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Essay on My School - 1550 Words

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Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. Here you can find Essay on My School in English language for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and banking or other competitive exams students in 1550 words.

I believe, as I had earlier suggested that children's subconscious minds are more active than their conscious intellect. Through our most important things, we have been taught about this. The experiences of countless generations have been inspired by our agency in our nature, not only because of any tiredness, but also give us happiness. This subconscious faculty of knowledge is completely one with our life. It is not like a lantern that can be lighted and sprinkled from outside, but it is like the light that the glow-worm is used by the use of its life-force.

Fortunately for me, I was brought to a family where literature, music and art became easy. My brother and cousin used to live in freedom of thought, and most of them had natural artistic powers. Nurtured in these environments, I started thinking about dreaming and dreaming and putting my thoughts in expression. In our religion and social ideals, our family was free of all conventions, which were excluded from society due to our separation from conservative beliefs and customs. This made us intrepid in the freedom of mind, and we tried experiments in all departments of life. This was the freedom and joy of my early days in the practice of my mental and artistic faculty. And because it made my mind completely live to grow in my natural environment of nutrition, so the grinding of school system became so intolerable for me.

When I started my school, to help me, this was my first experience of life. I was convinced that there was no formal method of breadth of culture and teaching. Fortunately for me, Salish Chandra Roy, a young man, a young student of great promise, was preparing for his BA. Degree got attracted to my school and dedicated my life to complete my idea. He was barely nineteen years old, but he had a wonderful soul living in the world of thoughts, which was eagerly responsive to the beautiful and great all in the field of nature and human brain. He was a poet, who certainly used to take his place among the world literature, if he had been saved for life, but when he died at the age of twenty years, he would only be in the same year We were offering our service to our school. The boys never realized that they were limited in the limits of a teaching classroom; They used to get their access everywhere.

They will go with him in the jungle when the year's tree was completely blooming in the spring, and he used to stimulate his favorite poems, which was tilted with excitement. He used to read them Shakespeare and Browning - because he was a great boyfriend in Breathing - with amazing power of expression he used to explain them in Bengali. He had no sense of disbelief for the ability to understand; He will talk about those things and he will read them about whom he was interested. He knew that it was not necessary for boys to understand really and accurately, but their brains should be stopped, and they were always successful in this. It was not like other teachers, the only one of the text books. He made his teaching personal; It was its own source, and therefore it was made of life, as is easily available by living human nature.

His success was due to his deep interest in the life, in thoughts, in everything around him, the boys who came in contact with him. His books were not his inspiration, but through the world through direct communication of his sensitive mind. Plants were planted on their season because the plants were on the plant. He was feeling the unseen message of nature in his blood, which is always traveling through space, which is floating in the air shining in the sky in the grass in the roots of grass under the earth. The literature he studied did not have the least smell of the library. He had the power to see the ideas in front of him, because he could see his friends with all the clarity of the form and the subtlety of life.

Thus the boys were lucky to be able to get their lessons from our school fortunate teacher, not textbooks. Are not our books, as most of our needs come between ours and our world? We have got a habit of covering our brains with their pages, and the stucco of book phrases are stuck in our mental skin, which has made it abusive for all the direct touches of truth. The whole world of true truth has made itself with a wall of a stronghold in a stronghold in which we have taken shelter, which is safe from the communication of God's creation. Of course, reducing the advantages of the book would be silly. But at the same time, we have to admit that the book has its limitations and its threats. During the initial period of education, at any rate, the children should come directly through the natural processes through their lessons of truth through persons and things.

Due to being convinced of this, I have established all my resources to create an environment of thoughts in the ashram. Songs are made, especially not for ordering the Kishor's brain. There are songs that a poet writes for his happiness. In fact, most of my Gitanjali songs were written here These, when fresh in their first bloom, are sung for boys, and they come in the crowd to learn the crowd. In the shadow of the rain that comes in July, they sings in groups under the open sky on moonlight nights, sing in their leisure time. All my subsequent plays have been written here, and the boys have participated in their performance. Songwriter plays have been written for them for their seasonal festivals. They have access to the room where I have read teachers that I read any new thing in prose or in poetry, which can be a subject. And it is used without less pressure on them, when the invitation is not made, the victim falls. A few weeks before I left India, I read Brownian's play, Laurea, because I was translating it into Bengali. It took me two evenings, but the second meeting was complete as before.

Those people who have seen these boys playing their parts in dramatic performance, have been killed in the form of actors, with their amazing power. This is because they are never trained directly in Historiomatic art. They are instinctively trained in Historiomatic art. They naturally enter into the spirit of dramas in which they participate, although these plays are not only school dramas. They need subtle understanding and sympathy. With all the concerns and susceptible sensitivity of a writer about the performance of their own game.

I have never been disappointed in my boys, and I have rarely allowed teachers to interfere in the representation of the boys' characters. Often they write dramas or better themselves, and we are invited to their exhibits. They organize illustrated magazines organized by three sections of the school, the most interesting of them are the section of the baby section. Many of our boys have seen remarkable power in drawing and painting, which have not been developed through the conservative method of copying the models, but with the help of occasional visits of some artists to motivate the boys with their own work .

When I first started my school, my boys had no clear love for music. The result was that in the beginning I did not employ the music teacher and did not force the boys to take music lessons. I created opportunities only when people who had gifted us could use their music culture. It had an effect of training boys' ears with unconsciousness. And when most of them gradually showed a strong inclination and love for music, I saw that they would be willing to subject themselves to formal education, and then I secured the music teacher.

Boys in our school wake up very early in the morning, sometimes it happens before the light. They take part in the depiction of water for their bath. They make their beds They do all those things which create a sense of self-help.

I believe in the time of mediation, and I separated fifteen minutes in the morning and fifteen minutes in the evening or that purpose. I insist on this period of meditation, however, boys are not expected to be hypocritical and they are meditating to believe. But I insist that they keep quiet, that they put the power of self-control, even though instead of considering God, they are watching squirrels running the trees.

Inadequately there is no description of such a school in insufficient. There is atmosphere for its most important element, and the fact is that it is not a school which is imposed by autonomous authorities on boys, I always try to influence my mind that this is their own world, on which Their life must react completely to the frilly and They have a place in school administration, and in the case of punishment we mostly trust our court of justice.

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