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Essay on Preparedness for War for Preserving Peace - 600 Words

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Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. Here you can find Essay on Preparedness for War for Preserving Peace in English language for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and banking or other competitive exams students in 600 words.

It seems very strange and contradictory that preparation of war is essential to preserve peace. But it is true to say that whether the country is equipped with all modem war gadgets and weapons, other countries have to think twice before making any conflicts with it. On the other hand, a weak nation becomes a victim of the craziness and aggression of powerful neighbors. To maintain peace, strength balance is necessary.

Peace means freedom from war, but by the time you are not well equipped, how can you protect it, you can not keep your peace safe. A peace-loving nation can not have the intention of increasing its empire, but who can guarantee the directions of other neighboring countries.

What happened to our country when China attacked in 1962? As a completely peaceful country, we do not feel the need to equip ourselves with modem war gadgets and weapons. China raised the opportunity and attacked, encroached on our land. What did the UNO do? What could the other super power do? Nobody came in our defense. Think about today, when we are equipped with all types of atoms and other weapons, can China now dare to attack? No ..., because China is known for our preparation for the war. Since 1971 our 'No First Attack' stand with Pakistan is due to be able to destroy that country in all incidents. Your strength in the present world decides your relationship with neighbors.

The attack by the United States on Iraq and the removal of Osamben bin Laden from Afghanistan show all one thing that the best guarantee for peace is your best preparation for the war. A powerful less powerful can direct the conditions for.

But if 'peace' is taken in a broad sense, then some things are different. Actually. Peace can not be protected only with the preparation of war. Preparing for war can be a deterrent for an attacking country, but the real things are the removal of the cause of war, the removal of the cause of discontent, removal of inequalities and the removal of inequalities. Think of a situation when no one has war weapons, society or mankind will not live peacefully. There is a real need to preserve peace, trust in the principles of coexistence, belief in honesty and belief in the sovereignty of all nations, humanity and the underlying values ​​of mankind. Total disarmament, destruction of nuclear and other weapons, should be done to keep the whole world in peace to bring the United Nations to the real impact as a romantic family. Terrorism, royal intentions, racial and religious hatred should end only when we can think of preserving peace in this world.

All these things are like the teachings of ethics, nobody seems difficult to follow. The lessons of non-violence can be effective, but how much sacrifices can they make, understand well with the Indian experience. It is necessary that we are ready for all incidents to deal with the rulers' imperial eccentricity. After achieving independence, the great and peaceable leaders of our country followed the principles of Panchsheel and never thought of preparing themselves for preparing or preparing themselves for any ill wishes of neighbors, and as a result, we lost the land when China attacked.

The ancient history of India tells many examples where a strong ruler always attacks the weak neighbor. America attacked Japan and dropped an atom bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki because Japan was a weak country. Can America today have the courage to do so? No, not at all.

Nothing except power, your preparation for any event, your preparation to face any imperialist eccentricity, can guarantee you peace. So it is the right conclusion that the preparation of war is necessary for the protection of peace.

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