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Essay on Ragging in Educational Institutions in India - 900 Words

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Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. Here you can find Essay on Ragging in Educational Institutions in India in English language for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and banking or other competitive exams students in 900 words.

The Supreme Court defines ragging in the following words: "Any kind of abusive behavior, either by speaking or written words or by all the acts, who tease, behave with rudeness, in any other student incited or disciplined activities Includes what causes problems or, possibly, to increase the fear of difficulty or psychological damage or the fear of one Fresh or junior students are sick or are asking students to do any work or do something that such students will not do in the normal course and the meaning of understanding or producing the meaning is as shame or embarrassment so that a fresh or junior The physical or mentality of the student could be adversely affected. "

The top court has considered, while underlining all types of acts faced by any new or junior under ragging by senior citizens. Raging has become a threat, not only afraid, but also for the parents who are investing very hard and sending the loved ones to pursue higher education. Many intellectuals have become martyrs of ragings, some have faced panic, some people have left institutions after facing ragging, some have committed suicide, and some have committed suicide on the debates of the killers. Has murdered.

The court, officers, principals and every concern have described the tendency of a heinous practice, but a very contradictory situation is that it still remains in spite of all the rules, regulations and instructions of the courts and the authorities. No 100% could claim to stop it.

In November 1986, the most horrific incidents of ragging came to light when Navaru was murdered by the cruelty of Chidambaramini Tamil Nadu, a medical student of the 17-year-old Annamalai University, which was murdered by a senior named 'David' who is called Karate. Was expert He killed Navaru because he refused to present his wishes of ragging.

In August 2003, an engineering student of engineering college, Jalpaiguri in West England admitted to the hospital, when he was subjected to cruelty to the senior citizens in the night. Victims were beaten with iron rods and cycle chains to refuse to deny the bar in front of senior citizens.

In August 2003, IIT Delhi expelled five senior students as they were found in the ragging of fessors leaving college after harassing these superiors. In the same month, a student of Pune Institute left due to being inhuman for some time after being involved in inhuman ragging in July.

Governments, central and states have taken positive steps to stop this practice. In 1997, Minister of Human Resource Development, Shri S.R. Bomai informed the Rajya Sabha that steps are being taken to ensure that those found guilty of ragging can be considered guilty of gross misbehavior and later, the penalty for the offender, or the removal of the university rolls, should be imposed. Could. He also told in the house that instructions have been issued to the universities, institutions and state governments to take stringent action against the menace and Ii invites the provisions of the necessary law.

A few years ago, the Governor of Kerala had announced the "Kigging Prohibition of Raging Ordinance" to restrict ragging in educational institutions in the state. The Ordinance sends the student away from the institute of education, among other things, which is involved in the acts of ragging and that student is to be fur! The order of such dismissal was refused for admission to any other educational institution for five years.

During the public interest litigation in 2001, the Supreme Court said! Failure to stop ragging by management means that there will be an act of negligence in maintaining discipline in the institute. If the student is subjected to ragging, the principal and other authorities will be liable to face the action. The Supreme Court further directed that "if an institution fails to stop the UGC / fun ragging, then the agency can consider preventing the financial assistance from such an institution, thus implementing anti-ragging norms". A university can consider degrading a college or institution which fails to tamper with the court, provides a clear warning. Although the Supreme Court has issued very strict and strict guidelines to prevent the dangers of ragging, one thing to consider is that despite the fact that this kind of heinous practice has been done to students, even after all these so-called seniors Related to civilization and belonging to the intellectual group nation students

Why do some such socially unacceptable behaviors? Why do so-called senior understand the problems of their own junior and are subject to such intolerant inhuman acts?

Looking at the above questions, a serious thought, we find that our P education system intends to make intellectuals, but they are absolutely ethical and moral values. We do not read our students, altruists and values. There is no place for ethics in our education, we are teaching them the importance of materialistic values. The result is useless, is the students alone to blame for such acts? Teachers and parents are also responsible because they are unable to cultivate a good citizen. Academic Qualification alone is no value. If education does not teach students to love the others to share the problem, then it will become meaningless.

It would be important to quote the following words of a great thinker

If money is lost, nothing is lost
If health is lost, then something is lost.
If the character is lost, then everything is lost.

To prevent the dangers of ragging, it is essential for students to love the importance of good character, importance of love and affection for their junior and fellow creatures.

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