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Essay on Examinations - 1100 Words

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Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. Here you can find Essay on Examinations in English language for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and banking or other competitive exams students in 1100 words.

Examinations are bug-bearers of each student. They make a terrible test in front of potential investigators. They attack everybody's heart with fear. Christ prayed to God that he could be saved from temptation, but he was often put into trial. Students find themselves in a similar situation. They pray to avoid the curse of examinations. They descend on them like ghosts The ghosts of the exams eat them, remove their power and strength, and reduce them to the skeleton only. 'Examination-Fever' causes students a lot of physical and mental torture.

Our modern examination system is highly defective. One of the worst flaws is the artificial and strange aspect of how to test a student's knowledge. Our examinations are organized mechanically. There is no emphasis on creative impulse or individual initiative of the student. Vibrating like a parrot of angry knowledge is to decide whether this is appropriate for a student to adjust the demands of his time or suite. The result is that our universities are producing graduates such as a pin coming out of a pin-producing machine.

Anywhere, the matte aim of education is to help students find the best development of their abilities and finding suitable and satisfactory business. The test is primarily the medium of determining how far the objective has been done. In this way they occupy a very important place in any system of education. In a country like India, where a degree is more valuable as a job passport than evidence of academic achievements, they gain extra importance.

The most legitimate point against the current examination system is that although the tester may be able to, it is hardly possible for some prisoners to decide for more than one year's work. It is also incorrect that the fate of the candidate should be fixed in all the comprehensive examinations spread over a nerve-racking week or fortnight. At present, the exams are only an examination of memory, and they have the technique to make grades. Those who have mastered that technique, they also keep good marks without any preparation or deep knowledge. All purpose is to secure paper qualification only, which should be able to stand in line for a job.

There is a completely different orientation in our examinations. They are mostly raw essay-type memory tests. Among them there is a premium on memories like parrots at the cost of parrot and intelligence. Even in the highest examinations, this subject-centric roti-learning is what matters. The basic thinking is on discounts. Instead of encouraging them to think for themselves, the student is often punished for it. A candidate taking an exam in English literature is safe until he limits himself to quoting famous critics. But as soon as he enters to express his opinion, he is on dangerous land. It is likely that the examiner who is unable to think himself original and proud of being able to quote a hundred critics all his life proudly, considers the candidate's attempts to be a serious ego peace and for this Punishes.

The mischief does not end there. After the candidate answers the question papers, he is on the mercy of the examiner. Examiner's bias can also cause deformity and can ruin the student's career. After all testers, there is a human being and it is worth falling as someone else. But the one who makes mistakes is costly. They can cause serious mental pain to the candidates on which they make a wrong decision. How can this method of test the candidate's ability to be unreliable, has been displayed repeatedly.

If the examinations have become weak today, then our universities can not escape a large part of the blame for this situation. Under the lack of desire, or under insufficient pressure, they are not able to control the entry. Most of them are examining the body monsters after learning seats. Every year they gather in large quantities through examination fee and then conduct a neutral organized exam.

The system discourages the industry. It tilts the sharpness of intelligence. Many people believe that this is a hindrance to good education. It is nothing but memory achievement. Those who can not perform well to learn, have to go down. Leacock had correctly said that "parrots will pass a better time test than men, this is the person whose fast speed is that mill makes the highest score, although he may forget everything next morning".

'Although the examination system suffers from shiny flaws painted above, if it can not be denied that there is no better option for it. The exam is mandatory In some form or in another, the examination system should be present; Otherwise the student will lack the incentive to work. It keeps the testers alive in the spirit of rivalry and healthy competition. "This is a milestone on the road for knowledge". Unless the system is replaced better, it should be there. Creating a better system requires constructive criticism.

An examination should not be seen as a means of university. It should primarily be a test to determine whether the candidate has earned the right to his learned fellowship. There is an urgent need to change the approach of university administration in this regard. There can be no two opinions about the urgent need for improvement in our examination system.

Seeing this, academics are feeling the need to improve the system of examinations so that they can be transformed into more realistic tests of students' work and performance. In 1958, a team of US experts visited this country and started the scheme of preparation of training and test materials of the evaluation evaluation officers through the National Academic Research and Training Council and State Bureau of Educational and Psychological Research. But all of them did not make any impact on our examination system and continued all the flaws.

There are some basic points that should be kept in mind. The examination correction is incredibly connected with the improvement of the academic system altogether. It can be done effectively only after the curriculum and methods of teaching have been improved appropriately to meet the actual purpose of education. The Government has introduced a new education policy which provides for degree-linking of jobs and even simplifies the rigidity of the examination system.

But all this can not be done. Universities must adopt other measures to improve their technique of entry and examination. The student should be allowed to choose the profession of his choice and examinations, although the necessary tests of knowledge and skills should not be obstructed in the next march. Not only the theoretical examination, but also the additional curricular activities should be counted towards the total evaluation of the student's merit.

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