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Essay on Road Safety in Delhi - 700 Words

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Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. Here you can find Essay on Road Safety in Delhi in English language for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and banking or other competitive exams students in 800 and 700 words.

Delhi was considered as the world's largest village during the fifties. The concept of planned development of Delhi was in the sixties century. A contingency plan for development was prepared keeping in mind the possible settlement of Punjabi refugees from Pakistan, who had come to settle down in the city hoping to find some means of livelihood.

Since the problem of rehabilitation was huge and urgent attention was needed, city planners made a big plan to build rehabilitation colonies around and around the city. For this purpose, the local self-government of Delhi Administration has acquired land for large scale construction. The government captured the land wherever they could keep their hands, and started the construction work at the stages of war.

The government sought the help of private builders, like DLF in the development of private colonies in various parts of the city. By the year of 1980, the map of this city had completely changed, and with many mushrooms of rehabilitation colonies, crowded on the city streets. With the increase in trade and industry, the meaning of the vehicle was geometrically multiplied.

City streets were pressed with Tongas, trams, rickshaws, cycles, scooters, three wheels, cars and buses. There was no traffic signal in Delhi during those days. With the increase of road accidents, traffic signals were set up on various crossings of the city. But the incidents of road accidents did not come down. Delhi Transportation Corporation, a government corporation corporation was the villain of the piece.

Its drivers were notorious for unnecessary driving and major accidents. They jumped over traffic signals and did not apply any breaks at intermediate bus-stop. The passengers were kept for maximum harassment and inconvenience because they had to wait for an hour to wait. In the nineties, a plan was made on the experimental basis for DDTC multiple red lines, green lines and blue line buses.

There was no doubt about the daily commuters, but this increased the number of road accidents.

The Blue Line bus service has played an important role in giving maximum details on the road to the city. This service was introduced to improve the public transport system of capital. It is starting to show dull DTC like any kind of blessing. This primarily the Blue Line service has touched a new light in the shocking lack of negligence driving, violation of traffic rules and all the expressions of civil responsibility.

Buses running under this scheme have continued to reduce the road users who help in such a single mind that would be suitable for better reasons. It has taken a big toll of the victims. Even MC is shocking, State Transport Authority and Central Surface and Transport Ministry have shown persistence towards apathy.

As long as it is not part of some schemes to reduce the population of capital, there is not much to explain the complete lack of movement on the part of the authorities, whereas the number of victims is increasing on daily basis. This kind of inconsistency has led to the notion that the bus operated syndicate has bought support from some local politicians and related officials.

The State Transport Authority, which controls these killer buses, has so far only propose to leave the infiltrators for the governors. But this is obvious, because daylight is not the only one of the over-speeding blue-line buses, it may be a mistake. On passenger traffic, when the travel disappears at a strange time, drivers who are on the basis of daily wages are often lacking and enough driving experience, the operation is organized as a free business.

The process for police and penalties is so messed up and from time to time the driver remains unaffected in the consumer too. All this is happening under the nose of the STA and in full knowledge of the Union Ministry with improvement.

The only solution to this disease is to set guidelines in relation to the driving standards and behavior of the employees with the passenger and to start regular refresher training courses for the drivers having a driver's license issued by other states and any experience playing buses in the metropolitan city like Delhi. Not there.

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