make its issue. We should work towards the goal of providing them at least with the closest facilities, which they can choose to receive in any foreign land. If we try it, then we can succeed in helping to develop India, to catch at least some of them back.

The drain of the brain can cause us worry, the best of our Indian mind comes out of the country, however, there is not only the black cloud of disappearing on our best, there is also a silver lining for the groove.

The brains coming out of India are now in such a large number that they make a big community in themselves, which are called NRIs. In case of foreign currency, these non-resident Indians are the source of income for India. Along with their remittance house, they contribute significantly to the country's foreign exchange.

Thus, this brain drain will continue till we do not put a stopper with more work facilities at home and they do not give more than other common minds in terms of economic benefits.

By the time we can not do this for them or do not do this for them, then the brain can not be stopped and the Indians will continue to find the best homes abroad. While they continue to exit, Indians must be happy with the fact that they have been forced to become at least one force, and they get many names and fame.

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