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Essay on Youth of India - 1050 Words

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Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. Here you can find Essay on Environmental Pollution in English language for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and banking or other competitive exams students in 1050 words.

My first duty is to congratulate those people who received their degree today with hard work and disciplined efforts. I should tell them that the same qualities displayed during their university career should continue in future and I hope they will continue.

If I should promise you a shiny or comfortable situation then I would be inappropriate for you and for you. Our forward times are of a very difficult character. During the period of the centuries, all movements in other countries have been reduced or reduced together. What is the answer to the Renaissance, reform, industrial revolution or the political revolution? All these things have been telecommunication in our country to say in these few years. We have won political independence. But it should not be considered as giving full freedom to us.

There are many other things that need to be done if this step should be prepared for the liberation of this great land. If we want to follow the political revolution by social and economic one, then our universities will have to send batch of scientists, technicians, engineers and agriculturalists etc. It is necessary to change the face of our country, the economic character of our society. But we should not believe that science and technology alone are adequate. There are also many advanced countries of the world. Who has achieved tremendous progress in the scientific and technology side, they are still stuck in conflict and they are unable to bring peace, security and security to their people. It only shows that other qualities other than those developed by science and technology are also necessary.

A student was present for his degree right now and he was called a doctor of philosophy in science. In other words, science is also considered as the branch of philosophy. The work of universities is not only for sending technically skilled and professionally competent men, but also to produce quality in the quality of their compassion, is the quality which is able to actually deal with each other in a democratic spirit. Makes up Our religions have announced from the very beginning that every human being should be considered as the glow of divine. That is, TVM AC, it is you, the teachings of the Upanishads.

Buddhists declare that in every person he has the divine light and he can become Bodhisattva. These announcements by themselves are not enough. Unless these principles are only sections in the Constitution, and do not work the realities in the daily life of the people, we are far away from the ideals that we have placed before us. People need to change their minds and hearts. We should not only try to become democratic in the political sense of this period but also in the social and economic sense. This democratic change from the proper study of humanity, including philosophy and religion, is necessary to bring about this kind of approach to this democratic temper.

There is a great poem which says that this poison tree has two fruits of incomparable value. They are enjoying great books and company of good spirits. If you want to absorb the fruits of great literature, then you have to read them, do not read them because we do cricket stories but they study with concentration. Our generation has not achieved the habit of reading great books in their fast travel and has lost the habit of being influenced by the great sections of our country. If our constitution has these principles of democracy to become the pattern of habit and behavior of the mind, principles which change the nature of the person's character and society, can only be done by studying great literature, philosophy and study. religion.

This is the reason that through our country great scientists, great technicians, great engineers are also required, we should not ignore them to make them humanist. While we maintain science and technology, we should remember that science and technology are not all, we must keep in mind the famous statement that only after becoming literate, we become mad by becoming literate. Therefore no university can consider itself as a true university unless it sends young men and women who are not only learned but whose heart is full of compassion for suffering humanity. As long as there is no, university education should be considered incomplete.

I have been a teacher for almost all adult life for forty years. I live with the students and I feel very deep when I think that during the precious year where the student has to stay in the university, some of them are wasted. I do not say to all of them. Teachers and students in a family and family can not keep a sense of trade union. Such a thing should be unimaginable at a university. University Life is a cooperative enterprise between teachers and students and I hope that students will not disagree with the activities of such people who are anti-social in character.

The character is fate. The character is that on which the destinies of a nation have been created. There can not be a great nation with little character men. We have young men and women who see others as images of their lives because our scriptures have often declared it. But in public life or student life, if we are decreasing the character then we can not reach great height. We can not climb the mountain when lot of ground is breaking on our feet. When the base of our structure is very weak, how can we reach the height that we have placed before us? We all should have humility. Here a country is a country we are interested in making. Whatever service we take, we should not care about whatever we get. We should know how much we can put in that service.

It should be the principle that our young men and women should animate. We have a great country which has a great history for us since centuries. Shows our culture throughout the East. We have to represent what has been taught to India from the time of Mohanjo-Daro and Harappa. In domestic affairs or in international affairs, we have to adhere to some standards. My advice to young men and women who graduated today through this university; Mother India expects you to be dedicated to clean, great and selfless work.

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