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Essay on Changing Faces of Cities in India - 1250 Words

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Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. Here you can find Essay on Changing Faces of Cities in India in English language for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and banking or other competitive exams students in 1250 words.

"With more than 70 years of independence, with the launch and implementation of many five-year plans, the cities of modern India are on the brink of collapse, the city is a symbol of an area where residents, whether rich or poor, Have to face the explosive population's atmosphere, air pollution binds contaminated water sources, solid waste, sick tolerant noise pollution, inadequate transport system, private and public vehicles Unable to deal with the spread of the road, lack of water, rupture of electricity, sanitation, drainage and sewage system, crime against unarmed senior citizens, and crime is increasing, criminally apathetic to government officials for all kinds of problems With the attitude. "Another unique thing about cities, there is less respect for keeping the cities clean and clean. Disinterested attitude and deliberate neglect by civil authorities drove the cities to concrete and other wastes and made sewage and drains flowing, resulting in soil, water storage and dirt everywhere, thereby causing malaria, typhoid, dengue fever Alternative Years

There are many reasons and factors responsible for the dirty state of the cities. The unplanned development of the colonies, ill management of resources, lack of expertise in planning, pollution, education, huts, cleanliness issues are largely responsible for making cities a nightmare.

We can find temples, mosques or temples everywhere and in the corner, even in the middle of the road, while basic facilities like water tabs or electric poles are not available. The resources are not managed properly, corruption is the highest order in the institutions responsible for providing infrastructure. Public funds are being used to upgrade private or political benefits. In order to change or remove hutments, any positive development action has become a political issue for the removal or removal of illegal encroachments and has been strongly opposed and tampered by politicians.

There are populations in almost 350 cities, whose population is more than one, proper hygiene, drainage, health care are some of the privilege of the people. Stay in the posh colonies.

New Delhi, the capital of India, is under the worst crisis of pollution due to a metropolitan inadequate public transport and vehicle traffic. It is notable that the Supreme Court has to issue a very strict directive to keep the city free of pollution as a precautionary measure of the Supreme Court, was not served by the Delhi government. More than forty vehicles run on the streets of Delhi, more than the total number of vehicles in Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai. Delhi is growing daily and more people are streaming in search of their livelihood. The city is on the brink of bursting with population explosions and officials are at least worried to make provision for the authorities. The plight of Mumbai is not better than other metropolitan cities.

Mumbai's suburban rail network, which takes more than six million passengers per day, is not correct and whenever it was unsuccessful in the violent reaction in 1994, it is always scared. The unplanned and uncontrolled increase of remote suburbs, mainly depends on the suburban railway, which is networked for their daily travel, has created intolerant pressure on the railway. The existing railway machinery system is unable to maintain systematically and efficiently. The dangerous development of the suburbs with or without infrastructure provided by the builders has been provided to relieve the city's peace and tranquility. A daily commuter commentary, "Policy makers should ride in the morning or evening hours to find out the problems and difficulties we face."

Commercial Mumbai, India is an open mafia area, where there are more than two murders on average daily. Open gang warfare, negligence, kidnapping, sexual blackmail are daily local news, which are becoming very common to raise any opposition. The Mumbai Police had the reputation of the year in the years, but now many philanthropists, planners, bureaucrats demanded the total reform of the police administration to free the Mafia link.

Repeated power breakdown, lack of drinking water, susceptible transport nowadays, there are some problems faced by most cities. Residents of Metro Chennai have accepted their fortune retirees to live with the shortage of old water, have not spent less than Rs. 500 / - per month for water requirement. In Kerala, along with 42 small rivers and lakes, most cities are facing irregular water supply. Many of the newly created colonies of Mumbai have the same problem.

Yet another problem in most cities, especially the metropolitan slum areas is spread. Recently, DDA officials refused to take any action on the complaints of residents of the West Delhi Posh Colony against slum dwellers using the pavement for debris. In its report, the Comptroller and Auditor General of India disclosed in 1994-95 that more than 40,000 new fights increase in the capital every year. In November 1994, the court advised the Delhi government to investigate the slum rise and take immediate steps to improve the situation of urban poor. It is a fact that lakhs of people in rural areas of rural areas get transferred to metro and other adjoining cities to earn their livelihood. Employment opportunities are not available in rural areas.

The cities provide job opportunities for everyone, professionals, businessmen, skilled or unskilled workers and ready to work in their body and soul. Huts are the result of migration at no cost. Regardless of all the pain and difficulties, these poor unemployed people like to sleep under the city's fringe, flyover, or walk around the sidewalks, for the desire of their families to be hungry with stomach hunger. The slum dweller is a harsh reality, no government has taken any result to solve the problem in a planned and positive way. Is the government duty to provide basic facilities to these poor people? Are these people not contributing or serving the needs of a prosperous or financially prosperous society in cities as press-keepers, rickshaw pullers, daily wages labor, or others?

The complex socio-economic development of cities has given rise to small or big crimes such as rape, robbery, theft, kidnapping of murder. The lack of personal relations, co-passengers, neglected and indifferent attitude of corrupt police officers made the cities a scope of crime. The only youth with an open knife in a crowded bus can be after pocketing an innocent traveler, can get out of the bus and nobody can dare to stop him. Under the law enforcement law, the crime of citizens increases due to indifference and confusion and non-responsibility.

Are the cities on the brink of collapse? Are we heading towards a Doomsday? Can the unique problems of cities be faced? Can the city be a place for peaceful and pollution-free living? Although there have been many clamming to improve life in metros and cities, nevertheless, a little bit can be done to stop the process of ionized boiling in the immediate future. Keeping in view the full spectrum of urban problems and specialties, to tackle the problems, there is a need to refine a national urban policy. There is a need to do a lot in order to provide employment opportunities in the rural areas to check the migrations from rural areas to urban areas. Development of satellite towns can prove to be a good way to check more crowds in cities with all necessary infrastructure and proper transportation. Nothing can be done without the support of normal masses to improve the conditions of the cities. With proper intelligent planning, sincere strategies, involvement of society, investigation of corruption can make our cities worth. If all concerned join hands with sincere determination then our city \ Nay will change from the present day 'hell' to the future 'heaven'.

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