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Essay on Kargil War

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Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. Here you can find Essay on Kargil War in English language for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and banking or other competitive exams students in 1450 words.

"As soon as the government realized that thousands of Pakistani intruders had crossed the Lok (loco) and in the Kargil sector of Jammu and Kashmir, a distance of six to seven kilometers was reached at the strategic height within the Indian territory, the government seriously Felt the case and all operations Vijay Kargil sector was launched to evacuate the intruders. "

On May 6, 1999, the Indian Army Patrol team saw some unusual movements for the first time in the Batalik region. The infiltration limit was detected the following day when another patrol party was sent to the area. By 10-14 May, 1999, Pakistani intruders had put the security of Srinagar-Leh highway, Virtual Line 01 communication in danger, well in Draas, Kaksar, Mashkoh and Batalik areas.

This is the third time in the history of independent India that Pakistan has tried to capture Kashmir by supporting or supporting the intruders. For the first time, Justafler Freedom, the second time in 1965 as part of the Operation Gibraltar, which goes through the Indo-Pak Second War and now Kargil for the third time.

On May 16, the Indian Army started counter insurgency operations and forced Pakistan's infiltrators to infiltrate to escape from one of Kargil sectors. Strength was sent from the 15th core. For the affected art but the area could not fully approve from the intruders.

'Operation Vijay' was launched on 26th May 1999 to clean the area completely with the intruders supported by the Pakistan Army. It has been officially stated that the work was confined to the Indian side of the people. "It is the beginning of operation and till our defense forces occupy our territory, they will continue." Any rise to the conflict will be entirely the responsibility of Pakistan. "

Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Nawaz Sharif said, "A war can be punished on the subcontinent". Later, the information minister of Pakistan Mr. Mushahid Hussain withdrew it. Indian Minister Mr. Vajpayee admitted on 31 May that like the situation the war had developed the Kargil sector which was 52 years ago.

With the onset of Operation Vijay, all the questions! How many times will the Indian army take to bring Kargil sector intruders? Many experts took at least six months to clear the Pak intruders and due to being part of the Himalayan border six months later, there would be severe cold in this region with snowfall, but the Indian army has pushed the intruders forward to the world. Surprised within a period of 50 days only LOC Operation Vijay has been a fantastic success.

Within three days of the launch of Operation Vijay, about 400 intruders were excluded from the Indian territory. The Indian Air Force played a very important role in the Kargil War from the back of the base of the supply bases and the backbone of Pakistani-supported intruders. Actually this work was frightening because the intruders had captured it in a very difficult mountain area. It was very challenging that the IAF had looked forward to that the air strikes were limited to the Indian side of the LoC, because it was not allowed to expand in full war, hence the air strikes were limited to breaking the links of the intruders, supply and IAF Had to stop themselves from violating the LoC Pak Paksha.

Since Operation Victory began, intruders and Pakistani soldiers were forced to surrender after one post in Kargil. After strengthening its hold in the tolling area in the dry sector on June 15, 1999, the Indian Army started moving slowly in the Baltic and Drugs sector blocking the supply line, wherever necessary and at many places. One battles fought by one. According to an official report, there were about 900 Pakistani intruders in the Kargil dress sector on June 17, 1999.

The IAF used the fire power of Mirage-2000 to spread the 14600 feet high Mundhos supply camp, and it could pilot 80 hetero structures well by the enemy with 500 pounds of bombs. Mirage-2000 is also used as a vigilance aircraft, while other planes have done their job.

On June 19, 1999, the United Nations observer in Srinagar, General Joseph Bally, confirmed that the heavily armed Afghan warriors had crossed the LoC. There are a lot of signs that Afghan fighters are now fighting here before the war against Russia. With the great help of Americans and CIA, weapons available to Afghanistan are now in the hands of the terrorists. General Bali appealed to big powers, "not to sit back and play this situation". The entire tolling ridge was approved by the Indian Armed Forces on June 20, 1999, by the intruders and Pakistani forces in the Dass subsection, and it was a matter of happiness for the Indian side.

Chief of Army Staff General V. P. Malik said on June 23, 1999 that Indian soldiers can cross Loksu unless there is a political mandate. He stressed that the Pakistani army had imagined, planned and executed the Kargil attack, and wasolating the road between Zozilla Pass and Leh and the main center of Pakistani operations by pressuring Indian security in Kargil, Batalikand Turku areas. The Army Chief said that the details of the process of LoC alignment and illustration was well documented and these records were signed in 1972 by the top army officers of both countries.

In another major strike, the Indian Army captured about 16,000 feet of Jubbar Hill in the Batalik sector on 7 July 1999, even if the government refused to safeguard Pakistani armed intruders in Kargil. Recovery of both Jubar Hill and Tiger Hill means that the enemy should be deprived of any mischievous task in making this a disturbance between the North and the South of the river Indus in this area. The huge use of artillery, multi-barreled rockets, Bofors hyvitors and our field guns has played a decisive role in the possession of Indian Emmy by Tiger and Jubar Hills.

By 9th July, ninety percent of the Batalik area was approved by Pakistani infiltration. By the time, about 661 Pakistani soldiers were killed, whereas in Indian side the toll was 321 and 476 injured.

With the growing pressure of the world and the regular march of Indian Anne, the fall of Tiger Hills and the President of the U.S. refused to deny, Mr. Bill Clinton saved Mr. Nawaz Sharif from the situation where he was surrounded by himself. The betrayal of the Lahore agreement, Kargil misbehave forced Pakistan to support its infiltrators and its army. Pakistan tried its best to achieve the support of the United States and China, but made an empty space. No one can be convinced of the alleged story of Pakistan and infiltrators can call Kashmiri freedom fighters. On July 4, 1999, Pakistan agreed to withdraw its troops from the Indian side of the LoC, a joint statement issued in Washington at the end of the long meeting between President Bill Clinton and Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif clarified that the concrete The steps will be taken for the restoration of the LoC according to the Tata Simla agreement.

As part of diplomatic efforts to give more support to their country, the Pakistani Prime Minister had stayed in London where he had met the British Prime Minister. Mr. Tony Blair, who also stopped the idea of ​​third party mediation. Asked to withdraw the army from the Indian side of the Indian army from Pakistan and tried to solve this issue bilaterally.

During all these diplomatic overture of Pakistan, India was making very cautious and firm mistakenness. When the Prime Minister of Pakistan was already there, he invited an invitation from President Bill Clinton for talks in Washington, India made his stand clear, there was no third party mediation in Kashmir or Kargil.

Without reducing the words, the Prime Minister of India and the Home Minister stressed that India will continue its military operations and will not allow any foreigner. The last intruders are thrown out of the Indian territory till the hired to stay on their soil.

On July 11, Pakistan agreed on July 16 to declare the deadline to completely withdraw its army and other intruders. Pakistan bends on India's demand that, on July 16, the deadline for the morning, in the Kargil sector, its army should be properly withdrawn in response to the LoC. On 13th July, Indian soldiers again recovered the parapar post in Kassar sub-committee, and on 14th July (50th day) Pakistan withdrew all its forces from the Indian side of the LoC. It was a record win for Indian records, to complete Operation Vijay in a 50-day record. Every inch of the area was recovered. Long live martyrs have retained their life in this most successful operation victory.

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